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RUSH: Fox News poll: ‘Most American voters think Arizona was right to pass its own immigration law, and think the Obama administration should wait and see how the new law works rather than try to stop it, according to a Fox News poll released Friday. The new poll finds 61 percent of voters nationally think Arizona was right to take action instead of waiting for the federal government to do something on immigration,’ which is what? Enforce already existing law. ‘That’s more than twice as many as the 27 percent who think securing the border is a federal responsibility and Arizona should have waited for Washington to act. Most Republicans (77 percent) and independents (72 percent) support Arizona taking action.’

So after the State-Run Media and the regime spend two weeks telling us how rotten to the core this law is, how racist, bigoted, and profile oriented the law is, 61% of Americans still agree with Arizona. Grab that tune, Obama singing Arizona, Mark Lindsay, it’s a takeoff, we’ll have it in just a second. ‘Significantly more voters think the Obama administration should wait and see how the new law works (64 percent) than think the administration should try to stop it (15 percent).’ Only 15% in the Fox poll think that the regime should stop the Arizona law. Only 15%.

‘A prominent Senate Democrat asked Republican Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer to put off her state’s controversial immigration law to give Congress a chance to act. Scant time passed before Brewer’s answer came back: No. The request by Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York was a long shot for getting a stalled Senate immigration initiative moving again. Even the White House thinks the Senate proposal is nearly dead. ‘There’s not enough support to move forward,’ White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said Thursday. … Schumer set out an unlikely path to passage for the troubled immigration plan in his letter to Brewer on Thursday. Delay for a year the date the Arizona law takes effect, he proposed, and push one of Arizona’s two Republican senators to support the Democrats’ outline for an overhaul of immigration law,’ but the governor said no. ‘Even if Brewer had agreed to call the legislature back into special session to make the delay official, it was highly unlikely that either Sen. John McCain or Sen. Jon Kyl would have changed their minds and supported the Democrats’ proposal.’

So Chuck-U Schumer, this is interesting, ‘Don’t implement this, give us a year, give us a year to work on this.’ Chuck-U Schumer, why wait a year? (interruption) Well, after the elections, of course, it’s gonna work. It’s going to work! They don’t want this to be in effect! They don’t want this to work. Remember what’s at stake here in Arizona, what’s at stake here is not just this potential for 15 to 30 million illegals to be able to vote someday for Democrats. What’s at stake here is the notion that you must have a photo ID to prove who you are. The only place you don’t have to do that is at the ballot box. And if it ever eventuates that you have do that at the ballot box, then the Democrats’ primary electoral victory mechanism, fraud, is out the window.

(playing of Obama spoof song)

RUSH: That’s Mark Lindsay. Lindsey Buckingham was Fleetwood Mac. Mark Lindsay was the lead singer for Paul Revere and the Raiders. I once got a call from Mark Lindsay. He lives in Arizona. I think he was living there — I forget, it was a long, long time ago, early on in the program. He was offering me something from his music library, ‘Take it or leave it, love you to have it.’ I don’t remember what it was, but back then, and this was early nineties, I was always stunned and surprised to find out who listens to the program. Now I’m not surprised at all, although I have to say, to be told that a nuclear sub back in 1992 is being steered over the Pacific Ocean in order to capture the EIB broadcast signal, that’s pretty cool. I mean, I wonder what the state of readiness was, because nuclear, they had ballistic missiles on board.


RUSH: I have to tell you a story about Mark Lindsay and Paul Revere and the Raiders. It’s amazing the things that happen in life and the way loops get closed. I’m 17, maybe 18 years old in high school in my hometown of Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and I’m working at the radio station there. It’s a top 40 rock ‘n’ roll radio station. And we get a call from the agent or somebody for Paul Revere and the Raiders that they are touring somewhere in the Midwest, and they’ve got an extra day to put on the schedule and they wanted to come into Cape Girardeau, a town of 25,000 to the arena building and do a concert and they’re asking me if I would emcee it. ‘Yeah. Of course!’ I’m asking myself, even back then, ‘What are they doing coming in here?’ But they were in the neighborhood. I think they were in St. Louis. Maybe in Memphis, but Cape Girardeau is right between the two.

It happened to be an off night, I think it was a Thursday, a school night. So I went and I met the band, did the emcee thing, they were nice as they could be, the place was filled up. I think the capacity of the arena building was 5,000. They invited me to the post-concert dinner that they had, the Holiday Inn stayed open, which is a big deal, I mean the kitchen to stay open after 11 o’clock or midnight, and the room was just reserved for Paul Revere and the Raiders and their entourage, the roadies and so forth. I met all these guys, Mark Lindsay, and they would never remember this. And so I start this program and four years into it I get a call from Mark Lindsay who I’m told now lives in Idaho which, if it’s true, it means he’s probably conservative. But regardless, he was offering me access to some of his music for the program back in the early days of it. It was a very brief phone conversation.

But as I said, I was always surprised to find out who listened to the program back then. I just remembered the story about emceeing a last-minute Paul Revere and the Raiders concert, and they were big. It was a big thing for a band like that to come into Cape Girardeau. If people wanted to go to concerts, you had to go to St. Louis or — (interruption) well, no Cape’s considered — it’s all about border states, Snerdley. Tennessee is considered the South. Cape Girardeau’s kind of right on the borderline. If you go south of Cape Girardeau, Bootheel of Missouri and Arkansas, you’re in the south, Cape Girardeau north you’re considered in the Midwest. People in St. Louis sound like Chicago, their accent sounds pretty close to Chicago. In southeast Missouri people say git, forgit, yers. You know, I used to talk that way.

I started on the radio when I was 15, I’d go in and record myself at the radio station, I’d hear myself say temperature and git and we call it a southeast Missouri twang ’cause it’s very nasal. And I said, ‘I gotta fix this. I’m not going to go anywhere,’ so I had an objective, I wanted to sound like nobody can tell where I come from. I worked long and hard on this, to get rid of the git and forgit. It’s a result of just speaking fast. But I worked really hard on that. Can you tell where I’m from if I hadn’t told you? Of course not. That was one of my objectives. Okay, enough about me. Mark Lindsay’s from Idaho, lives in Florida now I’m told. He’s from Idaho, lives in Florida. Okay. (interruption) I think. He could be liberal. (laughing) I don’t think so, if he was calling me back in the early nineties.

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