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RUSH: This is Barack Obama. This is back in 2005 after Bush had nominated Harriet Miers, who had no judicial experience, just like Elena Kagan, who had not written very much of anything, just like Elena Kagan hadn’t written much of anything. I even compared her to a left-wing Harriet Miers. This is what he said back on October 14th of 2005.

OBAMA: One thing that I do think is important is that the White House recognize that in the absence of any judicial record on her part, in the absence of any significant work that she appears to have done related to constitutional issues, that she’s gonna need to be more forthcoming and the White House is going to be more forthcoming than they were during the Roberts nomination. Ms. Miers is completely a blank slate.

RUSH: So is Elena Kagan, but she, of course, cares. She wants to make a difference. This is the woman who thinks the government ought to determine who can say what based on the effect of the speech.

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