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RUSH: The deranged, lone wolf bomber who was probably upset about health care and the Arizona immigration law actually had contact with an Al-Qaeda recruiter by the name of Anwar al-Awlaki — and not me. Obama just can’t catch a break. I mean, I’m sure they’re waiting to find this guy’s preset radio stations in his foreclosed on house and in his two SUVs. ‘Oh, please!’ Obama’s saying, ‘Please, let it say that he was listening to 77 WABC in New York. Let us be able to say he was listening to Limbaugh,’ but can’t catch a break. ‘Accused Times Square Bomber Faisal Shahzad linked up with the Pakistani Taliban through the internet, ABC News has been told by law enforcement and intelligence sources close to the investigation. Once the Taliban identified him as more valuable in the US than in Pakistan, they trained him to return to execute his bomb attack. But according to these sources, Shahzad also had a web of jihadist contacts,’ including this American-born Muslim cleric Anwar al-Awlaki, who also counseled and advised the Fort Hood shooter.


RUSH: Ron in Bend, Oregon, glad to have you, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. I usually call you about military matters but this concerns a couple uniformed Customs officers who caught that guy off the airplane in New York.

RUSH: Yeah?

CALLER: Have you commended those guys yet?

RUSH: A lot of people were saying yesterday, ‘How come we haven’t heard from the Customs guys?’ and I said, ‘What does it matter?’

CALLER: It matters ’cause — now listen, do you remember that old movie An Officer and a Gentleman?

RUSH: Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I heard that.

CALLER: Where the gunnery sergeant tells the guy you’ve just been playing bad music and bad-mouthing your country? Well, that’s what you did Monday. You said the Arab airline called about this guy being on the plane and that our guys dropped the ball. And that’s not true. And if I was your drill instructor today I’d tell you to shape up or ship out.

RUSH: Really?

CALLER: You should give those guys due credit and say their names.

RUSH: What I said was — and I’ll be happy to repeat it. I didn’t want to get into this notion of bashing Customs guys. I’ve only had one bad experience with Customs people here in Palm Beach. Everywhere else I have been they have been the finest federal agents that I have ever run into. I did not denigrate Customs people yesterday at all. I said 99.9% of these people are flawless, and I don’t know about these guys at JFK. All I know is that the White House is trying to keep them hidden. The administration is trying to keep them out of the equation. They’re crediting the New York cops, they’re crediting the T-shirt vendor, they’re crediting a whole bunch of people. They’re crediting each other! Where are the Customs guys? I speculated the reason they’re not doing the Customs guys is because the administration — not the Customs guys, the administration — was blind luck. They had nothing to do with this. And they’re trying to cover up the fact that it was just blind luck. So I was not denigrating the Customs people whatsoever yesterday. If anything, I was trying to point out why the regime is trying to cover its own rear end by keeping the work the Customs guys did private and off-limits when everybody else is being praised, pure and simple.


RUSH: All right. Times Square. An area of Times Square — a large area of Times Square — has been shut down. A suspicious package has been found in a cooler outside a hotel in Times Square. I’m looking at the pictures. I’ve never seen Times Square this deserted, that large an area (other than when they were filming a movie there, Vanilla Sky). I’ve never seen this. I’m sure, folks, as we speak they are looking at the video cameras for a white guy in his forties who might have a tea party T-shirt who might have left this package in a cooler in front of the hotel.


RUSH: They keep telling us, ladies and gentlemen — the media and everybody keeps telling us — the Times Square bomber failed miserably. Did he? Look at Times Square this very minute. A large area of it is shut down. Think of how much all of this has cost the city and businesses in that area that are now shut down. So you don’t even need the explosion of a bomb for terrorism to have an impact.


RUSH: Times Square is still shut down, a portion of it. A suspicious package in a cooler dropped off in front of a hotel. I’m sure even as we speak video surveillance camera tape is being reviewed looking for a white male in his forties, maybe with a Rush Limbaugh bumper sticker on the back of his shirt, certainly a tea party cap. They’re trying to find out who did this. Terrorists don’t even have to blow anything up to shut down parts of New York City.

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