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RUSH: Let’s go through some things here, shall we, folks? For every problem, there is not a solution but there is a villain, unless Islamic extremists are involved. Let me repeat that. As far as this regime concerned, for every problem, there is not a solution, but there is a villain, unless Muslim terrorists are involved. For example, the lesson here, if you see something say something, unless you see it in Arizona, then shut up. Fruit of the Loom bomber. Fort Hood, Muslim jihadist, the Arkansas military recruiting center attack, the Times Square attempted bombing possibly by a Muslim extremist. The regime has downplayed the significance of all of these events when the rest of the country knew exactly what was going on. The regime is fashionably late to the party. No rush to judgment there because these events don’t advance their agenda. The Fruit of the Loom bomber, the Fort Hood Muslim jihadist, the Arkansas military recruiting center attack, and the Times Square attempted bombing do not advance Obama’s agenda. And so we’ve done everything we can to, yeah, acknowledge it but then sweep it away when it doesn’t fit our agenda.

In this case the agenda is Republicans did it, angry, old, white Republicans who are showing up at tea parties who are upset at health care and taxes in Arizona. That’s what they wanted. That’s what Obama wanted, that’s what the regime wanted. The media was desperately hoping for it. They didn’t get it. So it’s time to move on now. Fruit of the Loom bomber, doesn’t advance the agenda, Fort Hood Muslim jihadist, doesn’t advance the agenda. Arkansas military recruiting center attack doesn’t advance the agenda, nor does this thing in Times Square. The regime loves villains, unless Islamic extremists are involved. That’s the one time that the regime does not go out of its way to find a villain. Ditto the press. Domestic terrorism, especially by Muslim terrorists, is apparently an unwanted distraction to be swept under the rug, if possible.

Here are the real problems facing Obama as he looks at it and he defines it. Toyotas. Act now, stop driving ’em, we’re gonna fine ’em out of business. Buy General Motors or Chrysler. Insurance premiums going up due to increasing costs, act now, blast the insurance companies, and get Obamacare passed. Wall Street? Big bonuses? Attack now, for a problem Democrats caused and get the Dodd bill passed. British Petroleum, another domestic enemy, just like Wall Street, a domestic enemy, just like Toyota, a domestic enemy, just like insurance companies, domestic enemies, just like Walmart, domestic enemy. Gotta act now. We gotta villainize, we have to demonize, we have to move our agenda items based on our demonizing of these domestic problems. British Petroleum, keep the boot on their throat, distract from the regime’s incompetence in responding to the oil spill. Limbaugh? Attack now. Associate Limbaugh with things he has nothing to do with, put words in Limbaugh’s mouth he never said before Limbaugh derails our agenda.

Obama’s agenda is not ours, folks. Look at the polling data and you will see it. The Obama agenda is not ours. Our problems, your problems, my problems, everybody’s problems are their opportunities to advance their agenda, not to fix what is obviously broken. So for every problem that surfaces that the AP can write an analysis and wring their hands, ‘Oh, it’s so sad, it’s so unfortunate, no president has ever been faced with these kinds of no win situations.’ For every problem there’s not a solution. There’s not a solution in the Gulf. There’s a villain, British Petroleum. There’s not a solution to Wall Street, there’s a villain, Goldman Sachs, et al, and there’s a savior, Chris Dodd in the financial regulatory reform bill. Toyotas? No, no, no, we don’t have a safety problem there, we’ve got an opportunity, we got a villain. Frog march ’em up to Congress, put ’em on trial in front of Henry Waxman and the boys. The regime will get you one way or the other. For every problem, no solution, only a villain, except when Muslim terrorists are involved, and then it’s a distraction.

So let’s review. Shall we, ladies and gentlemen? Where are we at this moment? The lesson of the Times Square attack, Obama praising average, ordinary citizens. You see something, say something, unless you see it in Arizona, then you shut up. All of a sudden now, after two quick references to this this morning, Obama can’t wait to turn his laser-like focus on jobs. Audio sound bite number seven, right after he just spent about 50 seconds reassuring us that nothing had happened and nothing will happen, everything’s okay in New York, Obama then said this.

OBAMA: I’ve said since the very beginning of my administration, we can’t just rebuild the economy to where it was. We’re going to have to rebuild it stronger than before. We’ve gotta rebuild it on a new foundation of lasting growth. We have to tackle structural problems, from education, to energy, from our financial system to our health care system, from our trade imbalance to our fiscal imbalance.

RUSH: Stop this. If he’s reelected in 2012, he’s going to be saying the same thing six years from now. He’s going to see we need a laser-like focus on lasting growth. We need to tackle our structural problems from education to — even after six years of doing nothing. Six years of being in charge, here’s gonna still say the same things, because there are no solutions. There’s only tumult and chaos and there is the desire for you to think they care, the desire for you to think that they are moving and taking action on this. Well, it’s been almost a year-and-a-half, and every one of these things he cites has only gotten worse, and yet he keeps promising a laser-like focus. Here’s the next sound bite. Government will do those things for the public good that private industry won’t. So here comes the demonization again.

OBAMA: Government can build the infrastructure that allows products and services to reach customers. Government can create incentives and clean energy, for example, that promote innovation and exports. These things are public goods that no business, no individual, is gonna provide on their own. But they create a favorable environment in which everybody, companies across the country, can open and expand.

RUSH: Yeah, right, ’cause you see, private individuals, private industry, cheats, rotten low down skunks, government is angelic and good, government can do all these things. Private citizens won’t. No, no. Private citizens are not charitable. They’re selfish, greedy pigs, and they’re stealing from the rightful owners of the country. Only government can stop that from happening. Only government can fix oil spills. Ahem. Only government can clean up after a hurricane. Ahem. Only government can clean up an economic mess. Ahem. The way I look at it, it’s all getting worse because we got a guy with a five-minute career here who I don’t care what room he walks into is the least qualified to do anything. So he can’t wait to turn his laser-like focus on jobs. If only, my friends, we had our boot on the throat of terrorism and the rest of the enemies who are trying to destroy our country instead of our own international cartels which are trying to produce energy so that we can all improve our lifestyles and our standard of living.

I’m just reviewing this thing to close it up here before we go to the break. If Faisal Shahzad was foreclosed on, where did he get the money to fly back to Pakistan? It was cash. Where did he get the money to buy the 15 bags of fertilizer, the gun, and a bunch of clips? So he flies home to Pakistan, he comes back five minutes later with the money to rent or even buy a house in Bridgeport, then he paid $1,300 or 1,800, I don’t know what it was for this SUV on Craigslist, where’s he getting this money? How come he’s a bungling little idiot who couldn’t even set an alarm clock straight? Where did he get the money to buy the propane, the rest of the supplies? Where did he get the money to put gasoline in the SUV? We all know what that costs. We don’t even know where he worked, if anywhere. Then we have the mayor telling the perky Katie Couric, ‘Oh, yeah, no doubt some kook, domestic, homegrown, probably upset about health care bill, yeah, betcha 25 cents.’ We’re all owed 25 cents from the guy, and he can afford it. Then he comes out and says, ‘All right, fine, it wasn’t who I wanted it to be, but we’re not going to tolerate any backlash against Muslim New Yorkers. A few bad apples among many groups.’

He cited New York’s long history of accepting cultures from around the world, except try going there and being a conservative and see how you’re respected. Bias against tea baggers, tea party people, bias against people opposed to enforcing the law on immigration, bias against people who opposite this abomination of a health care bill, that’s perfectly acceptable. The media can be biased for 24 hours, 12 hours in predicting who was the criminal here. Elected officials can lead that charge, media repeats it, then they can acted disappointed it wasn’t a tea party guy that set the bomb and the SUV. Don’t be surprised, ladies and gentlemen — in fact, let me put it this way. Bloomberg was out there betting everybody 25 cents that it was a tea party person upset with the health care bill. Stupid fool. If you’re going to cite a current political issue you shoulda said the guy’s upset with the Arizona immigration bill. Health care’s long gone.

So I will bet 25 cents the media jumps on the mortgage angle and tries to justify this guy’s radicalism because of being ruined by the Bush housing meltdown because he was foreclosed on, and that’s what alienated him. Yeah, poor immigrant, he came here for a better life despite knowing what was stacked against him, his Middle Eastern heritage, but he loved America so much that he came here and he ends up buying a tenement up there in Bridgeport, and it was foreclosed on because the Bush housing bubble happened, anybody would go nuts and try to blow up Times Square, that’s what the media will say. I’ll betcha in fact they’ll say this poor guy was tricked into a mortgage he couldn’t afford. I’ll betcha they’ll say that. Yes, he was tricked by evil Wall Street bankers into a mortgage he couldn’t afford. Why, I could go on and on and on. I betcha I could even make myself feel sorry for the guy before this show is over.


RUSH: All right, friends. The media are doing their level best here to make this a cause to raise the concern for domestic terrorism. Look how they’re stressing that this ‘gentleman’ is an ‘American citizen.’ So they’re describing him in this order: One, ‘American citizen;’ two, ‘from Connecticut;’ three, ‘an SUV owner;’ and, ‘Oh, yeah! Four: He’s back and forth from Pakistan and mighta known a Taliban guy we thought we killed. But that doesn’t matter. He has an SUV. As soon as we find out what radio station he listens to, yeah! Then we’ll have the guy!’ CNN was unreal this morning on American Morning. Jim Acosta, the fill-in host, said this about Faisal Shahzad.

ACOSTA: If it can be confirmed that his house was foreclosed on in recent years, one would have to imagine that that brought a lot of pressure and a lot of heartache on that family.

RUSH: Did I not tell you? I had not dug this deep into the roster yet, and Cookie says, ‘You’ve got what you’re saying. They have done it. It’s sound bite number ten.’ So I looked at it during break; it is number ten. His family’s not even here. They’re in Pakistan. So he was foreclosed on. That coulda driven anybody nuts! Anybody foreclosed on would go get an SUV on Craigslist, put a bunch of bombs in it and then screw upsetting the alarm clock by 12 hours to blow up Times Square.


RUSH: We’re going to start in Jacksonville, Florida, this is Martin. Great to have you on the program, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush, it’s a pleasure to be on the show. It’s an honor to meet you. Thank you for allowing me on the show.

RUSH: Thank you very much, sir.

CALLER: Well, first I want to start off by saying that I appreciate you talking about the New York City bomber, what’s going on with that. You’re not doing what a lot of these other folks are. I was listening to Fox NewsTalk driving back across the state yesterday, and some guy was giving the game away. I don’t know who comes on about the same time this time as you do.

RUSH: Don’t worry, then. Nobody heard him.

CALLER: (bursts out laughing) Okay!

RUSH: Except you.

CALLER: I heard it, and I’m like pulling out my hair and I’m like, ‘Are you serious? Are you discussing what he screwed up because these guys are going to tighten up their game the next time.’ There will be a next time.

RUSH: You mean you listened to somebody giving away bomb secrets?

CALLER: No. He’s giving away what he messed up on.


CALLER: I’m not going to go into it with you.

RUSH: Oh, okay.

CALLER: I will say this. I am a part-time soldier but I am a full-time patriot thanks to you.

RUSH: You have expertise in explosives? Outside of relationships?

CALLER: Yes. Yes. I’m one of those guys. I put on the suit; I work the robot. That’s who I am.

RUSH: That’s impressive.

CALLER: And also if I can while I’m on the air?

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: There’s something else that’s going on in the United States military. I don’t know if many people are talking about this, but I want to go ahead and just let you know. The Constitution is not being taught.

RUSH: In the US military?

CALLER: In the US military. I just came back from an Army leaders school, and we went into this whole thing of Army ethics. My ears perked up once I saw that the Constitution was in there, and I’m thinking, ‘Okay, good. Maybe there isn’t a lot of bad stuff going on.’ We covered the preamble for ten seconds and then moved on. We spent maybe two hours on riot control, but all the Constitution got was ten seconds of coverage. We’re sworn to support and defend this document.

RUSH: The real question here is: Did they teach you the Miranda warnings?


RUSH: Well, they slipped up on that. You know, ’cause that’s the new policy.

CALLER: Apparently it is. I mean, they’re more concerned about teaching us live control and —

RUSH: Were there any American-Pakistanis or American-Afghanis or American-Iranians in the military class that you were in?

CALLER: Oh, no. No, no.

RUSH: Well, that could have explained it.

CALLER: (chuckling)

RUSH: We don’t want to offend them with the Constitution.


RUSH: Jerry in Bay Village, Ohio. You’re up next on the EIB Network. Hello, sir.

CALLER: Thank you, Rush, for taking my phone call. I’ve been recently listening to you a lot, but I had heard your comment earlier while I was out driving doing my job about how the left would spin this into something that wasn’t that popular, that this man might have — that the newscaster said that they foreclosed on his home and he probably was just a little depressed and this might be the act of a depressed man. And I thought to myself, in the last year I believe there’s probably three or four million people that have been foreclosed on, so I think it might be our civic duty to warn New York, there may be three or four million SUVs parked in the city this week with explosives packed in there and I think we should warn them. And then I thought the other side of that is that maybe Obama can then come out after that does happen and say that car sales are up four million, fertilizer bags have been sold at 12 million and the right’s not doing anything about it.

RUSH: Right, and the economy is rebounding at the same time all because of the stimulus bill, stimulus money buying the fertilizer bags, stimulus money buying the SUVs from General Motors and Chrysler because we’ve run Toyota out of business or we’re close to. Yeah, it probably would be a public service to warn the mayor of New York, His Honor, Michael Bloomberg, to be on the lookout for a whole bunch of SUVs when people have been foreclosed on. Here, if you didn’t hear the sound bite, this is number ten this morning on CNN, the fill-in host Jim Acosta talking about Faisal Shahzad.

ACOSTA: If it can be confirmed that his house was foreclosed on in recent years, one would have to imagine that that brought a lot of pressure and a lot of heartache on that family.

RUSH: Yeah. (laughing) So if it weren’t so outrageous, I mean it would just be… do these people realize, I don’t think they do, how absolutely dumb and stupid they sound, how utterly predictable. The cofounder of CNN is worried that CNN’s becoming a joke, and you, Mr. Acosta, are exhibit A. The cofounder thinks CNN’s becoming a joke, and it’s comments like this that contribute to people thinking that.

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