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RUSH: Looks like we can’t visit Boston now because we’ve apprehended a couple of illegals up there and we didn’t ask for their papers — and the Feds are doing it! We gotta boycott Boston now and the whole state of Massachusetts. You know, it is obvious to me — well, it’s not obvious. Something’s going on. This Shahzad guy, Rafael… What is his name? Why can’t I remember it? Faisal Shahzad. This guy sounds so much like Keyser Soze and Hamid Karzai, I get confused in this guy’s name. Apparently he’s singing like a bird because there are no raids in three cities, with people associated with him. The Times Square bomber. Remember, originally it was a white male in his forties, a tea party guy that listened to the Rush Limbaugh show who hated health care, a lone wolf who wanted to blow up Times Square.

Now we find out it’s Faisal Shahzad, not on the no-fly list, all of these times he flew. Pakistan, Taliban, perhaps Al-Qaeda. And now we’re rounding up buddies of his in Long Island. We’re rounding up a lot of people, buddies of his in Boston, and here’s the story. ‘A top Massachusetts law enforcement official says that two men who have been taking into custody in connection with a failed Times Square car bomb are considered to have had a direct connection to the suspect.’ So it’s a cabal of people that hate Obama’s health care plan. ‘The official says…’ Well, that’s what Mayor Bloomberg said. ‘The official says the men are believed to have provided money to Shahzad, but investigators are not sure whether they were willing accomplices or simply moving funds, as is common between Middle Eastern and central Asian…’

Ah, profiling! This is AP. They’re profiling! What do you mean, it’s common in the Middle Eastern and central Asian nationals to move money this way? Is that not profiling? What do you mean, it’s common? You just speculate that Middle Eastern and central Asian nationals launder money this way without even knowing where it’s going and for what purpose? What a bunch of bigots at AP! They say Arizona’s bad? ‘The official says these people might be completely innocent.’ Well, that’s even worse. They might be completely innocent, yet we’ve nabbed ’em on immigration charges. That’s the interesting thing, folks. ‘The two men in Boston have been arrested on administrative charges, which means federal authorities will not advise them of Miranda rights to question them as is required in criminal cases.

‘One of the men arrested Thursday has been charged with overstaying his visa. Another, identified as Pir Khan, has been charged with staying in the country despite an order of removal. The third man was also arrested for alleged immigration violations.’ So they’re being held on immigration charges? Where’s the outrage? As I said last hour, Sheriff Arpaio is running amuck up in Boston. What is the assistant superintendent at Highland Park High School think of this? Now, would they have been able to ask about these guys’ IDs, their ‘papers,’ if Obama and Holder get their way in Arizona? Isn’t it interesting we can selectively go out and nab people on the basis of what? We don’t even know what! We just assume Shahzad is singing. We assume Shahzad is telling everybody what’s going on here.

Do you think…? Let me ask you a question. This would be a good test for liberals. If we find illegals — I don’t care whether they’re Shahzad’s buddies who hate health care, Obamacare or if they are people who just want a better life from Central America, Mexico — if they come into this country with illegal cigarettes, will the left then perhaps oppose them? And the answer is no. The answer is no, because they’re minorities, and as minorities. They’re allowed to do anything, because they have been so oppressed. Of course they have to smoke cigarettes. It’s the only way they can get through the day. (interruption) You think the libs would not like ’em bringing illegal cigarettes? (interruption) Bloomberg would not have a fit! Bloomberg would not have a fit at all if they’re bringing illegal cigarettes.

He would understand it. They’re so oppressed. That’s how they deal with the stress in their lives. He’d try to snatch it away from, but he wouldn’t throw them out. He wouldn’t throw them under the bus. I mean, he’d snatch the cigarettes away from them.

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