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RUSH: Cole in Shreveport, Louisiana, as we head back to the phones. It’s nice to have you on the EIB Network. Hello.

CALLER: Hey, Rush. Man, it’s great to talk to you. I appreciate you taking my call.

RUSH: You bet.

CALLER: Hey, I’m going to get straight to the point. I’ve asked all my local mentors about this and they haven’t rebuked me, and so I’m coming to you. I’ve been kicking this around, and I don’t want to even think about it anymore, but I can’t help it. BP, they’ve got a great track record, environmental record with the public, and I’m worried that it’s a possibility that maybe they cashed in in this situation. We already know that they’re willing to cooperate with the regulators. They have a pretty good deal. You know, that doesn’t happen. The government doesn’t give you a break unless they’re getting something in return. And this news, you know, they… I’m just… This is what I think. Obama needed a Katrina, except to go the other way for him. He needed experience. He needed something to say, ‘Look what I did!’ if I could this problem. You know, he can’t lower the seas. He can’t fix —

RUSH: Cole, let me jump in there and ask you a question.

CALLER: Please.

RUSH: Are you asking me if I think —


RUSH: — that BP was in collusion with Obama in staging this press conference yesterday with the illusion that the top-kill method was ongoing and working, when we now know that it wasn’t. Is that your basic question?

CALLER: No. It goes deeper, and I really regret to even bring in a conspiracy. This is much greater of a conspiracy that I’m talking about.

RUSH: Well, make it plain and simple for me. What’s the conspiracy?

CALLER: Okay. I think that… You know, they’re saying that… Okay, I think that they did this change in policy — when they were drilling, they’re supposed to wait six hours; they didn’t. They sent it to the regulators; they approved it. I think that was on purpose. They knew what the outcome was going to be.

RUSH: Well, wait, wait. I’m losing you.


RUSH: They knew the rig was going to blow?

CALLER: Yeah. I think that it was a move. I think that it was —

RUSH: You think they wanted the rig to blow up!

CALLER: — something that Obama needed, he needed that.

RUSH: You think they wanted the rig…?


RUSH: You think Obama needed a catastrophe like Bill Clinton said: Damn it, I wish 9/11 woulda happened on my watch?

CALLER: Yes. ‘Cause see, he can’t do anything great on his own. He can’t take natural problems that arise and fix them. He has to create it. He — he — okay, if this is didn’t happen —

RUSH: Cole? Cole? Cole?

CALLER: Okay, go ahead.

RUSH: Let me jump in here. The only way, the only way that I would even give credence to this is if Obama had been on the scene from day one and looking like he cared. But Obama took five weeks off. If this was a planned disaster to make Obama look good in handling a disaster and contrasting himself to the lackadaisical attitude of Bush, this has been a huge bomb-out, a huge failure. And I must tell you, Cole: I know you’re a great American out there; I can hear it in your voice. But what have we come to, my friends, when we have decent, hardworking citizens thinking this kind of conspiratorial possibility about our president? Now, look at what we have just heard here. Cole, thank you very much. We have just had a man call us and he’s embarrassed to be thinking this. But he’s troubled. He says, ‘This thing doesn’t just happen,’ and there are a number of things here.

Why didn’t they plug the well with the cement? Why did they do it in a way totally opposite the way it’s normally done? And he’s wondering — and he knows BP gave Obama a million bucks, contributed a million dollars over the course of the campaign period. So he’s asking, ‘Is it possible there’s collusion between BP and Obama to have this disaster to give Obama a crisis on which to look big and tough and strong and competent?’ This would be tantamount to the liberals say Bush purposely steered Hurricane Katrina into New Orleans and then purposely had the Corps of Engineers sabotage the levees and the dikes so the flooding would happen and drive black people out of Louisiana over to Houston and thereby make Louisiana a Republican state. The caller… Look, let me boil this down to its essence.

The caller here is suggesting that British Petroleum blew up the rig to help Obama. I think it’s unfortunate that we have an administration that would make people come to think like this — decent, hardworking American citizens. This would be like claiming that Bush knew 9/11 was coming and did nothing about it because he wanted the crisis. Oh no! In fact, there are people like Bush not only knew about it but that Cheney and Bush and Rumsfeld actually planted the charges. Halliburton helped out ’cause they’re experts in blowing things up. Halliburton’s involved here! I think it’s tragic that we have a president who could inspire such thoughts. Cole doesn’t sound like a kook to me. I mean, the leftist kooks that came up with the 9/11 conspiracy kooks. Cole doesn’t sound like a kook to me. But, Cole, I must tell you: I don’t think there’s any proof to this, because (laughing) if this was done to make Obama look good, there has been no bigger failure in conspiracies than this.

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