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From The Politico: ‘The new hard-line Arizona immigration law that has sparked talk of boycotts and caused leading Republicans to fret about the party’s frayed relationship with Hispanic voters may indeed pose a long-term threat to the GOP’s prospects. But in the here and now — and in many of the most competitive races that will determine control of Congress — the law appears to be a poison-tipped arrow in the Republican quiver.’ Now, the way this is written is very confusing. The point is, this Arizona law is hurting Democrats. And from the get-go, I remember on this program urging Republican leaders, ‘For God sakes, do not misunderstand what’s going on here. Forget about getting the Hispanic vote. Get the vote of citizens.’ Look at the polls on this: Seventy percent of the American people now oppose the health care bill. That number keeps rising. ‘According to a New York Times/CBS poll released Monday, 69 percent of respondents from the South said that the law is either ‘about right’ or does not go ‘far enough’…’ The Arizona bill is a poison pill for the Democrats and the regime.

(playing of Obama song Arizona)

RUSH: That is ‘white comedian Paul Shanklin’ with an old Mark Lindsay tune. Mark Lindsay was the lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders way back when. The tune is Arizona.

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