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RUSH: Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. It’s all posing. They’re not getting anything done here. They’re just hopscotching from event to event to event saying, ‘Look what we’re saying about it. We’re going to go to New Orleans.’ Yeah, 12 days after the spill happened. ‘Oh, yeah, and we care, we really care.’ Meanwhile, Robert Gibbs is out there saying about British Petroleum, ‘We’re gonna keep the boot on their throat.’ So BP is an adversary. No crisis is too good to waste. A crisis is the playground of a tyrant.

Greetings, my friends, and welcome back. Seems like only yesterday was Friday. Rush Limbaugh here behind the Golden EIB Microphone at the distinguished and prestigious Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies.

Folks, this oil spill out there, they’re now saying this could go on for 90 days, with 15,000 gallons a day. And some people are saying, ‘Don’t panic here, the sea will take care of it. It will break it up on its own and so forth.’ And then somebody says, ‘What happens if this stuff — 90 days, that takes us well into hurricane season. What happens if a hurricane comes along in 30 to 60 days, get the surface, you got oil on the surface and water and wind, it could be an absolute disaster.’ And, meanwhile, a tyrant loves a crisis, and here’s an enemy, British Petroleum, made to order, Big Oil. Rather than work with British Petroleum to try to solve this and fix it, they are the enemy. This is Obama yesterday afternoon, Venice, Louisiana.

OBAMA: Let me be clear. BP is responsible for this leak. BP will be paying the bill. But as president of the United States, I’m going to spare no effort to respond to this crisis for as long as it continues, and we will spare no resource to clean up whatever damage is caused.

RUSH: They’re not getting anything done, folks, they’re just saying things like this. It’s all posing. Obama racing around doing what he thinks people want to see. Not actually accomplishing anything, from topic to topic, jumping all over the place. It’s almost beginning now to look like slapstick, as if saying something means anything, and of course it did. Saying something is how he got elected. But it’s all brainwashing, it’s all storyline, working day and night on the problem, will not rest, justice will be done. Meanwhile, nothing is being done about this. You just go from one bogeyman to the next: The banks, Wall Street, the insurance companies. Now the oil companies. And then doctors. Repeat. The banks, insurance companies, Wall Street, the oil companies, doctors. Repeat. The banks, insurance companies, the oil companies. Don’t do anything. Don’t solve anything. Say you’re going to. Blame everybody else for the problems going on and then try to get credit here for caring so greatly and so deeply about all of this.

I went back, I wanted to find something — because I remembered a debate that Obama had during the campaign, it was with Tim Russert. It was Rodham Clinton, John Edwards, and Barack Obama. It was in Las Vegas and some very revealing answers that Obama gave. Here’s the question. ‘Senator Obama, you gave an interview to the Reno Gazette-Journal, and you said that we all have strengths and weaknesses. You said one of your weaknesses is, quote, ‘I’m not an operating officer,’ unquote. Do the American people want someone in the Oval Office who is an operating officer?’ Now, I made this point, which is why I remembered this and I went back and looked at this. Because I remember him saying he’s not a chief executive and he doesn’t want to be. While all this is going on he’s still implementing his transformational agenda of redistribution, destruction of the private sector and every crisis that pops up is an opportunity. I think it’s James Madison who said it, let me paraphrase the quote, but a crisis is the playground of the tyrant. And we’re seeing it here.

So here’s Obama’s answer to Tim Russert. ‘Well, I think what I was describing, Tim, was how I view the presidency. Now, being president is not making sure that schedules are being run properly or the paperwork is being shuffled effectively. It involves having a vision for where the country needs to go. It involves having the capacity to bring together the best people, being able to spark the kind of debate about how we’re gonna solve health care, how we’re gonna solve energy, how we’re going to deliver good jobs with good wages, how we’re going to keep people in their homes here in Nevada and then being able to mobilize and inspire the American people to get behind that agenda for change. That’s the kind of leadership that I’ve shown in the past. That’s the kind of leadership that I intend to show as president.’ He wants to spark debate. He doesn’t know how to do anything. He admits here he’s not a chief executive, so something like the oil spill comes up or this bomb scare in Times Square and Pittsburgh, notice how the regime and its media are just excited as they can be that somebody in a surveillance video is a middle-aged white guy changing shirts, looking furtive in an alley? You know what furtive means? And every media outlet is using it, furtive means trying to hide what you’re doing. He’s not been named a suspect, yet all the news agencies say he’s a suspect. Law enforcement authorities say he’s a person of interest.

So here we have a potential horrible disaster in Times Square, and the media and the regime are focusing, ‘How can we blame this on the tea party?’ When the fact is the regime’s security apparatus failed to prevent the SUV from getting into New York in the first place. This is what I mean by posing and talking and trying to score a political point out of every event that happens. Well, the Taliban’s taken credit for it, but — (interruption) yeah, I know, because we want the tea party to be responsible for it. Biden went out there, Taliban leader killed by drone surfaces on the Internet. We had to kill the Taliban leader. But Biden announced that he was dead, that we got the guy. The Taliban desperately wants to claim credit for it, and we’re saying no, we’re not going to give it to you, we’re going to give it to the tea party.

Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, we had riots and in Santa Cruz we had riots over the weekend. Santa Cruz is as progressive, liberal as you want, and I’m thinking, where’s the tea party? Bill Clinton and Obama warn us that the next example of civil disobedience will come from the tea parties. They’re engaging in all of this rhetoric, anti-government rhetoric, and yet every time one of these protests happens, the destruction comes from people on the left. And these protests, it doesn’t matter, they’re animal rights wackos to environmentalist wackos to anti-globalist wackos, anti-NAFTA, whatever the left has to protest, it’s a smorgasbord, they all show up and have their own pet causes. Well, the Grecian protesters, too. But that’s even asked for a bailout. The Grecian protesters are setting things on fire over there. They even got bailed out and I don’t think any tea party people were cited in Greece. Nobody said that they saw anybody over there in Greece.

But this quote from Gibbs on Air Force One on the way back from Louisiana on Obama’s approach to British Petroleum, I point you to what Interior Secretary Salazar said, I think the phrase was, at least the phrase I heard earlier in the week was to ‘Keep the boot on their throat.’ So I think that kind of sums it up in that western Colorado way what we are trying to convey. See, business clearly isn’t to be seen as a partner in solving a big problem, especially a crisis, they are an adversary. There is something ironic. You have to laugh at this. There was an awards ceremony scheduled today — honest to God, in Washington, I think it was in Washington — an awards ceremony for the companies that have done the best to promote cleanliness, anti-pollution and so forth in the Gulf, and British Petroleum was going to win an award. They’ve canceled it. They were a finalist. Yeah, the results hadn’t been announced but the Obama administration canceled the thing. (laughing)

Anyway, I’m up against here. I gotta take a quick time-out here, folks, but you get the drift of where we’re headed today. Obama: ‘I’m not an executive, no, no, I’m here to move an agenda, I’m here to transform the country, I’m here to promote change.’ By the way, I have an idea. They’re looking for experts to try to find out what happened here with this bomb. Bill Ayers. Obama knows somebody with actual experience in blowing things up in this country, Bill Ayers. If they’re gonna appoint a blue ribbon commission, Bill Ayers ought to be the left-wing cohead of the commission.


RUSH: You know, I’ve got a little monologue coming up here, folks, in due course over the real problem that the State-Controlled Media finds themselves in, reporting on this oil slick and Obama and reporting on the bomber in Times Square. They’ve got a problem. It’d be easy if Bush were in the White House. It would be easy. But he’s not. Obama is in there. And it is really fascinating to look at how they were dancing around the edges of this to avoid mentioning his name. The French News Agency, however, seems to have no problem. Headline: ‘Obama Talks as Oil Laps at Gulf of Mexico Shore.’ Obama talks. Exactly right. And then repeats the talking: Posing, accomplishing nothing. So Obama pledges a ‘relentless effort’ to clean up the slick. Now, experience, ladies and gentlemen, tells us that this is a worthless pledge.

‘What do you mean, Rush? How can you say that about the president?’

Very easy, folks: Experience. If President Obama is as successful controlling the oil slick as he has been with creating jobs, the Gulf of Mexico is screwed. It’s just that simple. Did not Obama pledge a ‘laser-like focus’ creating jobs? Yes, he did. (You don’t need to answer. I just did it for you.) Did he say that with the Porkulus money, that unemployment would never get up to 8%? Yes, he did. All right. Here’s what he said about the slick after it was too late to do anything meaningful about it. ‘President Obama warned Sunday that the vast oil spill nearing the Gulf coastline is a ‘potentially unprecedented’ disaster,’ an opportunity for him, ‘as he and other top administration officials defended their response and pledged a ‘relentless’ government effort to clean up the slick.’ That is not, folks, a comforting thought considering what Obama has pledged in the past that has not happened.

He said on February 11th of this year, ‘Until jobs are being created to replace those that we’ve lost, until America is back to work, my administration will not rest and this recovery will not be finished.’ Well, he’s resting. He’s playing golf. He waited 12 days to head down to Louisiana. I don’t know how many rounds of golf, how many pickup basketball games he’s played since then. Do we have an EPA? We do. It’s the Environmental Protection Agency. I’ve looked into what the director, the administrator has been doing during these 12 days, and the answer is ‘not much,’ I mean to do with the slick. I’ll just ask you point-blank: What has the EPA been doing after a BP rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico? What have they been doing? What has the EPA done? What have they done? I’ll tell you what the mission of the Environmental Protection Agency is.

From their own website: To protect human health and the environment. The budgets and its purpose. ‘The fiscal year 2011 budget request supports the administration’s commitment to ensure that all Americans are protected from significant risks to human health and the environment where they live, learn, and work. This mission is being achieved through collaboration with states and tribes,’ tribes, ‘to implement air, water, waste and chemical programs. The EPA will carry out its mission based on the core values of science, transparency, and the rule of law to address the complex interrelated, multidisciplinary challenges to environmental protection today. The EPA fiscal year 2011 budget requests $10.02 billion in discretionary budget authority. This request will support EPA’s efforts to focus on developing commonsense steps toward clean air, addressing climate change, protecting our nation’s waters, cleaning up communities and ecosystems, and strengthening EPA’s scientific and enforcement capabilities.

‘This budget also includes actions to improve EPA’s internal operations to deliver environmental results for the American people.’ Okay, so that’s the mission statement. Lisa P. Jackson is the administrator. She ‘leads EPA’s efforts to protect the health and environment for all Americans. She and the staff of more than 17,000 professionals are working across the nation to usher in a green economy, address health threats from toxins and pollution, and renew public trust in EPA’s work,’ as though it was destroyed under the Bush administration. Okay, that’s just a little from the website. That’s their ‘commitment,’ and the amount of money plus 17,000 staffers to do it. Now I happen to have her schedule. April 22nd, this is a day after the rig blew up: From 11 to 11:45 a.m., Earth Day 2010 event with Green for All, Riverside Valley Community Garden, West Harlem, New York.’ Four to 5:30 p.m., April 22nd,’ the day after the rig blew up, ‘David Letterman show taping, Letterman studios, New York, New York. Closed press.’

So on April 22nd, not one word from the EPA administrator about the Gulf oil rig explosion. She’s out bragging about Earth Day, EPA, super funds, climate change, the coal mine disaster. Nothing about the Gulf. ‘April 23rd, 1:30 to two p.m. Meet and greet with winners of the Goldman environmental prize, EPA headquarters.’ This is day two after the rig blew up. ‘3:15 to four o’clock, meeting with Norwegian Minister of the Environment Erik Solheim, EPA headquarters, closed press.’ April 24th… Still not a word from Lisa Jackson on the oil rig three days after the rig blew. ’12:15, 12 o’clock, remarks to Earth Day attendees National Mall EPA tent between 4th and 7th Street Northwest, Washington, DC. 12:30 to one p.m., meeting with Marina Silva, former environmental secretary of Brazil, National Mall, Washington, DC.’

Three days, not one mention. April 25th, four days after the rig blew: ‘Five to six p.m., remarks at an Earth Day concert. National Mall Earth Day, network stage, 8th Street Northwest between Independence and Constitution Avenue.’ April 26th, five days after the rig: Lisa Jackson’s schedule, 9 to 9:45 a.m., ‘EPA NASA MOU signing, Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science, Washington, DC. Five to seven p.m., Daily Show taping, Daily Show studios, New York, New York.’ There is a YouTube video available of her performance on The Daily Show. Not one word was mentioned about the environmental disaster that was going on in the Gulf, but she had a great time yukking it up about Earth Day and other things with Jon Stewart. That’s April 26th, five days after the rig.

Oh: 1:40 to 2:30 p.m., meeting with Archer Daniels Midland chairman and CEO Pat Woertz, EPA headquarters. ‘ April 28th, seven days. Lisa Jackson of the EPA’s schedule: ‘9:30 to noon, House Energy and Commerce Committee, subcommittee on energy and environmental hearing.’ Not a word about the rig. ‘Twelve to one p.m., Congressional Club First Ladies Luncheon, Hilton Washington hotel. 2:00 to 2:45 meeting with health organization leaders to discuss TSCA reform, EPA headquarters. Five to 6 p.m. meeting with members of the Connecticut delegation, Hart Office Building, closed press.’ This is April the 28th, seven days after the rig blew, not yet a word from Lisa Jackson. April 29th: ‘8:45 to 11 a.m., memorial service, Dr. Dorothy Height, National Cathedral, Washington. Twelve to 12:45 White House press conference, the White House. Two to three, meeting with administration officials, the White House.’ May 1st, Saturday: ‘White House Correspondents Dinner, 7 to 9:30 p.m.

May 1st: ‘Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson flew over the gulf oil spill Saturday, later telling people at a meeting in New Orleans that ‘it’s like all five of the Great Lakes and the Great Lakes are oil sheen.’ Jackson spent much of her time dealing with residents’ memories about Hurricane Katrina and the slow federal response to that disaster.’ That’s what they say on their own website. So May 1st or 2nd. Today is the 3rd. May 1st or 2nd she flies over the oil slick, lands, and ‘spent much of her time dealing with residents’ memories about Hurricane Katrina and the slow federal response to that disaster.’ A good nine days after the rig blew up. We have all kinds of stories in this stack here. ‘Video shows federal officials…’ This is from a Mobile, bam, newspaper. ‘Video shows federal officials knew quickly of potential for massive oil flow in Gulf spill.’ But, remember, my friends: A crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant. From the Washington Examiner: ‘Former NOAA Oil Spill Clean Up Boss Says Obama Waited Too Long in Gulf Disaster.’


RUSH: AP one day ago: ‘US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson says the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has spawned a huge environmental challenge, but not yet a catastrophe. She told community leaders gathered at a New Orleans church Saturday that the spill is a challenge complicated by the well head being 5,000 feet below water.’ So she’s meeting with community organizers in New Orleans. ‘Administrator Jackson Wraps Up Tour Of Areas Potentially Impacted By BP Spill — US Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson concluded her tour of areas that could be impacted by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico today.’ This story is from yesterday. ‘The administrator joined President Obama at a briefing with National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Administrator Jane Lubchenco and Coast Guard Commandant Thad Allen and also held a conference call with New Orleans officials to discuss the importance of coordinating response efforts,’ while they all point fingers at British Petroleum. Pose, pose, pose, say, say, say, solve nothing. Make it look like you’re on the case.

Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner: ‘Former NOAA Oil Spill Cleanup Boss Says Obama Waited Too Long in Gulf Disaster — Why didn’t federal officials implement an oil spill clean up plan they’ve had on the books since 1994 as soon as possible after crude began pumping into the Gulf of Mexico following the explosion and sinking of BP’s Deepwater Horizon drilling platform 53 miles south of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico? The Mobile Register reports that Ron Gouguet, who formerly managed the oil spill cleanup department of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as a similar unit for the state of Louisiana, is criticizing the Obama White House’s failure to act according to existing government plans in the event of a spill in the area now being deluged with thousands of barrels of crude oil every day. Gouguet said when he was at NOAA, the agency created a plan that required burning off an oil spill in the region in its earliest stage, if the prevailing winds would not push the smoke and soot from the operation inland. The plan is still in effect, but was not activated last week by NOAA. ‘They had pre-approval. The whole reason the plan was created was so we could pull the trigger right away instead of waiting ten days to get permission,’ Gouguet told the Register.’ Ten days waiting to get permission.

Earth Day mattered more because it’s not about managing America’s problems, not about being president, not about being executive, it’s about implementing an agenda, it’s about transforming the American way of life, the American culture, the American economy and anything that happens that helps us do that along the way, well, we’re going to take advantage of. The president’s spokesman said, yep, we got our boots on BP’s throat on this one. And the president says it’s BP’s fault, they’re going to pay for it, BP’s fault. Nevertheless, I have to do something about it, while he does nothing about it. Even the New York Times, even though they did it on a Saturday: ‘Unanswered Questions On The Spill — A White House as politically attuned as this one should have been conscious of two obvious historical lessons. One was the Exxon Valdez, where a late and lame response by both industry and the federal government all but destroyed one of the country’s richest fishing grounds and ended up costing billions of dollars. The other was President George W. Bush’s hapless response to Hurricane Katrina. Now we have another disaster in more or less the same neck of the woods, and it takes the administration more than a week to really get moving.’ New York Times, although they buried it on a Saturday.

‘The timetable is damning. The blowout occurred on April 20. In short order, fire broke out on the rig, taking 11 lives, the rig collapsed and oil began leaking at a rate of 40,000 gallons a day. BP tried but failed to plug the well. Even so, BP appears to have remained confident that it could handle the situation with private resources (as did the administration) until Wednesday night, when, at a hastily called news conference, the Coast Guard quintupled its estimate of the leak to 5,000 barrels, or more than 200,000 gallons a day. Only then did the administration move into high gear,’ when they could blame BP. I added that. That’s not in the Times editorial. ‘In addition to a series of media events designed to convey urgency — including a Rose Garden appearance by the president — the administration ordered the Air Force to help with chemical spraying of the oil slick and the Navy to help lay down oil-resistant booms. … What we do know is that we now face a huge disaster whose consequences might have been minimized with swifter action.’ New York Times.

This is what I mean, they’re having trouble there at the Drive-By Media, State-Controlled Media, ‘How do we treat this very uncomfortable position that we find ourselves in here.’ They are very uncomfortable. They’re twitchy, talking about the media here, but they are trying to smile while being totally uncomfortable because the poor babies are conflicted. See, it would be easy if a Republican were president. It would be easy. They have so much practice. They don’t even have to think much to do their jobs if a Republican is president. It was so easy for eight years just to blame everything on Bush. Everything from the delay in action to the actual explosion to attending the White House correspondents dinner all while poor sea animals are being marinated in oil, but not for dinner. Obama yukking it up — Oh, by the way, did you watch the White House Correspondents Dinner? He’s getting great reviews as a comedian, great reviews from the stand-up left, but a lot of veterans at the White House Correspondents Dinner are saying, ‘This is not what presidents do.’ They make fun of themselves and they make fun of their own party. They try to promote unity and so forth. Obama just got a bunch of joke writers together from The Daily Show. Yep. Obama’s joke writers came from The Daily Show. They went out there and just attacked Republicans, because that’s what they’re all about. That’s why the left was cheering left and right in that place.

I wouldn’t be caught dead at that dinner. I don’t care what the circumstances. But anyway, now, now, it’s their beloved Obama who’s not doing anything, it’s their beloved Obama who sits and fiddles while oil slick expands and poses a risk that nobody can really get their arms around yet. The Obama media, ‘Yeah, we love the world, we love the earth, we love Earth Day, we love Dumbo, too,’ meaning Obama. ‘But, gosh, you see the New York Times editorial, why did he wait 12 days? I mean rivulets of oil head toward the sacred fragile wetlands of Louisiana, the sugar white beaches of Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida, why did he wait, oh, please there must be an answer because he’s so much smarter than we are there must be an answer we don’t see. Why did he wait? If it were Bush — ha-ha-ha-ha-ha — they wouldn’t be waiting. They would already be firing up impeachment hearing demands. They’re asking themselves at all their editors meetings, ‘Should we comment on this? Kind of uncomfortable, I mean the guy didn’t do anything for 12 days, there’s gotta be a reason, oh, he’s so much smarter than we are, I mean he went to Harvard, Columbia, and so did we, but he’s gotta know more than we do, there’s gotta be a reason. Even the New York Times story does not mention Obama’s name. They have kept his name out of it. They just talk about the slow government response.

Newspaper rally, North Carolina, over the weekend a lead story’s headline: ‘Wetlands Survival Threatened.’ Two years ago that headline would have been something like: ‘Bush Threatens Wetlands Survival.’ But no mention of Obama. And that video that we talked about, it makes it even a little tougher for the ditzes in the Drive-By, there’s in a pesky little video from the NOAA office in Seattle. All over the blogs now that shows from day one the Feds knew precisely what this disaster was. It was biblical proportions, and yet the president diddled and fiddled. The EPA administrator went to Earth Day ceremonies. So all those reporters, editors, national desk editors, they’re in a real uncomfortable, itchy spot here because their eyes are not lyin’. Their president has done nothing. Zilch, zero, nada. Diddly-squat. Here’s making a lot of speeches. He’s ripping into BP. They love that. He’s gonna rip into pharmaceutical companies pretty soon, gonna rip into doctors for not being around to help the people who are affected, not enough veterinarians, whatever. He’ll rip everybody, the private sector for making this happen.

But the Drive-Bys are looking at this, and they’re saying, ‘Jeez, FEMA and Bush actually did more than what Obama’s done, what do we do, what do we do, what do we do?’ They keep using the phrase Obama ordered this and Obama ordered that as though he’s leading a nonexistent effort. You go to the EPA website right this minute you’ll find no mention of the oil spill. There are 17,000 people that work there and not one mention of the oil spill on the EPA’s website. Not one mention of what to do if you’re about to be inundated with oil, not one mention. Yeah, it’s a challenge, not a catastrophe, that’s what Lisa Jackson said after flying over it after ten days of saying nothing about it. So the Drive-Bys and the editors, they send their photographers and their camera people down to the Gulf to highlight all of the grease — (interruption) oh, they have? This morning there was nothing on it. So now the EPA’s got something on their website, EPA responds to Gulf crisis 12 days after the fact.

Twelve days and maybe 30 minutes of a radio show on Monday, this one, top of the page. So, meanwhile, you got the Drive-Bys and their editors and they’re sending their photographers down there, still and video. ‘I want pictures,’ the editors are saying. ‘Give me all the goo, give me the grease, give me the glop, I want the destruction, I want the mayhem, I want to see everything you’d show me if a Republican were in office. We just won’t mention Obama’s name. Focus on BP. Everything except Obama’s name, everything that you would rip Bush for, if you can find some rapes going on, even better, find some rapes going on, go to the Superdome, see what’s happening there. Who knows, maybe oil is in there, whatever, we gotta tie this to Bush somehow, we can’t tie it to our guy. How long can we keep going like this,’ they’re asking themselves.


RUSH: Severna Park, Maryland, this is Ed. Thank you for calling, sir. Great to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: I’m glad to be on and I’m glad I got through, because from the day that oil well blew out I was wondering when EPA was going to send down their ocean survey vessel ‘Bold,’ one of the best survey vessels in the country, in the world, and manned by super EPA environmental scientists, and not one word came out that the Bold was going down there to do that work.

RUSH: How do you know about the boat?

CALLER: Well, I was ship manager for EPA’s ocean survey Peter W. Anderson, and we sent that ship to Campeche when the Mexican oil rig blew up —

RUSH: Oh, yeah, the Bay of Campeche spill. I remember that one.

CALLER: Right. And the Anderson joined NOAA survey vessels and the aircraft to track the spill, and we did environmental assessments with it. We’ve got the best scientists to do it on that ship. And I sent that vessel right away, as soon as I could get it out of the survey it was doing. So I never heard anything about the Bold.

RUSH: This is the first I’ve heard of it.

CALLER: All right. Now, I called on the 29th of April to the administrator Lisa Jackson’s office to ask them if they were going to send the Bold or had they sent the Bold. I got blown off, and I was asked by the person that answered the phone to call the EPA probably division director, Carol McDonnell, about the Bold, because I couldn’t get anybody else.

RUSH: They blew you off?


RUSH: Just asking about whether or not this boat had been deployed? (sigh) You called on April — did he say 29th? They’re still doing Earth Day celebrations on April 29th or something. I have Lisa Jackson’s schedule. She hasn’t even mentioned the spill by then. Thanks for the call out there, Ed.


RUSH: Okay, I went out there and looked it up: ‘The Ocean Survey Vessel Bold (The Bold) is EPA’s only ocean and coastal monitoring vessel,’ and they’ve got the schedule on the website. It was in Miami April 19th through the 23rd doing a dredged material dump site survey. They were surveying dredged material from probably the Intracoastal Waterway or inlets or whatever. Before that, April 10 to 16, it was in Miami at a coral reef study, the 19th-23rd. It’s not doing now. On May 9th it’s going to be Charleston, South Carolina.

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