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RUSH: he Drive-Bys are just melting, melting over the humanity and the warmth and the personality. Obama had the courage to make himself human in the midst of this disaster by referencing the fact that his little girl came into the bathroom while he was shaving. Remember he said this? This closed out the presser.

OBAMA: When I woke up this morning, uhhh, and I’m shaving and Malia knocks on my bathroom door and she peeks in her head and she says, uh, uhhh, ‘Did you plug the hole yet, daddy?’ Because I think everybody understands that when — when we are fouling the earth like this, it has concrete implications not just for this generation but for future generations. I grew up in Hawaii where the ocean is sacred.

RUSH: I guess it’s not sacred anywhere else but it is in Hawaii. Now, I don’t have a daughter about you if I did and I’m in the bathroom shaving, and the door opens and the little girl comes in and says (child impression), ‘Daddy? Daddy, did you plug the hole yet?’ I’d look at her, say, ‘Honey, that…’ I’d say one of two things. ‘That really is none of your business. That’s a very personal, private question.’ The second thing I would say is, ‘Honey, I can’t plug the hole in the Gulf. I don’t have, by myself, the means to do it,’ but here’s Obama telling the story and it’s not accidental that he tells the story with his daughter saying, ‘Daddy, did YOU plug the hole in the Gulf yet?’ So again, we know that Democrats will throw their brothers overboard. They will also use their children in ways to humanize them. Jimmy Carter October 28, 1980, in Cleveland. This is during the second presidential debate with Ronaldus Magnus.

CARTER: I had a discussion with my daughter, Amy, the other day before I came here to ask what the most important issue was. She said she thought nuclear weapons.

RUSH: Right. What was Amy at the time, eight? Eight or nine? And (Carter impression), ‘The most important thing my daughter, Amy, was nuclear weaponry,’ and of course Malia Obama says, ‘Daddy, did you plug the hole in the Gulf yet?’ You know, if I were… Well, we’ll never know. If I lived and worked in Vegas I’d take odds on whether that actually happened.


RUSH: There was a little disappointment out there yesterday in the mainstream media, the State-Controlled Media after the Obama presser. They were not happy. They were expecting competence and they got wandering aimlessly through sludge, and now they know they were deceived, that there was no top-kill process going on much less anywhere near success while the press conference was taking place. After the press conference yesterday, Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) — who I just saw. She looks 21-years-old today. She looks 21. Andrea Mitchell looks 21 today. Andrea Mitchell (NBC News, Washington) spoke with Chris Matthews about the presser, and she said, ‘How important is this presentation today for the president to show passion, to show he cares, to show engagement?’

MATTHEWS: (speaking sadly) This president has not acted that way. He has not acted like this is more important than something else like a fundraiser in California or an interview about basketball with Marv Albert. He doesn’t seem to be taking ownership. Presidents must seize control when something like this happens. I think this is more like the Iranian hostage crisis that brought down Jimmy Carter than Katrina.

RUSH: Ho! So we’ve gone from the tingle up the leg to Jimmy Carter and the Iranian hostage crisis. Now, if you listen to this show, you will literally be years ahead of the rest of the media. May 13th, 2008, I, talking about Democrat presidential candidate Barack Obama.

RUSH ARCHIVE: Barack Obama is nothing more than Jimmy Carter serving his second term. … The bottom line to all this is that there is nothing new about Barack Obama. Zilch, zero, nada. In fact, it was all tried before, 1976 through 1980. We needed something called the Misery Index to be able to categorize just how rotten things got under Jimmy Carter.

RUSH: Now, May 13th of 2008 is still during the campaign. Operation Chaos is still going on. Obama has not even assumed orifice, he has not yet been immaculated, he hasn’t done anything. He hasn’t started the stimulus, he hasn’t done one thing to destroy the economy — and yet I was predicting, on May 13th, 2008, Jimmy Carter second term. Has that not happened? See, and this is why I am so sure of myself, and that rubs a lot of people the wrong way. You’re not supposed to be that sure of yourself! James Carville last night on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 174. Cooper said to Carville, ‘What did you think about what the president said?’

CARVILLE: I didn’t think it was a good press conference. I’ll be honest with you. It was not — and I don’t think anybody else did, either.

RUSH: Whew. Play that again. It went by pretty quickly out there. This is James Carville last night, Anderson Cooper 127.

CARVILLE: I didn’t think it was a good press conference. I’ll be honest with you. It was not — and I don’t think anybody else did, either.

RUSH: ‘I don’t think anybody else did, either.’ Late yesterday afternoon in Washington, the White House, President Obama spoke at a reception honoring Jewish American Heritage Month, a portion of his remarks. This is after the press conference: Ceremonial events, bad jokes, while the oil continues to spill.

OBAMA: We’ve got senators and representatives. We’ve got Supreme Court justices and successful entrepreneurs, and rabbinical scholars, Olympic athletes, and Sandy Koufax.

FOLLOWERS: (cheers and applause)

OBAMA: Sandy and I actually have something in common. We are both lefties. You can’t pitch on Yom Kippur. I can’t pitch. (laughter)

RUSH: (mocking laughing) What a funny guy. Bobby Jindal this morning on TV.

JINDAL: This oil spill is another huge challenge for our state. It threatens literally our way of life, presents its own set of challenges. I know folks in DC are trying to point fingers and bring out the politics. I really don’t care. What I care about is stopping this oil off our coast. What is clear to me is there hasn’t been the sense of urgency, there hasn’t been the resources.

RUSH: Bobby Jindal: Just get out of my way. If you want to tell jokes about Sandy Koufax, how you can’t pitch, go right head. Kiran Chetry then says, ‘Well, explain about what you’re trying to get the federal government to understand and to understand and approve.’ Wait a minute! I thought the federal government understood everything, Kiran? This is Obama can lower the seas! Yet she’s asking Bobby Jindal, ‘What are you trying to get the federal government to understand and to approve?’

JINDAL: Most important thing to me is get us the permit, get us the dredges. The most important thing to me is get us the local decision-making authority so we don’t have to wait. Get us the additional boom and skimmers get us. In other words, the tools to help us help ourselves fight this oil and keep it off our coast.

RUSH: Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana wants to go into action, wants to head into action but can’t get permission from Obama ’cause out there having press conferences with Sandy Koufax. You know, Obama and Koufax have another thing common. They’re both famous for no-hitters and for strike-outs.


RUSH: You know, we were promised a messiah, and all we got was a ‘mess’! We’re still waiting on the ‘iah.’


RUSH: Bakersfield, California. Daniel, welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Hello.

CALLER: Hello, Rush. It is a pleasure.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Something that I haven’t heard discussed from any pundit, really, is the fact that Governor Jindal has been begging the government to come in and get something done or offer him help, and then our liar-in-chief says, ‘No, we have to analyze all of this to see if it’s the cost effective,’ but then he turns around in the press conference and says, ‘We have spared no expense.’ I don’t understand the hypocrisy here, and he does it in a matter of a couple days ago.

RUSH: Well, you know, it’s a good point. ‘We have to do a cost-benefit analysis here to Governor Jindal’s idea,’ and then, ‘But we’re going to spare no expense here to get this right.’ Look, they don’t care about the cost of anything else, why this?

CALLER: Exactly. Like what happened with — you played a sound bite earlier — Obama in his campaign saying, ‘Well, you know, Bush took forever to get in here and whatnot, and that will never happen under my administration,’ but yet he hasn’t done anything under his administration.

RUSH: I gotta run. I misread the clock. You’re right, I gotta go

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