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RUSH: I have an idea, ladies and gentlemen, how Obama might want to deal with this oil spill. Do you realize they continue — I guess it’s not that big a surprise — they continue to impugn, malign, and misreport what I have said about the oil spill not being a big deal, it’s still all over the media. But here’s what British Petroleum ought to do because everybody’s pointing fingers of blame at them.

Take a lesson from the Barack Obama School of Problem Solving. Hold a one-day oil spill summit with as many experts, college professors, academics, elitists, other wackos who have never accomplished anything in their lives, either, particularly where oil is concerned, have them sit around and dispatch them in study groups and have them submit ideas on how to cap the leak. And then after they do study groups for two or three hours — they can do this all in one day, this is how you fix the oil spill in one day, with an oil spill summit — you announce a blue ribbon committee to study the ideas from the oil spill summit and release the results after an election or some other favorable date. It would also help to have the media in your back pocket. That might not be as difficult as it might sound. The media is so thoroughly corrupt a relatively small bribe could do the trick. Call it off-book consulting fees and watch the positive stories roll in. Wouldn’t you want to see BP do this? The Obama School of Problem Solving, a summit on the oil spill, and bring Elena Kagan in there. They’re singing her intellectual praise from Harvard and Yale, bring her in there. Barack Obama’s solution to problem solving.

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