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Rush’s Morning Update: Dots
May 6, 2010

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There are plenty of questions, and no answers. Or perhaps I should say, no answers worth mentioning. The first question is so obviousthat even state-controlled journalists are asking it: How, exactly, did the would-be Times Square bomber, Faisal Shahzad, board a United Arab Emirates flight,reserving a ticket on the way to JFK airport,paying in cash,breezing through security,while on the no-fly list?

Of course, there is no defensible answer. So that question will simply be filed away by the Obama administrationwhile they continue, in the words of Robert Gibbs, to keep their “boot on the throat of BP” over the Gulf oil spill.

Here’s another question. Immediately following the failed terror plot,why were state-controlled journalists so quick to label the terrorist a “lone wolf”? Turns out, the wannabe terrorist now admits he was trained in a terrorist camp in Pakistan,which leads one to believehe had help.

After 9/11, Democrats– ever anxious to protect our “civil liberties”– complained about warrantless wiretaps and terror suspects’ overseas calls being monitored. At the same time, Democrats led the charge to federalize airline security,so the TSA was born. The entire intelligence community was turned upside down;layer upon layer of new bureaucracy was installed in order to “connect the dots.”

Which brings me, finally, to this question: Is the Obama regime still hell-bent on closing Club Gitmoand holding terror trials in New York? Or will they, at long last, start connecting the dots? Hmmm?

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