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This is unbelievable. In the Washington Post here’s the headline: ‘Oil Spill, Failed Bombing Offer Obama a Challenge of Message, Management.’ I’m not going to bother excerpting the entire story for you, but summarizing it, they ask the question here, ‘How can Obama convey a sense of competence?’ They’re asking the question, okay, he’s got an opportunity here, an opportunity to convey competence, thereby admitting he’s not conveying competence right now. Karen Tumulty says it’s very easy, just list all the successes. And then when you look in the story for her successes, you don’t find any. You don’t find very many. ‘For many Americans, this could go down as the scariest week of the Obama presidency. But depending on how well Obama and his team do, it might also be an opportunity. After all, this is a White House whose watchword was once summed up by Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel as: ‘You never want a serious crisis to go to waste.” Exactly right. As I said yesterday, there are no solutions. There are only demons. State-Run Media, Karen Tumulty, Washington Post, desperately hoping Obama can somehow convey competence in this.

So let’s look at where we are here. David Obey: No mas! No mas! Obama, we learn, turns out to be the biggest recipient of British Petroleum BP money. He was also the biggest recipient of Goldman Sachs cash, and he’s out there lecturing about the evil of big corporations and the need to silence them during political campaigns. The Supreme Court had their ruling these people can now get involved in politics. The Democrats, ‘Oh, no they can’t, we’re going to write legislation countermanding the Supreme Court ruling,’ and yet Obama is out there taking all this big money from BP and Goldman Sachs, then lectures us about the evil of big corporations and the need to shut ’em up. I’ve been thinking about this, folks, ever since this brilliant monologue of yesterday, which we’re going to turn into a timeline at The Limbaugh Letter. I got in touch with the editrix there, when she’s taking time off from using her whips and chains on the staff, Diana Schneider, and I said, ‘We want to add the timeline here of no solutions, only demons, to the next issue of The Limbaugh Letter.’ And so she said, ‘Fine,’ which of course she’s obligated to do, so we’re going to have that done in the next issue.

I’ve been thinking about this. We have people — folks, seriously, now — we have people doing all they can to keep this country safe. We really do. The NYPD, the FBI in this terrorist case, men and women who are working day and night to stop this oil spill in the Gulf, they have absolutely no leadership from Washington, no leadership from Obama. They only have demonization from the White House. The White House is now trying to dump it off on Emirates Airlines. This guy flew back and forth to Pakistan 13 times, what’s the no-fly list worth? How many people keeping up with this story? You ought to be at your wits’ end. Here is this guy on a no-fly list, or maybe not on the no-fly list, should be, back and forth to Pakistan 13 times, is able to call on the way, make a cash reservation for a seat. Meanwhile, you’re stripping down to your underwear and getting wand and securitized with the rest of the grandmothers, and this guy, smooth sailing wherever he wants to go, Pakistan. We still can’t find what religion this guy is if you read the State-Controlled Media. All you find out is this guy is an American citizen. And now we learn he’s ticked off at Obama’s drone campaign.

So Obama’s creating new terrorists out there, isn’t that what they said about Bush going into Iraq? Oh. Oh. Oh. Yeah. This Shabazz Nosehair, whatever his name is, we all know who I’m talking about. Let me get it. Faisal, Faisal or Faisal Shahzad, is that it? Well, Nosehair was the guy that got in there and Meir Kahani. At any rate, yeah, he hated Bush, folks. The State-Controlled media is now saying that this terrorist hated Bush. We called this yesterday. Predicted this was going to happen. Foreclosed on, blamed Bush for a whole bunch of stuff, blamed Bush for the war on terror, now upset at our drone attacks in Pakistan. So we have all of these people, we’re not showing them enough appreciation because we’re all following the template from the White House, which is, how can we give Obama credit for competence in the oil spill and in these terrorist mishaps, rather than focusing on 11 people died in the Gulf in this rig explosion. We have people from BP and a number of others trying to stem the tide of the oil. The NYPD and the FBI are working 24/7 to keep New York safe and who is their biggest obstacle? The incompetent people in this administration, in this regime.
They get no leadership from Washington. They get no leadership from Obama. What did we get? We get press statements. We get self-serving talking points leaked to friendly media. ‘Oh, yeah, we were on this from day one, we’re on the case, we know exactly what we’re doing here, why, this is a one-off. We have total competence here, know exactly what we’re doing.’ What we have here is weakness in leadership all across the country. New York, Bloomberg is no Giuliani. Bloomberg has made a literal, ahhh, of himself. It is absolutely breathtaking. It’s beyond comprehension. (imitating Bloomberg) ‘Oh, yeah, Katie, no question this guy is a tea partier, white guy, probably ticked off, mid-forties, probably ticked off at the health care bill.’ He didn’t even have the sense to blame it on Arizona’s immigration law. Then after it’s discovered who this guy really is, ‘I’m not going to tolerate any backlash against Muslims or Middle Easterners in New York.’ I know Giuliani and Bloomberg get along, but sorry, Bloomberg is no Giuliani.

Obama has not surrounded himself with people of experience or skill, and that’s saying something. He’s the least qualified guy in whatever room he walks into, including all the people he has surrounding him, department heads, cabinet secretaries, czars or whatever, not one of them with any practical experience in any of these areas: in oil, in energy, anything in the private sector. And the only people he’s got at the FBI and over at State Department and the Pentagon that he’s put there don’t agree with our position on the war on terror. You want to have a trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in Manhattan? He’s surrounded by leftist hacks, deer-in-the-headlight eyes types, as big sis out there, Janet Napolitano. There is no expertise. Lotta really, quote, unquote, smart people, lotta smart people, they think, but no practical expertise at the highest levels. Obama himself is incapable of real leadership, folks. He blames Bush for this, he blames Bush for that, he blames BP for this or that.

He never grabs events by the horns and takes control over them. He’s not redistributing wealth or grabbing power. He is without the ability to act. If he is taken off of his agenda, if anything comes along to distract him from his agenda of the transformation of America from a capitalist to a socialist economy, he’s lost. He doesn’t know how to handle it. So you gotta blame BP — see, there is no solution to anything. There are only demons. If Obama had done something effective or substantive — now, listen to me. I’m dead serious about this. I’m not saying what I’m saying here to be partisan against Obama. These are serious things happening here. I’m just going to come out and say it, and I don’t mean this to be casting aspersions on the NYPD or the FBI but this case, the more I look at it, this Faisal Shahzad, dumb luck, pure dumb luck at every step of the way in this case. No competence from the administration, no leadership whatsoever. If Obama had done something effective or substantive or even useful, for example, on day one or day two or day three of the oil spill, his staff would have already leaked it and the feigning media would have already reported it and we would have pictures of Obama in the Situation Room, we woulda had Obama surrounded by oil wells as he’s learning about what happened here.

If he had done anything substantive, we woulda known about it. But we get nothing other than, ‘Oh, yeah, we’ve been on this from day one.’ We’re not told how. We’re not told what he’s doing. Because he didn’t do anything. He’s clueless. And worse yet, he’s too arrogant to learn. He doesn’t think he has anything to learn. He thinks he knows it all. Just like your kids. At one point didn’t your kids think they knew it all and you’re the biggest idiot in the world? Well, Obama is the kid we’re the parents and he doesn’t have anything else to learn, and we don’t know what we’re talking about. Times Square affair, he’s not in charge. He’s not even taking charge. Other people are working on this. Look at the health care. He passed this massive government-run health care bill, and he’s done with it. He’s done, unless he decides he wants to expand it. Okay, that’s over, how can I next transform the country? All the problems, all the issues that are with it now and will arise from the health care, well, he doesn’t care. It doesn’t matter to him at all. Now it’s just on to the next thing.


RUSH: Fox News reported this morning that Nosehair Shahzad returned to Pakistan 13 times over the last 10 years. He still wasn’t on any watch list. The first time he went on a watch list was Saturday at 12 p.m. Meanwhile, all of us practically get stripped searched at whatever airport we head into, and this guy’s not even on the no-fly list despite all of these trips back and forth to Pakistan. You couple that with everything else that’s known about the guy. There’s literally no competence. Nobody has any idea what is happening. This administration, I was talking a moment ago about how they think they’re the smartest and their media buddies think they’re the smartest. Well, what the media considers ‘smart’ is what the ancient Greeks used to call ‘sophistry.’ You’ve heard me use that word: ‘Sophistry.’

The ‘sophists’ were just teachers of rhetoric, like George Lakoff (rhymes with) is a sophist. All they do is teach rhetoric — and Biden isn’t even good at that! You couldn’t even put him up to the level of being a sophist. David Obey. David Obey. Not only, ladies and gentlemen, is David Obey the retiring now-chairman of the House Appropriations Committee. David Obey is the guy who brought the gavel down when health care reform passed on that awful Sunday in Washington — and he used the same gavel as the one used to gavel Medicare — and now, not even six months later, David Obey, ‘No mas! No mas!’ Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm! What’d he say last week? At some point you don’t need any more money? Something like that.

Okay, so he’s the leading recipient of campaign cash from British Petroleum and Goldman Sachs. Could we say to President Obama: At some point you, do you think you’ve raised enough money? Do you think you have enough campaign cash, Mr. President? You’re gonna sit there and tell Americans, ‘At some point don’t you think you have enough money? At some point you got enough?’ Don’t you think you’ve raised enough, Mr. President? It’s astonishing to me, ladies and gentlemen, when we have a serious challenge as a nation — we have two of them right now — no one really thinks Obama’s up to it or has anything to say to rally the people or can lead. Nobody! Nobody thinks Obama’s up to it. That’s why Karen Tumulty in the Washington Post today: It’s a golden opportunity for Obama to ‘convey competence.’ If you gotta convey it, it must mean you’re not doing it now. Her solution to that is: Yeah just start listing your successes! Except there aren’t any that the American people support.


RUSH: You know the smartest thing Obama coulda done when his oil rig blew up? Call Sarah Palin and her husband. Do you realize that Sarah Palin and her husband have a gazillion times the knowledge and experience in the oil business than does Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm…mmm…mmm? What does Obama do? What does he actually do, folks? I don’t care what happens. You can have a disaster, you could have a near terrorist bomb go off, you have the oil spill. What does Obama do? He still goes out, and all he can do is talk about what should be and what can be if only he were more powerful and if the government were bigger. If he is forced to actually address real-world events and issues, he is without direction. He doesn’t have any experience. He is entirely lost. Unless there’s somebody can put a paragraph or two on the teleprompter, he can’t come up with it himself.

All he can say to everything that happens is, first, whatever happens, demonize somebody on the terror bomb — demonize Emirates Airlines, demonize whoever, demonize British Petroleum, demonize the oil industry in general — and then say (doing impression), ‘If we had more power, if I had the ability to do things I can’t now do, the government bigger, weeeell, this would never happen.’ That’s his sole approach to everything. Whatever goes wrong it’s because government isn’t big enough, and he doesn’t have enough power. We see this with unemployment. Obama likes to say that we are in an economic recovery and that he has saved the nation from the brink. But there is no recovery — and there was no brink, by the way! He says these things because they are entirely and purely self-serving. When you look…

Honestly, now, ladies and gentlemen. When you look at the real world implications of what Obama has done, he has killed jobs and job creation for years to come. He has bankrupted the nation. Take a look at Greece. Greece: One-third of the workforce in Greece are workers for the government. Greece is about the size of New York state in terms of population. The unions, public and private, will not make any concessions whatsoever. Now there are riots over ‘austerity,’ even after bailouts. All around us we see our future. Wherever we look in the world, we can see it. Even within our own borders. We can see it if Arizona doesn’t act, regarding immigration. We can see it in California regarding pensions and other unfunded liabilities. We can see it in Venezuela. We can see it in Greece throughout the European Union.

We can see our future precisely because of the lack of leadership and the total devotion to ideology that we have in the White House today: Saved jobs, created jobs, brought us back from the brink? In the real world he has killed jobs. He’s killed job creation for years to come. He has bankrupted the country. He has been a complete and total disaster. This is why I wanted him to fail. He has succeeded in making a disaster. He cannot and he will not fix anything because of his ideology. It will not allow him to change course — and besides that, folks, Obama’s actions were never about fixing or reforming anything. They were all about advancing his ideology. Look at him today. Does he seem concerned, has he ever seemed concerned about high unemployment? Does he do anything destructive about it other than ask for more power or hold more summits or do more town hall meetings?

Is there ever anything that he does that experience has taught us works in terms of job creation? Zilch, zero, nada. In fact, he has used a recession to strike one blow after another against the country and he accomplishes nothing. Another case is immigration. Obama could not wait to jump on Arizona. He could not wait to jump on the governor. He couldn’t wait to jump on the legislators out there. He couldn’t wait to jump on the people of Arizona to lie about their law, to race bait. This is what he does. That does not require any skill or knowledge. That is sophistry: A person of pure rhetoric. He has failed to address the border problem in any effective way and he’s incapable of it.

His ideology will not permit it. ‘What do you mean by that, Rush?’ ‘Cause he looks at people of color as disadvantaged minorities; he looks at people of color all over the world as having been oppressed. He looks at people of color as the genuine owners of the world’s wealth who have been shut out of it. So if you’ve heard people say, ‘Rush, well, these people around the world, they just want a better life.’ Yeah, they want a better life and they need a better life and they would have a better life if it hadn’t been for the United States. That’s Obama. His ideology will not allow him in any way, shape, or form to permit corrective action on any of our problems. So the border will remain porous and the conditions dangerous.

But when it comes to demagoguing the issue, he will blame others. He will attack the state of Arizona, he will attack the governor, he’ll attack the people. He’ll send Clinton out to attack talk radio and he’ll attack the tea party, but he will accomplish nothing positive for the country. Can somebody tell me one thing positive for the country he has accomplished? I’m serious. One thing positive. It isn’t there. Everybody that gets in the way of his agenda is demonized. Every problem that arises has no solution. In many cases Obama’s ideology tells him that the problem is a genuine deserved problem, that we have to understand why these people are doing what they’re doing ’cause it’s our fault. We have created all of this animus against us around the world.


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