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RUSH: I checked the e-mail here during the break, ladies and gentlemen, and the libs are out: ‘Limbaugh, very clever analysis you have there on Pennsylvania-12, very clever, but why don’t you just realize that your days are over, Limbaugh, you’ve had your 20 years and you’re finished, it’s over.’ Let me just tell you something. The bottom line here, folks, is we have won the battle of ideas in this country, and I want you to be confident of that. We have won the battle of ideas. Liberalism is dead. Americanism, the conservative ascendancy, is alive. Liberalism is dead. That is why the liberals have to lie about who they are. They have to keep Obama in the closet. Obama has something that can’t come out. At election time, folks, this is key. This is a salient point. They have to keep Obama away from any Democrat running for reelection. He’s in the closet.

If the elections in November are about issues, we are going to win big. So what the Democrats and Obama will try to do is run on anything but the issues, anything but the truth. So expect them to continue doing what they’ve been doing. They will lie; they will continue to talk about Bush; they will try to divert people’s attention. The problem is — and I know some of you say, ‘What do you mean, Rush, liberalism is dead?’ Sit with me on this. The problem is that while liberalism is dead with the people, it is the ideology of the elites who run the media, who run the schools, and who run the federal government. It remains a minority body of thought. However, powerful forces in this country are liberal and they are having to lie about who they are. This is the problem that we are trying to address now, and in November. They just control a lot of institutions, but they are not the people. Remember, now, liberals disdain people. Liberals hold average Americans in contempt, precisely because they’re not elitists. They don’t have pedigrees, educational pedigrees, geographical pedigrees, familial ancestral pedigrees and as such they are the great unwashed, untrustworthy, stupid idiots, need to be taken care of.

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