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RUSH: Oh, no. Oh-ho-ho, no, it just can’t be. The saw got stuck. The saw that they’re cutting through the riser down there on the rig, Obama’s Bay of Rigs, the saw is stuck. What do you do about this? Well, if you’re Eric Holder and Obama, you probably announce an investigation into the saw manufacturer with the intent of fining them and maybe putting them in jail. That’s the Obama School of Problem Solving. When there’s a result that you don’t like, you put your boot on their neck and then you launch a criminal investigation into them, and at the same time you try to destroy the company. You sue British Petroleum; you sue the saw manufacturer; you sue the company that distributed the saw; you sue the company that delivered the saw, and the people who lowered the saw to the bottom of the Gulf, and then you sue the robot that’s maneuvering the saw and anybody else that had any connection to the damn saw. Then Malia can ask a second question, ‘Daddy, Daddy, did you fix the saw yet?’

Greetings, my friends, and welcome, Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network and hump day, middle of the week, you get this day behind you, you are over the hump.

You know, folks, it was supposed to be so different. Is anything going right? There’s not one thing going right, not one. It was supposed to be so different. It was supposed to be a magical time, Camelot 2, last Kennedy brother. Remember all that? I don’t know, folks. The ChiComs have told us, (paraphrasing) ‘Don’t bother showing up here. We got other more important things to do.’ The ChiComs have just flipped us off from across the Pacific Ocean. ‘China has turned down a proposed fence-mending visit by the U.S. defense secretary, Robert Gates, during his trip in the region…’ he’s going to be in the neighborhood and the ChiComs are not acting like Mr. Rogers. The ChiComs act like they got a moat around the castle, ‘Don’t bother us.’ ‘…some American officials described as a snub to protest U.S. arms sales to Taiwan. Beijing has delayed several high-level military exchanges since January, when the Obama administration notified Congress of a plan to sell Taiwan up to $6.4 billion in arms.’

Now, folks, this is classic. It was just two weeks ago that the ChiComs were here having conferences with us on various things, human rights, the Arizona law, a number of things. Remember we had this clown Michael Posner, assistant secretary of state. It’s no big deal for communist countries to come here and rip us to shreds. That’s always happened. Soviets did it; the ChiComs do it; Hugo Chavez does it; Fidel Castro does it; but in my lifetime, this was the first time an administration had ever agreed with them. This guy, Posner, said, (paraphrasing) ‘Yeah, you know what? You guys have a point. We really can’t complain too much about your human rights violations because we got our own embarrassment here, the Arizona immigration law. And everybody was just, ‘What’s going on?’ So even though we extend an olive branch, even though we agree with the ChiComs that we as a nation suck on the whole concept of human rights, they still snub us when we want to have a meeting with them about whatever it is involving the military. Military ties. I mean, the very thing that Obama thinks is going to endear us to these enemies of ours, these competitors and foreign nations, ‘Yeah, just tell ’em what they want to hear, agree with them that the United States sucks and that it always has, but with Obama here we’re going to make it better.’ That doesn’t even work. There is nothing going right. Not a thing.

There’s an interesting, long piece today in the American Spectator by Peter Ferrara. I can’t read the whole thing to you, but you should read it. I’ll give you excerpts. It’s all about this theory that Obama’s going to have to resign before 2012. He won’t even make it to the reelection because everything is such a disaster. The economy’s a disaster. The national security paper that they put out every once in a while, every time Bush did that, it made into the public big time. Well, it turns out that Obama just released one, but it hasn’t been made public, but Mike Gerson, who now is a columnist at the Washington Post, has read it. He had such an exciting Memorial Day that he read Obama’s national security strategy memo over the Memorial Day weekend. And in this memo Obama sets a new precedent. In a national security — which is always about military and foreign threats, intelligence, Obama talks about how domestic policy that needs to be fixed threatens national security. We gotta do cap and trade. We have to expand health care. And if we don’t do these things our national security is threatened. And Gerson said this is unseemly. This is unheard of. This has never been done before. You rip your own country in a national security statement.

He acknowledges that Obama is in the midst of destroying the private sector, and Michael Barone today, who is the dean of civility, the dean of moderation in the media, even though he’s an opinion guy, just comes right out in the Washington Examiner and says, (paraphrasing) ‘My God, folks, it’s the Chicago way in Washington.’ And he describes what the Chicago way is, with Alinsky. The whole point of Chicago is you plunder the private sector ’cause it’s always going to be there, you threaten ’em and you give the voters political theater, acting like you hate this industry or that industry while you’re in bed with the big guys running that industry. So you say, ‘Look, the voters need political theater, we’re going to rip you to shreds here, but under the table we’re still buddies.’ He said that’s what’s going on. The problem is there was always America to bail out Chicago, but now where do we go when Obama has turned the country into Chicago? Where do we go to bail out what Obama’s done? It’s a striking piece coming from Barone. This would be the equivalent of Charles Krauthammer becoming a birther. Don’t misunderstand, do not report that I have said Charles Krauthammer is a birther. He’s not. I’m making a point.

Dick Morris is out today with a column in The Hill talking about Obama’s sheer worthlessness, his sheer incompetence. Chris Matthews is out describing this oil spill, not as Bush’s Katrina, the oil spill is Carter’s Iran hostage crisis. Carter looked inept, incompetent, and Obama looks the same way. Now, neither of these two mention the fact that it was I, El Rushbo, behind this, the Golden EIB Microphone that said long before the immaculation that this was simply going to be the second term of Jimmy Carter. So the ChiComs have snubbed us. We’re in the neighborhood and they’re saying, nope, don’t have time to see you. It’s pathetically funny. It’s like the Girl Scouts coming to your front door to sell cookies, and you say, ‘Get outta here, kid.’

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