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RUSH: I about fell out of my chair today after Obama nominated Elena Kagan to the US Supreme Court. I’m looking up there at MessNBC and they’ve got this graphic up there that says she could move the court to the right. I’m saying, ‘Boy, the White House knows who they picked here because if it’s on MSNBC, it’s a White House talking point.’ All strategic. CNN, Roland Martin, black guy, has a piece. He doesn’t like her, she’s not left enough. When she was a Harvard Law dean she filled 28 out of 29 openings there with white guys.

Greetings, folks, great to have you on the EIB Network. El Rushbo here and a full week of broadcast excellence. The telephone number is 800-282-2882. The e-mail address, ElRushbo@eibnet.com.

Look, Obama has chosen himself in a different gender, sexual gender. Identical. No paper trail, don’t know anything about her, all we got is platitudes. The New York Times has a story printed out to five pages long that is a mirror image of the kind of story they would do on Obama during the precampaign and the campaign. We don’t know anything about her. Ed Meese has a great point today, and I’m going to get into this in greater detail but this is not actually going to be the lead item here today, but Ed Meese says, you know, the fact that she doesn’t have a paper trail, if our guys in the Senate are up to it, this is a great opportunity to find out about this woman’s mind. That’s what we need to find out, what is in her mind. Due to exhaustive research that I personally conducted today I think I could give you a pretty good idea of what is in her mind. She is a pure academic elitist radical. She comes from the faculty lounge. She is a utopian theoretician. ‘The despised and disadvantaged.’ Ed Meese found that in one of her writings. The court exists to serve the despised and disadvantaged. I’ve traced it back to Thurgood Marshall. Oh, yeah. By the time we finish today, folks, you’re going to know more about this woman than Obama knows about her, and they were colleagues at the University of Chicago Law School.


RUSH: Look, it’s no surprise they’re going to nominate leftist radicals to replace a leftist radical. There’s no surprise there. You don’t really need to go too deep in analyzing the babe. But it is interesting, there’s a law professor out there from some university that says this woman’s worse than Harriet Miers. This woman Kagan is worse than Harriet Miers, intellectually she’s a lightweight, this law professor says. So they’re trying to paint the picture here that the left is not all that ecstatic with her and that she might move the court to the right. But when you look at who’s reporting this, they’re all part of the Obama media network: MSNBC, Politico, you name it.


RUSH: If Elena Kagan — and I don’t think this way, I just don’t think this way — but everybody on the left thinks in terms of identity politics, so I thought I would try my hand at it. So if Elena Kagan is confirmed to the Supreme Court, there will be no white male Protestants on the court. Now, is that a court that will ‘look like the United States,’ which is what Obama says we want here? But this woman, Kagan, she supposedly is there to make sure the court deals with ‘the despised and the downtrodden,’ with the despised and the poor and so forth. She doesn’t know anything about it. She’s lived at Harvard, in Hyde Park in Chicago, inside the Beltway, and the Upper West Side of Manhattan. As is the case with all liberal elitist theoreticians, they have no clue how real Americans live. They think they know how Americans ought to live, and that is what they want to use the judiciary for. They’re totally animated by their prejudices and their biases.


RUSH: The New York Times today: ‘Paul Campos, a law professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder, writing on The Daily Beast, compared [Elena Kagan] to Harriet E. Miers, whose nomination by President George W. Bush collapsed amid an uprising among conservatives who considered her unqualified and not demonstrably committed to their judicial philosophy.’ The headline of the piece is ‘The Next Harriet Miers,’ but she’s not the next Harriet Miers. She’s the next Barack Obama. This is what everybody’s gotta realize: He’s simply picking mirror images of himself, and I’m going to get to it in time, this New York Times story, which is a puff piece profile. It is striking how similar these two people are, at least in the way they were reported on by the regime’s State-Controlled Media. She’s more qualified than Obama, but that’s about it. He still is the most unqualified guy in whatever room he walks into, and she’s just a notch above.

She’s supposed to be a ‘consensus builder,’ open-minded, post-partisan, just like Obama was supposed to be. I mean, those are the words in the New York Times piece: Consensus builder, open-minded, postpartisan — and, of course, we know that none of that that we were told about Obama is true, and it’s probably not true of Elena Kagan. The liberals will never object seriously to her not being qualified. It doesn’t matter. The only qualification is that you be liberal and that you believe that the Supreme Court is positive rewrite the Constitution. If you believe the Constitution is outdated and no longer serves a purpose, like Thurgood Marshall thought (and she was an acolyte of Thurgood Marshall) then that’s all the qualification you need. She hasn’t been a judge. She was in the private sector or private. No, Obama praised her today for not being a corporate lawyer. Instead, she went into ‘service.’ I think she even plays basketball. I think she even plays basketball. Rumor is that she smokes. I’m telling you: She’s a mirror image of Obama. They were both at the University of Chicago Law School, but she was a genuine professor. He was not. He was just a lecturer teaching Alinsky tactics so how to separate corporations from their money.


RUSH: Look, folks, it’s this simple with Elena Kagan. If the regime really thought she was open-minded — if they really thought that she was sympathetic to conservatives and their point of view, if they really thought she might move the court to the right — given her lack of legal writing, they would never allow her to be nominated, much less confirmed. So all of this about consensus builder, might move the court to the right, sympathetic to conservatives, it’s all a crock. If they had the slightest doubt about this woman’s far-left credentials she wouldn’t have been nominated. They don’t care that she has no writings. They don’t care that she has no qualifications. They don’t care that she is not experienced in enough ways. They don’t care. All they care about is that she’s Obama. Mirror image. She’s an Obamatron: A mirror image of Obama and his politics.

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