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RUSH: Aaron in Chico, California. Aaron, welcome to the EIB Network. Nice to have you here, sir.

CALLER: Rush, freedom loving dittos. How are you today, sir?

RUSH: Very well. Thank you very much.

CALLER: Thank you. Hey, I saw a couple of stories over the weekend that kind of confirmed a lot of what I’ve suspected for a while, and it was one was from The Hill — both of them were — that hedge funds give exclusively to Democrats and also that hedge funds will be given a pass in this latest reform bill. And that actually drew something that reminded me of something that George Soros had said last year. Doing an interview with the Financial Times, column said stimulus were a gift from the state. But in the interview, he stated that the limits on pay would push risk-takers out of places like Goldman Sachs into hedge funds.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: And that would be a good thing. But thereby taking everyone out of the market and going into hedge funds where the risk-takers that these people are saying are the ones that caused all these problems are now going into the hedge funds. And the reform bill is really tough on the banks and investment firms like Wall Street and whatever, but —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — not on hedge funds. And Carl Levin last week brought into the whole question of just the function of the stock market and its function as it relates to people investing and —

RUSH: Oh, yeah.

CALLER: — and so forth.

RUSH: I didn’t know that the potential bomber was a hedge fund guy nor did I know he had anything to do with the oil well spill.

CALLER: Well, I’m not referring to that, but just in general.

RUSH: Oh. Oh. Oh. That’s why I was having trouble.

CALLER: No. No. I was referring to the financial system in general. But with George Soros just in general and his involvement throughout hedge funds and his shorting the market, which is what caused me to think about this stuff, and Goldman Sachs being the one that’s being smeared and they represent Wall Street. But the real people who were the ones doing all the dealing of bad stuff and shorting were the hedge funds, and that was Paulson & Company who is actually a really big fundraiser and they’re interrelated with George Soros and their group of Open Society Institute, which I think you’re familiar with. I heard you refer to it a few times on the show.

RUSH: Most everything I’m familiar with, yeah. Including that, yes.

CALLER: Yeah. But George Soros has said himself that this financial crisis ‘is the culmination of his life’s work.’

RUSH: Yeah, we mentioned that last week. There’s no question somebody’s pulling Obama’s strings on this. There’s no question.


RUSH: Let me tell you, this financial regulatory reform bill? Let me just tell you something, folks, since we have swerved into that today. I would submit to you that there is not one Democrat member of Congress capable of writing it, ’cause I don’t think there’s one Democrat in the Senate capable of understanding what the bill says. Somebody else concocted this financial regulatory reform bill, somebody who will benefit from it. These guys are not that bright. They’re United States senators! The guy who wrote the bill [Chris Dodd] had to get a deal on a loan from Countrywide! What does he know about the system except how to game it? Well, where does this conclusion come from that these people, even their staffs, know more than the people in the businesses they’re regulating?

The SEC is out there watching porn! The SEC knows that Bernie Madoff is doing what he’s doing. They didn’t care. Nobody is gonna convince me that Christopher Dodd (of ‘waitress sandwich’ fame with Senator Kennedy) has anywhere near the knowledge of how hedge funds works, Wall Street, the intricate financial system, put this bill together. If he did, he wouldn’t be earning $170,000 a year in the Senate. He’d be earning 25 billion in a hedge fund and fighting this legislation. This notion that these clowns are the experts on everything from health care to retail to oil to drugs, you name it? Man, it offends the hell out of me. They’re not elected as the experts on all things in the private sector. If they were, they’d be in the private sector doing those things. You get a couple. Herb Kohl owns the Milwaukee Bucks and he’s got a department store chain or some such thing.

Lautenberg started Automatic Data Processing which is the paycheck unit that does all payroll processing for companies that sign up for it. It’s one of the many companies that do. Paychex is one. But most of these clowns, no. Ken Salazar? What he knows about the interior could be encapsulated in how to create a barbecue fire when you’re out camping in the woods, and yet he’s making decisions here on where we’re going to have a windmill farm and his decision is just ramming it right down the throat of the Kennedy family which did not want the windmill farm where they live.

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