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RUSH: As I mentioned yesterday: ‘US Starts Criminal Probe Into Goldman.’ Goldman Sachs now the criminal probe. ‘Federal prosecutors in New York have begun investigating Goldman Sachs Group Inc, raising the possibility of criminal charges against the company or its employees, a source familiar with the situation said on Thursday. Goldman, the world’s most powerful investment bank, said it was not surprised at the news. ‘Given the recent focus on the firm, we are not surprised by the report of an inquiry,’ a Goldman spokesman said. ‘We would fully cooperate with any requests for information.’ … Goldman, which had prided itself on its government connections, is now facing one of the biggest crises in its 140-year history and has become a poster boy for criticism of Wall Street’s conduct that led up to the financial crisis,’ which was caused by the government, which is not stated here, I threw it in here because we at the EIB Network focus on truth.

There are nine people on the Reuters staff that wrote this story. Nine people. So is Bam throwing Goldman under the bus here? I don’t know. We’ll have to wait and find out. But, you know, Blankfein went up there, bent over, grabbed the ankles, said whatever you want, we’ll pay the fine, we agree with your financial regulatory reform, got out of there thinking, ‘Ah, dodged a bullet here,’ and the next day, criminal investigation is announced into Goldman Sachs. It’s like I said, what’s going to happen here at the end of the day, a huge fine, some of these execs will leave by design, form their own hedge funds and earn 25 or $30 billion a year. Some might end up in the administration, you never know. All of this to create the image that it is Wall Street and the rich — like I said yesterday, Obama is dividing this country two ways. Dividing it on class envy, the haves and have-nots, and dividing it on race. Hitler only did one way, the Soviet communists only did one way, Obama is combining these two techniques, and you see it right before your very eyes.


RUSH: This criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs was not Obama. Congress is demanding this. Congress sent the DOJ — i.e., Eric Holder — a letter asking them — demanding, actually — to open a criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs. John Conyers was leading the way here. The letter that they wrote Holder called what Goldman did ‘criminal fraud on an historic scale.’ So, you know, Blankfein might have called Obama and said, ‘Hey, what the hell is going on here? We had a deal! You can’t control your guys over in Congress?’ Obama’s smiling, because he knew it was going to happen. But he can say, ‘I, I, I, yeah, yeah, yeah, we’ll do what I can to stop it.’ Just fascinating.

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