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RUSH: Here’s Kent in Canton, Illinois. Kent, glad you called. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Quite an honor to talk to you, Rush.

RUSH: You bet, sir.

CALLER: Hey, I was just south of Chicago today listening to you on WLS and during one of the breaks they came over with a story about a girls basketball team from Highland Park who won their conference championship for the first time in 26 years and were scheduled to go play in Arizona. They had bake sales and stuff to raise money, and school officials decided because of the immigration law and their objection to that that they were going to cancel that trip for them.

RUSH: Right.

CALLER: Isn’t that amazing?

RUSH: No. I don’t mean to be flippant with my answer. I know that there is a tremendous amount of outrage over this today which I think is good. Kent, what’s happening here is that it’s on full display now. Who liberals are is on full display. The fact that there is enormous anger and outrage over this I find healthy. Not that I support the circumstance, and not that I think this is the right decision by any stretch of the imagination. Just the exact opposite. But anything to help identify who these people really are I think is a bonus. The fact people are fit to be tied over this is great. This is who liberals are.


RUSH: See the reason — I don’t mean to be smug here, Kent. For 21 years plus behind this (tapping) the Golden EIB Microphone, I have been telling people, ‘This is who they are.’ Now, after all of those years, they are confirming what I’ve said — the kind of people they are, the way they think — and it is totally contradictory to the way they have set things up about themselves. This is pure nonsense. They say they do things ‘for the children.’ They’re putting their political beliefs ahead of the children! It’s just like the Sierra Club allowing their own kids to be used in a propaganda video about Barack Obama, telling lies. They’re using their own kids to advance a fraudulent, phony agenda. So here you have a bunch of liberals that run this school who are no different than your garden variety liberals anywhere else.

The fact that this girl’s basketball team won the conference championship for the first time in 26 yars doesn’t matter. The chance they’ve got to go on and experience the expansion of their horizons by going down to Arizona and playing as a result? ‘No, no, no! That doesn’t count. Arizona, we have to make our statement here. We have to tell everybody: ‘We’re not racist!’ We have to tell everybody, ‘Arizona’s full of racists.’ We have to tell everybody, ‘We don’t support what Arizona is doing. Look at us! We’re good people!” You have a bunch of childish, immature, liberal little adults running this school who care more about what people think of them and what they think of each other than they do about any kid anywhere. I mean, the idea that liberals care about kids anyway and put them first is s nonsensical.

Somebody else. John in Montgomery, Illinois, you’re next on the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Rush Limbaugh, dittos, my friend.

RUSH: Graziate. Thank you.

CALLER: Hey, Kent? God bless you. I thought I’d be the only one here in the Soviet Republic of Illinois to have heard that story, and I am outraged, Rush. The inmates are taking over the asylum.

RUSH: They have been taking it over for years!

CALLER: You’re exactly right. And, you know, people calling up like Kent and yourself saying what you say every day, it’s waking people up, Rush. I did make the phone call to the Highland Park High School, and of course I was put on hold and then went to secretary, and the secretary was basically saying that they’re afraid of the backlash of the large Mexican population around the school and in the school. It just floors me.

RUSH: They’re afraid? Wait a second. Who? The school official you talked to said that they were afraid of a backlash of the large Mexican population that lives around the school?

CALLER: Yeah, they were afraid of the backlash of the Mexicans, the large population in the school and throughout the community and they don’t want any trouble, basically. And as soon as I said something…

RUSH: Well, give these people the courageous medal for restraint.

CALLER: (laughing)

RUSH: This is a classic. Give these people the medal. Make them the first recipients.

CALLER: Yes. You know, that’s the problem that we’re having here in the Soviet Republic — and hopefully the state gets rid of these phonies we have, Dick Durbin and… Ugh. I don’t know, Rush. It’s an honor to talk to you. I’m one voice of many. I know a lot of people listening to you. My friends in Naperville, they’re all over you. Slowly but surely we’re getting to them.

RUSH: Oh, I know. But more importantly — we’ve been getting to them for years — here’s something. I want you to call these people back. John, you really want to do something? I want you to call these people back, say ‘Hi, you remember me? You just told me you were afraid of a Mexican backlash. I’ve thought about what you told me, Madam Secretary. You are afraid of Mexicans in Illinois. You are afraid! First off, don’t you think you’re being rather racist? Don’t you think you’re being rather bigoted to assume that all these Mexicans are going to storm the school and cause you problems? Why do you think that? Who do you think you are to be making these kinds of value judgments against our wonderful neighbors to the south? You are afraid they’re gonna do what? Attack the school and blow it up? Throw rocks through the windows? ‘What are these dreaded Mexicans going to do? How do you bigoted people think?’

And then, after she answers the question, then what you say, John, is, ‘Okay. Well, can you imagine living in Arizona? Can you imagine living in Arizona near the border? What would you do then, Madam Secretary of Highland Park High School? What would you do? So you’re afraid of Mexicans in Illinois. What would you do if you lived in Arizona?’

‘I would never move to Arizona!’

‘Why? Why don’t you move out of Illinois if it’s that dangerous in your school district? Why don’t you move out? Why don’t you call for boycotts in Illinois, too?’

This is how you lose things, folks: You give up. You bend over, you grab the ankles, you do whatever. You succumb. You don’t fight for what you believe in. You don’t stand up for decency. Look what’s happened. The Arizona law, it turns out to be the most effective deportation technique the country’s tried in a long time.


RUSH: You know, this school business in Illinois, if you don’t do something because you are afraid of a backlash, isn’t that a form of terrorism? If you don’t do something because you’re afraid of a reaction from a mob, then aren’t you allowing the mob to win? It’s just like remember those kids at Live Oak High School in Morgan Hill, California that showed up on Cinco de Mayo with the American flag? They were sent home because the cowards running the school thought, ‘Oh, my God, it’s gonna cause trouble.’ In this case, the American flag was deemed the problem. The American flag was the problem, gonna send ’em home. And now in Illinois, yeah, the fact that we won is a problem, we can’t go to Arizona, it might cause a backlash here in Arizona. So we can’t send children on vacation, essentially, to Arizona because somebody’s going to rise up? So what are we doing to ourselves here? We’re turning into a — well, not all of us, but these people that engage in this kind of stuff are turning into full-fledged, hundred percent cowards. (interruption) You doubt me, Snerdley? Okay, you’re arguing over a verb. Jeez. I cannot catch a break today. I haven’t read comic books, now I’m being disputed over the use of a verb. Okay, they’ve been cowards for a long time. The point is still made.

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