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RUSH: Felipe Calderon at the arrival ceremony at the White House today ripped in to the Arizona immigration law. The president of Mexico. Our president said nothing. Except to say, ‘Well, you know what? We’re really citizens of the world. We’re really people without borders now.’ You’ll hear the two sound bites coming right up.


RUSH: Well, there’s Obama right now: ‘Shared border must be an engine of economic growth.’ Shared border must be engine of economic growth? Would somebody explain that to me? I understand shared border — they’re on one side, we’re on the other — but how is it a shared border is ‘the engine of economic growth’? (interruption) Well, yeah, Mexico’s a mess, but the Mexicans are coming here. We’re not going there. We can’t go there! Here’s Felipe Calderon at the arrival ceremony at the White House this morning.

CALDERON (via translator): We can do so with a community that will promote a dignifying life and an orderly way for both our countries who are, some of them, still living here in the shadows with such laws as the Arizona law that is placing our people to face discrimination.

RUSH: That’s the translator for Felipe Calderon. So here at the White House, the president of Mexico, with our president standing idly by, trashes the Arizona law as discriminatory. We are discriminating against Mexicans who are not here legally. President Obama was perfectly happy to permit this. The camera was not on the president when Felipe Calderon made the statement, but we assume that he had his head high as he does each and every speech — this is how messiahs pose, with their heads very high looking down their noses at people — and I’m sure giving a warm vibe of approval for this. When it was Obama’s turn, this is part of what he had to say.

OBAMA: Mexican-American families have been here for centuries, as well as those who continue to… our proud tradition as a nation of immigrants. All of whom strengthen our American family and who join us today. Mr. President, your visit speaks to a truth of our time in North America and the world. In the twenty-first Century we are defined not by our borders but by our bonds. So I say to you and to the Mexican people, ‘Let us stand together. Let us face the future. Let us work together.’ Trabajemos juntos!

RUSH: ‘Trabajemos juntos.’ The root word there is ‘junta.’ So ‘Mexican-American families have been here for centuries,’ true,’ as well as those who continue our proud American tradition as a nation of immigrants,’ true, ‘all of whom strengthen our American family,’ not true. Those who do not come here legally and those who do not assimilate when they come here do not strengthen the, quote, unquote, ‘American family.’ ‘Mr. President, your visit speaks to a truth of our time in North America and the world. In the Twenty-First Century we are not defined by our borders.’ That’s true. With this regime in charge we are not defined by our borders — and without borders, we don’t have sovereignty.

Without borders we don’t have a nation, and right now we have no southern border. Obama is, in fact, looking at the southern border and saying, ‘Here’s an economic growth opportunity, the shared border,’ a shared economic growth opportunity! ‘So I say to you and to the Mexican people, let us stand together, let us face the future together, let us work together.’ Nothing wrong with that, except what is unsaid. What’s unsaid and what is, for the most part exclusively what Obama is talking about, is the illegal alien population. Mexico annually deports more illegal aliens than the United States does. They enforce their immigration laws. When we attempt to enforce ours, their president comes here and calls us discriminators and racists while our president stands silently by, apparently approving.


RUSH: I wish you didn’t have to hear it but you have to have hear it. This afternoon, White House Rose Garden, President Obama standing side by side with Mexican president Felipe Calderon.

OBAMA: We also discussed the new law in Arizona which is a misdirected effort, a misdirected expression of frustration over our broken immigration system and which has raised concerns in both our countries. I want everyone, American and Mexican, to know my administration is taking a very close look at the Arizona law. We’re examining any implications, especially for civil rights because in the United States of America no law-abiding person — be they an American citizen or a visitor or tourist from Mexico — should ever be subject to suspicion simply because of what they look like.

RUSH: And they aren’t. They continue. He hasn’t read the law. Attorney general hasn’t read the law. Homeland Security hasn’t read the law. Obama hasn’t read the law. It’s purposeful so they can mischaracterize it. There isn’t any profiling in this bill. They’re not stopped because of ‘what they look like.’ But all that aside, disconnect: Liberalism and Americanism. What country is this guy the president of? What country does Barack Obama believe himself to be the leader of? He said he discussed with Felipe Calderon the new law in Arizona, which is ‘a misdirected effort.’ If you look at California immigration law it’s very, very close to what’s going to be on the books soon in Arizona. ‘A misdirected expression of frustration over our broken immigration system,’ which you are making no effort to fix, sir, ‘which has raised concerns in both our countries. I want everyone, American and Mexican, to know that my administration is taking a very close look at the Arizona law. We’re examining any implications, especially for civil rights violations’? ‘Because in the United States, no law-abiding person — be they an American citizen or visitor or tourist from Mexico –‘ Visitor or tourist? We’re not talking about visitors or tourists! ‘– should ever be subject to suspicion. Buyer’s remorse, anybody? Once again, the president of the United States siding against the people who elected him. He’s siding against the American people, pandering to the president of Mexico. Here’s one of the questions Obama got. ‘Mr. President, President Calderon called the Arizona law ‘discriminatory.’ You’ve called it ‘misdirected.’ Do you agree with him? What impact do you think this law can have on US-Mexican relations, the prospect for immigration reform, and the lives of millions of Mexican-Americans in this country? What actions did you tell President Calderon you would follow in the following days and weeks?’

OBAMA: A fair reading of the language of the statute indicates that it gives the possibility of individuals who are deemed suspicious of being illegal immigrants from being harassed or arrested, and the judgments that are going to be made in applying this law are troublesome.

RUSH: The president of the United States is lying to the American people. He is saying Arizona acted stupidly, just like he said of the cop in Cambridge. But he doesn’t know the facts because he hasn’t read the law because the way he’s characterizing the law is false. And he knows it’s false. The president of the United States knows he is mischaracterizing this law and lying about it. So in his view ‘a fair reading’ of the Arizona immigration law means to ignore the plain words of the law. A fair reading means, ‘I’m going to see in this bill what I need to see politically to advance my agenda, and I’m not gonna read the bill so I’ll always have an excuse to characterize it however I wish to characterize it.’ He then continued. He wasn’t through with the answer.

OBAMA: What I’ve directed my Justice Department to do is to look very carefully at the language of this law, to see whether it comports both with our core values and existing legal standards as well as the fact that the federal government is ultimately the one charged with immigration policy. Uh, and I expect to get, uh, a final report back from the Justice Department soon, uh, at which point we’ll make some decisions, uh, in terms of how we are going to address that law.

RUSH: So the regime is plotting in ways to actually overthrow core American values. He’s not interested in upholding them. If the truth be known, President Obama does not like core American values. He believes core American values are discriminatory, racist, bigoted, homophobic, anti-environmental, whatever. Make no mistake: He has a huge chip on his shoulder. I’ve heard people in the media say, ‘Well, it’s up to you to provide motive. I’m not interested in motive. I’m just a reporter here. We just examine the facts on both sides and we report on the facts independently. I’m not interested in motive.’ Well, I am interested in motive because motive is the key. Motive is the point. It’s not enough just to say, ‘Yeah, Obama is throwing a state overboard. Yeah, Obama is throwing his own country overboard when it comes to illegal immigration and protecting the border.’ It damn well is important why, not just that he his doing it.

What has happened today is that Barack Obama has turned the United States of America and himself into Felipe Calderon’s doormat — wouldn’t you say? — and he has invited Felipe Calderon and the Mexicans to step on us again today and to keep stepping on us because we are Mexico’s doormat. Thank you, President Obama. That’s one of the things that he accomplished today. He said he instructed the Justice Department to carefully look at the law. Does that mean the attorney general is going to read it? Because the attorney general has not read it!


RUSH: How come neither of Barack Obama’s top advisors are Mexican? They’re both white guys from Chicago, Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel. How come there are no Mexicans there? I mean is not the president himself discriminating? His Supreme Court nominee wasn’t Mexican. She’s Puerto Rican. And Kagan, she’s not Mexican. Where’s all this outreach to Mexico? He said in that one sound bite, he said the Arizona law is troublesome. That’s exactly what he said about me. Remember? Rush Limbaugh’s troublesome, listening to Rush Limbaugh’s troublesome. So anybody gets in his way, and Arizona, you are in his way, has gotta be swept away. Now, lest you think it was all groveling and bending over and grabbing the ankles, the president did get tough in the press conference with Felipe Calderon. He did get tough. He’s gonna get tough on illegal immigration in one area. This is it.

OBAMA: The second thing we’ve gotta do is we’ve gotta make sure that businesses are following the rules and are not actively recruiting undocumented workers so that they don’t have to abide by overtime laws, they don’t have to abide by minimum wage laws, they don’t have to abide by worker safety laws and otherwise undercut basic worker protections that exist. And they have to be held accountable and responsible.

RUSH: True to form, Barack Obama, gonna get tough on business. Just listen to him, folks, he will tell you who his enemies are. Snerdley, if we’re going to keep counting race these are fair questions, where are the Mexicans in his administration, where are the Mexican court nominees? But there you have it, business, we are going to continue to go after them. They have the audacity to try to make a profit. If they don’t do things right we’re going to destroy ’em.

We’re going to start in Charleston, South Carolina, Charlene, great to have you on the Rush Limbaugh program. Hi.

CALLER: Hi, how are you?

RUSH: Very well, thank you.

CALLER: Good. I just wanted to say that if it was something that affected you or his family by an illegal immigrant who was a criminal, then there would be no heads turning, but I guarantee you that if it was something that affected the president’s family immediately, he would have him outta here quicker than you can say mi casa es tu casa.

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: I tell you that he would.

RUSH: Exactly. That’s just another way of saying what I brilliantly pointed out last week, and that is that if these illegals by a margin of 70% to 30% were going to vote Republican, Obama would build an Acela train from Phoenix to Peru and they’d get ’em outta here before the train was even finished, he’d fly ’em outta here.

CALLER: Yep. And another thing is the fact that my mother’s an immigrant, so I accept the fact, give me your hungry, give me your poor, all of that, but do it the right way. My mother went to college, she got an education, she pays taxes, she has a Social Security number —

RUSH: Wait a minute. You know, I’m glad you brought this up because that inscription on the Statue of Liberty, give me your tired, give me your poor, give me your hungry has been so distorted by the left. It doesn’t mean give me your welfare cases.

CALLER: Yes, don’t give me your problems.

RUSH: Don’t give me your problems, yeah. It doesn’t mean give me your problems. It doesn’t mean give me the dregs of society. That’s not what it means.

CALLER: Yep, I’ve always said that if you can’t take care of your kids at home then don’t go adopt another kid. And we have problems here that we need to take care of, let alone bring in other people into the country just causing more welfare and more problems and more issues and more crime.

RUSH: That’s exactly right. Well, look, I’m glad you called out there. Thanks, Charlene, very much.

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