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RUSH: I just got an e-mail during the break. The subject line here is, ‘The Good Old Days.’ ‘Dear Rush…’ ‘What’s happened to Clarence ‘Frogman’ Henry? What’s happened when you used to talk about Gerard Depardieu and Harvey the Whale?’ Now, Harvey the Whale, that was out the stupid idiot whale that got lost in the Sacramento delta. That’s many, many moons ago.

‘Anita H, Rita X, Mike Tyson intros with pencil-necked geeks, Dan’s Bake Sale, fun updates? I used to laugh myself silly on your show. Now it seems like the fun is long gone. How about one laugh?’ Snerdley was laughing throughout the first hour. I was laughing throughout the first hour. But if… (interruption) What’s that? Okay, so now a staff member said, ‘You didn’t sound funny. Snerdley is only laughing ’cause he could see you.’ I cannot get a break here. I’m in the midst of one of the finest programs ever and I got staff mutiny practically here. So go ahead. Give me a time off, give a little break here.

(See You in November parody song)

RUSH: Go ahead and laugh now. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

(song continues)

RUSH: ‘White comedian’ Paul Shanklin with a few laughs, the EIB Network and See You in November. Since there seems to be a general consensus among those closest to me that this show is nothing special today — and in fact somewhat disappointing — fine and dandy.


RUSH: Jason of Fargo, North Dakota, you’re next on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. Say, I’ll get right to it. I believe we all can agree that the N-word used in any context other than literally with written permission, you know, and amongst friends should never be used —

RUSH: Wait, wait whoa, whoa — wait a second. Wait a second. There are exceptions to the use of the N-word. Robert Byrd can use it on Fox, the Senator from West Virginia. A number of other Democrats are exempted from using the word. Jesse Jackson can say the word. It’s not totally proscribed, some Americans have an exemption.

CALLER: Well, with the rest of us not having an exemption, again, the word just shouldn’t be used, causes too much pain, fill in the bank, it’s just wrong. Rush, twice now in two days I’ve heard you use the word tea bagger, even in tongue-in-cheek that word cannot be used, it implies too much, it’s too repugnant, and I just can’t stand hearing it. I promise you this buddy, I love you, I love your program, everything you do, I buy products. If I hear that word one more time not only will I never listen again, I will never purchase any products that you sell, and that’s just it. It cannot continue.

RUSH: Now, wait just a second. Wait just a minute. I understand how upset you are but sometimes I’m going to be quoting people who use the word to deride them. When I use that word it is to throw it right back at them. There is nobody that listens to this program who believes that I use that term to be accurate in describing tea party people.

CALLER: Of course. I’m not saying you’re using that, you blank-blanker, but just keep — I’m sorry to sound corny or liberal on this, which I’m not, it just instills too much pain. Use the T-word or something else, just not that word.

RUSH: Okay. Well, I take the suggestion under advisement, Jason. Thanks very much. You know, I’m sitting here, it’s a good thing, folks, that I have a strong sense of self and it’s a really good thing that I like myself, love myself in fact. Because here I’m in the midst of what I think is one of the funniest, best, most penetrating great programs in a long, long time and I’m getting complaints about it from my staff, innocent bystanders, e-mailers. (interruption) No. Snerdley, I’m not going to say that the T-worders are — (laughing) I mean I thought the phones were going to be a sanctuary and a refuge for me, but no, I’m getting it from all four corners. He did threaten me. He threatened to incur financial harm on me, my sponsors, my program, and my licensed merchandise business at Club Gitmo. By the way, Charles Krauthammer said that because of this incident in Times Square that Gitmo will be open another year, that Obama won’t be able to close it. (laughing)

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