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RUSH: Well, ladies and gentlemen, the media is continuing today to be a little fascinated with the Page Six revelation yesterday from the forthcoming book on me, which I have not read fully, but a number of people have and have told me it’s good. Zev Chafets, Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One, due out on May 25th. Now, last summer when he was writing — I decided to participate with him because he was going to write the book anyway — he said, ‘Would you play golf with Obama?’ I said, ‘Sure, it’ll never happen. But any president that calls me and asks me to meet or play golf, out of respect I’d do it.’ He said, ‘Well, I know Axelrod a little bit, I’m going to call Axelrod and see.’ So he called Axelrod and he told me Axelrod didn’t return his calls, and that was the end of it as far as I knew. And then Page Six runs the excerpt from the book yesterday in which a Democrat strategerist was next up, Chafets went to him and said, ‘Hey, would Obama agree to play golf with Limbaugh? Limbaugh’s up for it.’ And two days later the message came back that Obama said, ‘No, Limbaugh can play with himself,’ to which I said, ‘I think they have me confused with Bill Clinton,’ with that comment. So let’s go to the audio sound bites. Now, what I just told you was the first thing we discussed yesterday on this program. That would be 26 hours ago, first thing out of the box on this program I commented on the story. WFLD television, Eyeball News, Chicago, the cohost Jan Jeffcoat and the so-called report.

JEFFCOAT: Rush Limbaugh is not commenting this morning on a new book that claims the president will not play golf with him. According to Zev Chafets, the author of the book called Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One, he tried to set Limbaugh and the president up for a golf date. This is his claim. Limbaugh supposedly said he was willing to play but according to the author, a White House advisor claims the president did not say the same thing. Now, a spokesman for Limbaugh says he’s not seen the book and therefore cannot comment on it and we don’t really know if this happened, what happened since there’s so much he said that he said that he heard, and the president not talking about it this morning, either.

RUSH: Now, that was this morning. Do they do any reporting in local television Eyeball News anymore? It was the first thing on my program yesterday. I reacted to it, just as I did today. This morning: ‘Limbaugh says he’s not seen the book and therefore can’t comment on it.’ And it wasn’t just WFLD TV Eyeball News in Chicago. Roland Martin, CNN Campbell Brown last night.

MARTIN: Golf is a game where you don’t have to play with somebody else, and, you know what also? Golf is a game where you don’t want to play with somebody who yaps, yaps, yaps. That probably would be Rush playing golf, so, yeah, go play with yourself so we can enjoy a nice walk.

RUSH: That’s Roland Martin on CNN. Mary Matalin was also on CNN and had this to say in reaction.

MATALIN: Yeah, that’s civility, that’s your president, Mr. Civility. I liked it a lot. One of the few days I didn’t listen to Rush I would have loved to have heard Rush’s response, which I’m sure was far more civil than that protestation to the contrary.

RUSH: Yeah, they were confusing me with Bill Clinton. A rather witty response, which Page Six publishes today, to their credit, and the people in Chicago still don’t think I’ve commented on it now. Last night Maude Behar on her show on Headline News.

MAUDE: When asked if he would play golf with Rush Limbaugh, the president, Obama, allegedly replied, ‘Limbaugh can play with himself.’ Okay, don’t feel bad, Rush can always go back to his original foursome: Dick Cheney, David Duke, and Satan.

RUSH: (laughing) Now, she wasn’t through, Maude was not through. She’s really upset that Obama’s even talking about me.

MAUDE: Why should he shoot down like that? He should be above it all. Come on, Limbaugh is on the radio.

RUSH: Maude, you know, you can’t stop talking about me, either. Here’s Greta Van Susteren on this whole thing.

VAN SUSTEREN: The only thing weirder than Tiger Woods playing golf with Gloria Allred is President Obama playing with Rush Limbaugh.

RUSH: No, that would be as weird as Tiger Woods leading a campaign for virginity.

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