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RUSH: Here’s audio sound bite 22. Now, this is last night in Morgan Hills, California, CBS Eyeball News, Channel 13, reporter Kiet Do filed this report on the Live Oak High School American flag wearing students who were sent home.

DO: Some Hispanic students were upset and the school feared it would start a fight. Matthew, by the way, is part Mexican.

Student Matthew Dariano: Our Hispanic vice principal was taking their side in thinking that we were being racist towards them. So he was discriminating against us.

DO: For some students to wear red and white and blue on Cinco de Mayo, you guys were trying to start trouble?

Student Austin Carvalho: We weren’t trying to start trouble. We’re in America. We can’t wear our own colors?

DO: The boys refuse to take off the shirts, they were not suspended but they were sent home. The irony. Dominic Maciel’s mother is white and his father is Mexican.

Student Dominic Maciel: I think it was disrespectful to my country if I flip this inside out.

RUSH: So they were sent home because the authorities thought they were trying to start trouble. Cinco de Mayo is not even an official Mexican holiday. Start trouble. American flags. Start trouble by wearing American colors in the Bay Area, San Francisco Bay area, Morgan Hills. Right. American flag, American colors, red, white, and blue are now judged in certain parts of the country as trouble, or hate speech, provocative. They were trying to incite violence. That’s what they were accused of: wearing American colors, inciting violence. That’s why they were sent home. They were sent home, they were viewed as troublemakers in the Bay Area.


RUSH: I have a story from 2006 or 2007 in the Arizona Daily Star. It’s outta Tucson. The story is about a man who was arrested for burning a Mexican flag in Arizona. Arrested for burning a Mexican flag. Now, nobody gets arrested for burning the American flag. In fact, they are celebrated. They are elevated to hero status. And they have the ACLU and others coming after them to defend them.

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