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“The inscription on the Statue of Liberty: ‘Give me your tired, your poor…’ has been so distorted by the left. It doesn’t mean give me your welfare cases.”

“What we have here, not just in the Kagan nomination but throughout our country, is a disconnect between liberalism and Americanism.”

“The Democrats are celebrating winning in a 2-1 Democrat district. They’re celebrating. That’s the only race that counts as far as they’re concerned.”

“Pro-guns, pro-life, anti-government health care, anti-tax increases, this guy Critz in Pennsylvania 12 did his best to sound like me, the Rush Limbaugh of the Democrat Party.”

“It’s not a matter of Obama saying on message. It’s about perpetuating the false portrayal of Obama as a smart, wise, cool leader. He is none of those things.”

“Obama said the Arizona law is troublesome. That’s exactly what he said about me.”

“We have won the battle of ideas in this country, and I want you to be confident of that. We have won the battle of ideas. Liberalism is dead. Americanism, the conservative ascendancy is alive.”

“The truth is what really irritates people these days, particularly the left.”

“My mouth is unable to keep up with my mind. For most people it’s the exact opposite. Their minds can’t keep up with their mouths.”

“If we win seats where the Democrats have a 10% advantage, then we are gonna win a huge number of seats as well as seats that they hold in marginally Republican districts.”

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