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RUSH: Jennifer — one of my all-time, top ten female names. Jennifer, Point Sienna, California. It’s great to have you on the program.

CALLER: Hi. No, I am in Fontana, California. Rush, thank you for taking my call.

RUSH: What?

CALLER: Okay, I have a story. When I was 19 I was hit by an illegal, 15-year-old immigrant who the cops told me I could do nothing about. When I was 21 I used to call on people’s Social Security numbers to match their names and their numbers, and people would come in repeatedly with different numbers. When I was —

RUSH: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold it a minute. You lost me because you’re not from Point Sienna, you’re from where?

CALLER: I have from Fontana, California.

RUSH: Fontana?

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: Okay. So when you were 19 you were hit by an illegal 15-year-old?

CALLER: A 15-year-old immigrant.

RUSH: And the cops told you you could do nothing about it?

CALLER: Yeah, and I had to pay my insurance deductible for it.

RUSH: Okay, okay, okay, okay. Now, we jump forward six years. You’re 21.

CALLER: Uh-huh.

RUSH: We used to call on people’s Social Security numbers to match their names. Where? What were you doing?

CALLER: I worked for a meat packing company, and I would call on the Social Security numbers for all the workers to see if the names matched the numbers. People, the same people — especially Maria Lopez-Lopez, man. I remember her name. She came in with several different numbers, finally one hit, and we hired her. I asked them, I told the Social Security office, ‘Why is this happening, this same woman coming in?’ They said, ‘Well, we can’t tell you any other information except that the name matches the number.’ So she got hired. Then now comes to, I’m 32, and I want to tell you about white guilt broad prevention at the company level and saving our local police time and money all in one swipe of a card, an ID card. I went to Walgreens to return an item. There was a gentleman behind me who was Hispanic he was speaking Spanish to his daughter. The first thing that the manager asked me for was my receipt.

Second thing she asked me for was my ID. I asked her why she needed my ID? She said, ‘Well, it prevents fraud in the company, and it saves the cops time coming down if someone is doing it repeatedly.’ I said, ‘What if I don’t have my ID?’ She said, ‘Then I’ll look at you and determine if I should give money back for this item.’ I thought that was funny, so I said, ‘You’re going to physically profile me if I don’t have an ID? Huh, it made sense.’ So I returned my item and the gentleman behind me, I thought he was listening so I sort of brought him to the conversation. Well, I left. The first thing the gentleman asked in broken English was, ‘Do I have to show my ID?’ The look on the woman’s face — she was white and just got wider — and she said, ‘No.’ I am really tired of this. I’m basically able to be physically profiled. This man, for some reason, she just totally X’ed out anything because of the guilt. I could see it on her face, and I am just really tired of —

RUSH: Yeah. You know…

CALLER: — there’s no accountability for these people.

RUSH: Excellent point.

CALLER: There’s no way to account for them. Our cities are losing money. We can’t account for them. It’s as simple as that. They’re not accountable, and this is wrong. I’m really upset about it. I’ve been listening to you since I was 14; I’m 32. This has been going on all my life. I live in Southern California, and it’s really sad. It’s sad to see my beautiful California go down the dumps. We’re out of money. A gentleman just came to my door the other day and asked me if I needed tutoring for my child. He looked at my child he looked at me and he said, ‘Never mind.’ I said, ‘Whoa, whoa, whoa. Why do you say never mind?’ And he said, ‘Well, I don’t think you go to this school and so you wouldn’t qualify.’

RUSH: You know, one of the things that really dovetails or ties directly to what you’re saying: In Arizona when stopped for a traffic question right now illegals do not have to produce their IDs. Everybody else does. That’s why the new law! Illegals do not have to produce IDs right now in Arizona. That’s why they have done the new law, just like at this department store where was it, Walgreens you said was a drug store?

CALLER: Mmm-hmm.

RUSH: You’re right. In that case I’m sure it was white guilt.

CALLER: I want to know. There are no such thing as ‘papers.’ It’s called a Matricula Card or it’s called a California ID Card. You carry it in your wallet. There’s no ‘papers.’ You don’t carry a pack of papers with you, that’s a ridiculous statement. I’m so glad that I’m talking on a nationally syndicated program and to you, Rush, because people need to know that this happens from the bottom, from a manager at Walgreens, to the top of Congress. There is a guilt. There is a something going on in this country that we need to stop. Because everyone should be equal. Everybody. Everybody. Everyone.

RUSH: I’ll tell you what’s going on, Jennifer. What’s going on is grievance politics, and a bunch of people have held grievances for years and years and years are now led by somebody who believes it’s time to get even and so they are exploiting white guilt and they are saying that white power and white majority led to all this discrimination, unfairness, and it’s time to make it right.

CALLER: (groans)

RUSH: That’s what’s happening here, and a lot of people have a direct fear of being thought of or called a racist.

CALLER: (scoffs)

RUSH: And so they will do anything, even your clerk at Walgreens, to avoid any kind of conflict or controversy in that area. They don’t want it.

CALLER: But it’s not about race. It’s about accountability.

RUSH: No. It is about race in the way that we are being divided. I know your point about accountability is, ‘Where is these people’s accountability? We’re not holding anybody accountable for their corruption, for their dishonesty.’ That’s absolutely right. But the way they’re getting away with it and the way they’re being motivated to be corrupt is the playing of the race card.


RUSH: If we didn’t do that there would be any guilt.

CALLER: A friend of mine just moved to Arizona. She’s Hispanic and she lives in Phoenix. She’s scared because she will not read the bill that she’s going to get pulled over and arrested, even though she’s a Californian with an accent like me. I don’t understand. I tell her, I explain to her, ‘Look, you are an American.’ People don’t understand the media is putting out things that make no sense and I’m really sick of this. At the bottom… I’m at the bottom. I’m not a corporate anything. I’m, you know, nobody. And I’m sick of me having to deal with this and be quiet or else I’m a racist.

RUSH: I know. I know. It’s been very effective. Even Senator McCain, ‘Juan McCain,’ has admitted that illegal aliens hit people with their cars often for profit. Snerdley was stunned when I told him illegals are not asked for IDs. (interruption) I don’t know how they know not to ask. I guess they’re racial profiling in a reverse way. Reverse profiling. ‘Oh, you look like you’re an illegal. I can’t ask you for your ID.’ That’s why Arizona has revised the law. Everybody else in Arizona, you know when you get stopped you have to show everything: License, registration, proof of insurance. They don’t! In California… If you’re shocked at the Arizona law, Snerdley, in California, it’s the same thing with DUI stops. Illegals if they do not have a license or insurance can get their cars if they can find somebody with a license to go with them to get the car back. Everybody else has their car impounded.

I. Kid. You. Not.

Now, you look at this, and you say, ‘What is the logical reason for this?’ and I’m sure that there is a lot of white guilt involved in this. I’m sure that there is a profound amount of white guilt that drives this. But there is also a lot of bias. Remember in a lot of these states, a lot of these cities and towns are run by Democrats, and everything to a liberal, to a leftist, is political. And they do believe that these people are discriminated against, that they’re a poor, downtrodden minority. Just like Al Sharpton believes that some of his charges ought to be allowed to get away with some stuff because… It’s just like Congressman William Jefferson (Democrat-Louisiana) when he got caught with 90 grand in his freezer around the time of Hurricane Katrina, there were actually people who said, ‘Well, you know, he grew up son of sharecroppers and he never, never, never really had any money. You gotta understand why it might be important to him to hold on to it and say, you know what, he didn’t want people taking it away from him.’

There were people that said that. This kind of poverty based on the assumption that you’re poor because of the race that you are justifies not being held so accountable to the law. So, yes, it’s true. It’s true in California, DUI stops, illegals if they don’t have a license or insurance can get their cars if they find somebody with a license to go with them when they get the car from the pound. But everybody else gets their cars impounded. Now, we’ve have had the fear of being called a racist drummed into us. There’s nothing like it in the history of this country. It was never so horrible to be called a communist. Never, never. To be called a racist, that was the absolute worst thing. Now, they might ask you if you have an ID in Arizona if you’re illegal, but you won’t be taken in if you’re an illegal alien. Everybody else would be. I mean, they are very, very lax. The rules are very, very lax. That’s why Arizona has written the law to make it apply to everybody.


RUSH: So I was checking the e-mail. ‘What do you mean, Rush, that McCain said that illegals in Arizona are causing accidents?’ All right. (sigh) After 20-plus years, there are still doubters in this audience. Back on April 20th, McCain was on the O’Reilly Factor helping Bill look out for ‘the folks,’ and McCain said, ‘I hope — I would be very sorry that if some of that happens. And I regret it, but I also regret the — really, it’s not just the murder of Robert Krentz. It’s the people whose homes and property are being violated. It’s the drive-by that — the drivers of cars with illegals in it that are intentionally causing accidents on the freeway. Look, our border is not secured. Our citizens are not safe.’ That was McCain on the O’Reilly Factor back on April 20th, precisely a month ago. So there you have it.


Here’s Eddie in Plattsburgh, New York. Eddie, got one minute, but I wanted to squeeze you in.

CALLER: Yes, Rush.

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: One thing that everybody’s been missing about this thing is right now as the law exists today, all law enforcement has the choice to inquire of any subject about their status, if they’re legal here or not. But they have the choice and that’s the problem they’ve been having in Arizona. Only the Maricopa County sheriff has been enforcing that law, and all the other police departments are saying ‘no’ because of political people above them.

RUSH: Right.


RUSH: Political pressure or guilt or sometimes they don’t speak the language.

CALLER: Okay. All this law is doing is forcing all the law enforcement in Arizona to ask for this.

RUSH: Exactly.

CALLER: It’s very simple.

RUSH: I know.

CALLER: It’s clear. They know what it is.

RUSH: It is so simple. It’s so simple that it threatens the regime and its agenda, and that’s why they gotta trash it and bring in Señor Wences from Mexico to join them in trashing it.


RUSH: Okay, again people are asking, ‘What do you mean for DUI in California, the illegals can get their cars back?’ Okay, okay, okay. I’ve got two news stories. One is back in February and one’s recent. I’ll lead off the program with them tomorrow. In fact, I’ll send ’em up to the website so Koko can link to them at RushLimbaugh.com and we’ll discuss ’em on the radio tomorrow for Open Line Friday, where we’ll see you next. Adios!

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