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Rush’s Morning Update: So Sad
April 30, 2010

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Attention – those of you in California, Arizona, New York, Texas, and Florida: According to AP, you’re “perilously close to losing out on congressional seats,” because of your lackluster response to the census.

Arizona and Florida had each been expected to gain a congressional seat; now that’s in doubt. The experts say it looks like California might lose a seat, and New York might lose two. So sad!

There’s a villain in this story. Arturo Vargas, with the National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials, says he’s “incredibly disappointed with the Obama Administration in their efforts to promote the census.” That’s because Obama hasn’t halted immigration raids while the census is underway. The Census Bureau and activist groups worry that tensions over immigration might keep illegal immigrants from participating fully in the count. Since they represent such a large segment of population growth in the five states, this could be problematic. And now there’s Arizona’s new immigration law to contend with. So sad!

Census Bureau head Robert Groves says it’s uncertain how the public will react when the 600,000 census workers go door-to-door to count those who didn’t mail in their forms. But they’re training hard, especially when it comes to tabulating answers on race. Census workers are instructed that people are “allowed” to self-identify if they are multi-racial. However, they aren’t allowed to simply label themselves “American.” According to the Census Bureau, that’s “not a sufficient response.”

Now that’s sad. Really, it is.

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