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RUSH: All right, audio sound bite 16, I’ve been promising the broadcast engineer to get to this for the last couple of hours. Jan Brewer, the governor of Arizona, was on CNN John King USA last night. He asked her a number of questions, one of which was, ‘So 1200 National Guard troops coming your way. What do you know about this?’

BREWER: The only way that I’ve ever heard that I’m getting it is through the news. I haven’t received anything formally. I haven’t received any letters, any phone calls. No one has contacted my TAG [The Adjunct General] there in the state of Arizona, General Salazar, so I mean I am sitting here with no really good information. It would be very helpful, I might say, if somebody would give me something in writing, telling me what they’re sending to Arizona, how is it going to be distributed. Is it going to go to Texas and California and Arizona and New Mexico? Is it all coming to Arizona? We would be grateful if it were. You know, what exactly are their plans? And that’s one reason why I need to sit and I need to talk to them. I need information.

RUSH: So John King said, ‘What if the president pressed you? What if you came away saying, ‘Okay, not everything I want, but it’s a pretty good down payment.’ What if he said, ‘Governor, give me a chance. Ask your legislature to delay implementation of this law. Give me three months. Give me six months’? Are you open to that?’


KING: You don’t trust him?

BREWER: (laughing) I don’t think it’s a matter of trusting him or not. I think that what we’ve done, we’ve mirrored a federal law. I think the people of Arizona, certainly people throughout America agree that it is the right thing to do. We’ve been down this path before with securing our borders in Arizona, and nothing was finished. And so we need to move forward. You know, it’s trespassing when you cross the border into Arizona into the United States. It’s trespassing. We need our borders secured.

RUSH: Okay, and one more. John King said, ‘Well, let me ask you in closing: Wwhen you sit across the table from the president, what’s your number one — I don’t know whether to call it a demand — request? What is it?’

BREWER: Mr. President, we need our borders secured. How can we work together to get it done? We need your help. We’ve been putting up with this for eight, ten years. We need it now. We can’t tolerate it any longer. We cannot tolerate it. America can’t tolerate it any longer.

KING: And if his answer is, ‘I’m going to do what I announced, but your law is misguided and my Justice Department might sue you?’

BREWER: I would say, ‘Well, we’ll meet you in court.’ I have a pretty good record of winning in court.

RUSH: This governor… This governor is awesome. We so got Jan Brewer out there and we got Governor Chris Christie showing the way how to deal with this regime. Kudos to Governor Jan Brewer in Arizona. One more — you gotta hear this — Paul McCartney of the Beatles yesterday in Washington held a preference. He’s getting an award, the third Library of Congress Gershwin prize, and he was talking about playing at the White House, performing at the White House in front of President Obama.

MCCARTNEY: It makes it very special. So the White House, and particularly with this president, I must say, you know, I’m a big fan. He’s a great guy. So lay off him. (laughter) He’s doing great.

RUSH: That’s right. ‘Lay off him. He’s doing great.’ Paul McCartney of the Beatles. But he did go on to say that the oil spill is a disgrace.

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