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RUSH: Let’s go to the audio sound bites. Last night on MessNBC, Patrick Leahy. Question: ‘We read Miranda rights, we didn’t torture, and we’re getting information from this terrorist. This is kind of a textbook case on how it’s supposed to work, isn’t it?’

LEAHY: We got the person [who] did this.


LEAHY: They crossed all the T’s, they dotted all the I’s. But what I find frustrating are the people — uh, Mr. Limbow (sic), of course, said that he wants the president to fail even though the country would fail. And this really bothers me because after 9/11, even though the ball had been dropped, even though 9/11 could have been avoided if everybody had done what they should have, Democrats and Republicans came together and said, ‘Okay, that happened. Let’s make it better so this doesn’t happen again.’ We are taking out Al-Qaeda leaders all over the world. We — I wish we could talk; we can’t but I wish we could talk publicly about all the plots that we’ve disrupted that we stopped before they even got to our soil. It’s been one success after another.

RUSH: Oh, isn’t it wonderful! Why, we’ve been so successful, we can’t even tell anybody because it would compromise our techniques. Senator Leahy, have you no shame? You are a member of a party that did everything you could to secure defeat for your country because you wanted to defeat George W. Bush throughout the war on terror and especially in Iraq. And you’re out there, you and your party saying that the invasion of Iraq, all it did was create more terrorists. Now we have a terrorist in captivity who says that he only did what he did because of our drone operations in his native land of Pakistan. I don’t hear you saying, ‘Why, Obama’s out there creating more terrorists with our policy!’

No. You’re talking about mythical, magical, solutions to imaginary terrorist plots that we don’t have any information on. Somehow I get thrown in this mix, this ‘failure’ business. I only wish he had. Had he failed at all of this we wouldn’t be, as a nation, where we are. Have you noticed in the coverage of this Shahzad guy, that they keep saying he was an amateur? ‘But at about 12:30 p.m. on Monday, more certain that Mr. Shahzad was the suspected terrorist, investigators asked the Department of Homeland Security to put him on the no-fly list.’ After 13 trips back and forth. Three minutes later, the department sent airlines, including Emirates, an electronic notification that they should check the no-fly list for an update. At about 4:30 p.m., more information was added to the list, including Mr. Shahzad’s passport number, officials said.

‘Workers at Emirates evidently did not check the list, because at 6:30 p.m., Mr. Shahzad called the airline and booked a flight to Pakistan via Dubai, officials said. At 7:35 p.m., he arrived at the airport, paid cash for his ticket and was given a boarding pass. Airlines are not required to report cash purchases, a Homeland Security official said. Emirates actually did report Mr. Shahzad’s purchase to the Transportation Security Administration — but only hours later, when he was already in custody, the official said.’ So when his undetonated bomb was first discovered in Times Square, we were told not to fret, not to fret. This is the work of an amateur. This guy is a family man upset with his house being foreclosed. Don’t worry about it. This is amateur hour, folks. I mean this guy is nothing more than a hapless, bumbling Gomer Pyle out there.

Shahzad was off on his own. He was clueless. No need to worry. The bomb was unsophisticated. He was an idiot for not setting the time correctly. It was the work of an amateur. This amateur drove a car loaded with explosives into Times Square undetected. This amateur left the scene undetected. This amateur evaded an FBI surveillance team on its way to the airport and nobody knew what his destination was until the final passenger list was sent to customs and border protection just before takeoff. Did this amateur know that Emirates Airlines might be late to act on alerts in the no-fly lists? Did this amateur know about paying cash, the exception in doing so, that the airlines are not required to report cash purchases? So this amateur after doing all this boards a jet and damn near got away.

If Shahzad was such a bumbling, stupid amateur, what does that make Janet Napolitano and whoever she’s in charge of at Homeland Security? And she and Eric Holder are out there congratulating themselves? For what? For capturing Gomer Pyle? Why do you throw a party and celebrate how great and competent you are if this guy was nothing more than a rank amateur who nearly got away with it, who nearly pulled it off and nearly got away with it? The reason, folks, the reason the Obama administration stonewalling Congress on the Fort Hood terror attack by an Islamic extremist? I’ll tell you why. They do not want attention drawn to the utter incompetence at how that entire episode went down. Apparently, a whole bunch of rank amateur jihadists are outsmarting our wizards of smart at Janet Napolitano’s agency. So if these guys, if that’s going to be their story line — don’t worry about it, folks! We got it under control. This guy nothing but an amateur — what’s that make Janet Napolitano?


RUSH: Faisal Shahzad, ladies and gentlemen, has told US authorities that he got five months of bomb-making training in Pakistan. My question is how much training has Janet Napolitano received for her job as the head of the Department of Homeland Security? This guy, five months of bomb making, he’s just an amateur out there. What is Napolitano?

By the way, maybe this is what Obama is doing. From the Boulder, Colorado, Daily Camera: ‘Boulder Man Hopes to Stop Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill With Meditation.’ Do you remember harmonic convergence? Back in the eighties, I think I was working in Sacramento at the time, a bunch of leftists wanted people to go to the top of Mount Shasta and sit there and just ‘Ohmm, ohmm,’ and send out vibes all over the world for world peace, nuclear peace, to convince Reagan not to blow up the Soviet Union. Honest to God, I have a story here from the Boulder Daily Camera. ‘One Boulder man is calling upon people from around the world to try a different, simpler tack: meditation.’ Maybe this is what Obama’s doing. ”The basic concept is to try and get as many people to visualize that the valve is actually functioning and is working and closing,’ said Carl Fuermann, a staff member in the University of Colorado’s Registrar Office.’ I’m not kidding. We should all sit here and meditate that the valve is working and the power of our vibes will stop the oil leak out there. This is exactly what we’re being told to do.

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