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RUSH: We’ll go to Chicago. Cindy, nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Sir? (laughing) This is Cindy. Hello?

RUSH: Yeah, what did I say?

CALLER: You said sir.

RUSH: Oh. I’m sorry. I’m sorry.

CALLER: That’s all right.

RUSH: Lot of things going on in my mind here today. My fault.

CALLER: You’re like an old, old friend. Anyway, what I’d like to call about, and then I just wanted to mention just a real quick sentence after I make my comment. But anyway, there was a deputy sheriff that was killed — excuse me, not killed — he was shot and even Fox didn’t do much on it. They just barely mentioned it. Anyway, the fellow was shot in the abdomen. So then like the day after he was shot on I think it was HLN, you know, one of the CNN stations, they mentioned that he was shot in the abdomen, that it didn’t hit any vital organs, and, you know, he’s going to be fine. And then they went on with something else. And then, CNN instead had this whole interview with the policeman in Tucson that’s not going to obey the new law. Meantime, if you’ll remember that when the accusation was about somebody spitting on congressman, using the N-word, that was for two weeks they talked and talked and talked and talked. Here you have this poor fellow shot, actually shot, and they just say, ‘Well, didn’t hit any vital organs.’ So, you know, he’s going to be okay.

RUSH: It’s a great lesson, Cindy sir, in how the media operates here.

CALLER: I know. You know, being here in Chicago, we have had more people, I think it’s 112 or 15, hundred and whatever, that have been killed in Chicago since January. That’s more than have died in Afghanistan. And they are demanding, I mean the folks that live in this area of Chicago are demanding that the government bring in some National Guard troops.

RUSH: I know. We covered this last week.

CALLER: So they have something in common with Arizona. You know, they’re asking for help. I mean — but, you know, this is getting out of sight. I mean it’s horrible. And if I could just mention one little thing that I didn’t tell —

RUSH: Sure, go ahead.

CALLER: — Mr. Snerdley because I’m a retired teacher, when they — and you mentioned this I think it was Friday, but I tried and tried and tried and tried and couldn’t get through, but when you mention that in Arizona English teachers (coughing) excuse me that have accents aren’t going to be permitted to teach English —

RUSH: Right they’re going to be —

CALLER: Well, if I could just give you a little clarification on that.

RUSH: I’ve got 30 seconds here, Cindy.

CALLER: Okay. They’re not talking about regular English teachers. They’re talking about ESL, teachers that teach English as a second language. And it means nothing about accent. In other words, you could be from Mississippi or Boston, so it isn’t accent. What they want is someone who can pronounce all English sounds like a native born speaker.

RUSH: Well, that sounds highly discriminatory to me. And that’s the way CNN’s playing it, everybody else is playing it. Can’t teach ethnic studies out there anymore either. Arizona is really hated and despised here by the Obama media.

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