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RUSH: You know, folks, if this weren’t so serious, it would be hilariously funny. The mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg is telling anybody and everybody that the Times Square bomber had to be somebody unhappy with Obama’s health care plan, a tea partier. And then after it was learned that, no, no, no, this guy’s a Muslim extremist from Pakistan, and there’s a lot more we know about the guy, then Bloomberg comes out, ‘We’re not going to tolerate any backlash against Middle Easterners or Muslims in New York City.’ Of course, backlash against the tea party people was expected, it was hoped for. You have the entire Democrat Party, you have the entire United States legacy media hoping and praying that it was a domestic Republican tea party terrorist who listened to me, that set that bomb in an SUV in Times Square. That’s where we are in the country. I mean everybody knows that Faisal Shahzad, the mayor of New York shoulda known this, Obama shoulda said this in his presser today, everybody knows this guy was upset over the new Arizona immigration law and so he decided to blow up Times Square.

Why didn’t they go for that instead of the tea party and the health care bill? Bloomberg, you’re an absolute blithering, embarrassing idiot. If you’re going to try to relate this to modern politics, tell us that this Muslim from Pakistan is upset over the Arizona law. Health care is yesterday’s news. You are an absolute embarrassment. The whole Democrat Party is an embarrassment, the leftist movement in this country is an embarrassment and the media is so far gone that they’re a joke, an absolute, irresponsible joke. You would not believe what they’re trying to say about me and this oil spill. Before they’re through with this, it’s going to be my fault, not Bush’s, not Obama’s, not BP’s, but mine. I got e-mails last night from people: ‘Rush, did you really say that oil and water mixed is fine and we shouldn’t do anything?’ This is my NFL St. Louis Rams purchase all over again. They’re making up things I didn’t say, and of course these absolute… (sigh) I’m thinking of an anatomy on the human body I could use in a family show to describe these absolute, total, worthless pieces of human debris at MSNBC. I’m in a great mood here, folks, don’t misunderstand anything.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had our boot on the throat of Muslim extremists just like we have our boot on BP, a company who is attempting to produce energy for us to improve our lifestyle and our economic output and our standard of living? Oh, no, we gotta keep a boot, a jackboot on the throat of British Petroleum. We gotta blame them for everything. When we have an obvious example here of predictable terrorism, no, can’t call it what it is. Gotta hold out hope it was a tea party guy run amuck. Guess what? Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat. I wonder if this SUV had an Obama sticker on it. Faisal Shahzad is a registered Democrat. The original New York Times headline on this was: ‘US Arrests SUV Owner In Times Square Case.’ They then changed it but that was their first headline: ‘US Arrests SUV Owner.’ Fine, so he’s a Democrat. I want to see the Obama sticker on his car. Notice how quickly they got it outta Times Square before anybody could hop and maybe see an ‘Obama 2012’ bumper sticker on the damn car.

And then this. I mean, it’s unbelievable. Even Walter Cronkite’s rolling over in his grave. Not even Cronkite was this far gone. ‘Bomb Suspect Was Family Man in Foreclosure.’ Yes, my friends, not only was he was a bedraggled immigrant, he bought his SUV off of Craigslist for cash. Well, where did he get the money if he’s in foreclosure? I don’t know if you’ve been watching television, this place he’s in foreclosure on looks like a tenement. I don’t know if he accessed Obama’s foreclosure rescue plan but he was foreclosed on and they said, ‘Oh, he and his family were just in terrible financial straits.’ The family’s in Pakistan, they’re not even here. They’re now questioning some of his neighbors in the place he was foreclosed on. So this is a setup to blame Bush, the rotten economy drove this guy nuts. Folks, here’s the truth right in front of our eyes and these guys are going into more pretzel-like contortions to blame me for the oil slick, to blame me for the dead animals. Obama’s got the animus against animals. Obama sat around for 12 days and didn’t do anything. Yet it’s all my fault because they make up things I said about oil, water, no big deal, ocean will take care of it naturally, which it will in time, not advocating doing nothing about it. Here, listen to Bloomberg. This is last night, CBS Evening News with Katie Couric demonstrating her IQ of a pencil eraser.

BLOOMBERG: If I had to guess, 25 cents, this would be exactly that. Somebody —

COURIC: A homegrown.

BLOOMBERG: — homegrown, maybe a mentally deranged person or somebody with a political agenda that doesn’t like the health care bill or something. It could be anything.

RUSH: We now know that this guy in Times Square right outside Shubert Alley who changed his shirt, took his shirt off, we now know he did it because it was hot. It wasn’t because he was a tea party guy trying to furtively get away, just hot, he had two shirts on, took the outer layer off. Imagine that, on a hot day in New York City near Shubert Alley, and he was white, oh, it fit the template, it fit the template. Oh, yeah, he was a tea party guy gone nuts. No, now we find out it’s a Pakistani national, American citizen foreclosed on, a Democrat, upset at the Arizona immigration law. I still say Bloomberg shoulda said that, he’s going to try to attach this — (interruption) well, he lives in Connecticut. He couldn’t have voted for Bloomberg. His place up there is in Bridgeport, the place foreclosed on. Of course, he’s a Democrat; who knows how many times he voted and where. I would love if this guy was a member of ACORN at the end of the day, ACORN and Al-Qaeda, maybe the Taliban, oh, I mean that’s doing what they’re doing. After Bloomberg learns that it was not a mentally deranged person with a political agenda that didn’t like the health care bill, this morning at a midtown firehouse, His Honor said this.

BLOOMBERG: I want to make clear that we will not tolerate any bias or backlash against Pakistani or Muslim New Yorkers. All of us live in this city, and among any group there’s always a few bad apples, but the people that live in the city are proud of the fact that this is the city that gives everybody from every place in the world an opportunity no matter what religion they practice, no matter where they or their parents came from.

RUSH: Okay. So we’re not tolerating any bias or backlash against Middle Easterners or Pakistanis or Muslim New Yorkers. But if it had been a tea partier, why, any vigilante who wanted to go into action would have been applauded. Had it been an old lady — meanwhile, you gotta ask yourself a question. I’m going to get to this in just a second. How many of you go to the airport and have to go through all of these security things, you have a get there an hour and a half early. This clown got right on a United Emirates jet right as it was about to leave, hightailing it from the city out to JFK, how did this guy get through security so fast? Oh, probably ’cause we can’t profile people like that. We can only profile tea party people going through security checkpoints at airports.

Folks. Listen to this. This is an AP news analysis. There’s no byline on this. ‘Unpredictable and tough to solve, the stack of problems on President Barack Obama’s desk is growing unwieldy. It’s presenting him with a tough juggling act. Two wars, a financial crisis, lingering high unemployment,’ that he caused. They didn’t say that, I did. ‘– an exhausting battle over health care,’ that he caused. He didn’t say that, I did. ‘And that was just the start. Now throw in an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico,’ caused by Rush Limbaugh, ‘and an attempted car bombing in Times Square,’ that we wanted to be caused by the tea party. ‘And there are other pressing matters, such as dealing with the increasing menace of Iran’s nuclear program…’ which we’re really not worried about, ‘…trying to get the Middle East peace process back on track…’ but the Jews won’t listen to us, ‘…searching for a new Supreme Court justice…’ We want three women on there to hold up the women vote, ‘…and trying to persuade Congress to approve the most sweeping rewrite of financial rules in 70 years,’ so we can finish the job of wrecking the economy that the 9/11 terrorists started.

‘And Obama is striving to juggle these problems while he and his party brace for potentially big midterm election losses in November. ‘Safe to say, there is a lot on the president’s plate,’ White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said at his daily briefing on Monday. … He was stating the obvious. All modern presidents get bombarded with multiple problems and have to learn to multitask. But Obama seems to be getting more than his share.’ Oh-ho-ho, no, it’s not fair, it’s not fair, the AP: ‘Poor Barry. He has a tough job and a no-win situation.’ Get this. This is Stephen Hess, who is a dinosaur. The guy’s gotta be a million years old. He’s been at the Brookings Institute since before there was a Brookings Institution, Stephen Hess, ‘These are coming at him fast. And many are things where it’s very hard for him to act. They’re not win-win propositions. Obama, in a sense, didn’t create any of these situations. But the public, as they do with all presidents, holds him responsible for all of them.’

If only that were true! He did create a whole bunch of them, and they are beginning to hold him responsible. And yet we’ve got all these sob stories (crying) poor Obama. His agenda to destroy America as founded is so delayed because of all these distractions, like a car bomb and like an environmental disaster and like the Iranians nuking up, couldn’t these people understand what Obama is doing and just stand down for four years and wait to cause this trouble ’til the Republicans have the White House again? Do they have no sensitivity? Do they not understand the ally they have in the White House and Barack Obama? If they just stand aside, the country would be destroyed faster than they could do it themselves. And the press is so concerned that he’s got so much on his plate.

Folks, Obama this morning had a scheduled meeting at the business council. He didn’t want to talk about this car bombing, but he had to. I want you to notice the short shrift he gives this in these two sound bites. After these two, he then said, ‘Now, the reason you’re here is jobs.’ He has totally changed his laser-like focus back on jobs today. Here is the first of two sound bites, Obama speaking about the attempted car bombing of Times Square New York City, a portion of what he said.

OBAMA: This incident is another sobering reminder of the times in which we live. Around the world and here at home there are those who would attack our citizens and who would slaughter innocent men, women, and children in pursuit of their murderous agenda. They will stop at nothing to kill and disrupt our way of life, but once again, an attempted attack has been failed.

RUSH: Yeah, but damn it, we’re going to keep that boot on the throat of the British Petroleum people. We’re going to keep that boot right there like Salazar said, ’cause that’s who we really have an animus for. And Obama continued.

OBAMA: It has failed because ordinary citizens were vigilant and reported suspicious activity to the authorities —

RUSH: Stop the tape. Stop the tape, stop the tape and recue that. It has failed because ordinary citizens were vigilant and reported suspicious activities to the authorities. Yeah. So the lesson here, if you see it, say something, except if you see it in Arizona.


RUSH: Back to audio sound bite six, because this is fascinating, too. Here is Obama praising ‘ordinary citizens’ being vigilant, reporting suspicious activity to the authorities. This is a T-shirt vendor. A T-shirt vendor. A couple things about this: What if the T-shirt guy had been wrong? What if the T-shirt vendor had pointed this guy out and it was not correct, he was completely innocent? Would the T-shirt guy then be facing charges of profiling as in a hate crime? Alternately, what if Shahzad were an illegal alien maybe even from Mexico? If the police had questioned him about the car, could they ask for ID, and if he didn’t have any would they have let him go because New York is a sanctuary city and it was just last week that this idiot Bloomberg had welcomed all the illegals in Arizona to New York. So if any of them had shown up and the cops stop ’em, ‘Well, your mayor sent out an all points bulletin for us to show up here and we showed up here.’ But the truth of the matter is — and not to besmirch the T-shirt vendor or the ordinary citizen, but — the reason this bomb didn’t go off is ’cause this idiot didn’t realize that we’re not on 24-hour time here. He set the thing to go off at seven a.m. instead of seven p.m. If he had set the clock right, the bomb might have gone off. Since we haven’t adopted European time standards, this guy screwed up. Since we have not adopted ‘the way the rest of the Europeans do things,’ he made the mistake of setting his timer clock wrong. Here’s Obama again with this sound bite.

OBAMA: It has failed because ordinary citizens were vigilant and reported suspicious activity to the authorities. It failed because these authorities — global, state, and federal — acted quickly and did what they’re trained to do —

RUSH: And the bomb didn’t go off ’cause the time clock was wrong.

OBAMA: and I’d like to thank citizens and law enforcement officers whose quick thinking may have saved hundreds of lives.

RUSH: Right.

OBAMA: And this suspect has been apprehended because of close and effective coordination at every level, including our Joint Terrorism Task Force and US Customs and Border Protection.

RUSH: Well, look, I can only tell you what the rest of the Drive-Bys are reporting and CNN reported this morning Jeanne Meserve reported that CNN said it was not a strategy to pull Shahzad off the Emirates Airlines plane at the very last minute. Apparently Emirates Airlines had contacted authorities to tell ’em that Shahzad made a last-minute reservation with cash when he was already on his way to the airport. So this guy’s on his way to the airport, all he has is cash. He calls Emirates Airlines, makes a reservation from New York to Dubai, but the Jetway had already been retracted. The plane was getting ready to take off; it was on the tarmac taxiing out by the time the authorities got to the airport. So it wasn’t the intention to wait ’til the last minute to monitor this guy’s contacts. It was another stroke of good luck, like this idiot setting this timer clock wrong by 12 hours.

You might ask, ‘Well, why did Emirates Airlines call the authorities?’ Jeanne Meserve was not clear on that, but it seems to have been shortly after Shahzad made the reservation since it was a bit unusual, probably in cash, and probably quite expensive. Jeanne Meserve, CNN, also said the authorities were already tailing Shahzad but they didn’t know where he was going, which is weird since she then went on to make it sound like they must have lost him, otherwise why would they have cut it so close and why would they have needed the tip from the airlines in order to find the guy? That, to me, really is an important question. This guy calls Emirates Airlines. He makes a last minute reservation within a half hour, an hour before the plane’s to push back. They give him a seat, and then they call the authorities.

The authorities, according to CNN, have lost the guy. They knew he was going somewhere; they didn’t know where. So we’ve had two really fortune instances of luck here. One, the guy didn’t know how to set an alarm clock, an American alarm clock (it was off by 12 hours) and Emirates Airlines calling the authorities to let us know that he was there. Now, there’s a lot more on this, folks, that we put together here. This guy, for example, was foreclosed on. There have been some people arrested in Afghanistan here, maybe eight of them. One of them is a Pakistani national who met Shahzad or met with him in July of 2009. So we look at this and when you put everything here together, it’s clear as a bell. We’ve got the Fort Hood shooter. I’m going to go through this list of things in the next segment.

But the wanton effort that we are making to avoid facts on these things, the wanton effort that authorities are making and elected officials are making to not even consider the most likely suspects but instead to use the media to cast aspersions on Republicans who happen to be members of the tea party operation, led by Bill Clinton and Obama predicting this kind of thing two weeks ago, and it would be done by ‘anti-government zealots in the Republican Party who listen to talk radio.’ There has been no such thing occur. Yet we have this and we still have Mayor Bloomberg and all of the media actually disappointed that this guy was Middle Eastern, Pakistani and was not a tea party guy listening to talk radio.


RUSH: I guarantee you what’s happening right now, Bloomberg and Obama have dispatched their, quote, unquote, authorities to find the radio that Faisal Shahzad was listening to hoping and praying it’s tuned to AM 77 WABC in New York. They’re probably going through his library right now to find out what books the guy has read, hoping for one by Mark Levin or me or Sean Hannity or Glenn Beck. They’re obviously checking Faisal Shahzad’s computer for what websites he has bookmarked such as RushLimbaugh.com. By the way, this clown Shahzad was using a disposable cell phone, that and how he tried to cover his tracks like filing off the VIN number of his car doesn’t sound like he was that amateurish to me. They’re trying to portray this guy as a bungling idiot and it doesn’t sound like it to me.

CNN reported about a half hour ago or so that a nine-millimeter gun and clips were found in Shahzad’s car, also 15 bags of fertilizer were found outside his Bridgeport residence, which had been foreclosed on, 15 bags of it. CNN also reported that his roommates are being questioned. So apparently Shahzad was not living with his family and he was not in dire economic straits because the Bush administration had foreclosed on him. And of course the family was not with him at the airport, he was not a family man. It is amazing to me the efforts that the media are going to cast this guy as the exact opposite of what he is while they still hope and pray that they’ll find evidence he was inspired by the tea party. So it would appear that Shahzad’s family are still back in Pakistan, though nobody in the news media seems much interested in them.

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