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RUSH: Peter Ferrara today, the American Spectator, thinks Obama is not even going to run, that he’s going to resign. It’s going to get so disastrous out there that the Democrats are going to make him quit.

No Democrat’s going to get reelected to anything by 2012 if this guy keeps up ’cause everything is going to be destroyed. And Ferrara says that the Sestak thing could end up being bigger than Watergate. You’ve got a genuine violation of the law here, and you’ve got a cover-up going on, and, you know, it was all about Specter. You get Specter to change parties, and then Specter changes parties so he can get reelected. He’s gonna lose as a Republican. And then Sestak gums up the works (paraphrasing), ‘You know what, I’m going to run against Specter in the primary,’ so Obama says, ‘No, you’re not. I’m going to make you secretary of the Navy,’ that’s one of the rumors, or ‘I’m going to put you on some presidential advisory board,’ and Sestak blows cover by saying, ‘They offered me a job,’ and then he shut up and the White House wouldn’t say anything about it.

Then finally last Wednesday Clinton has lunch with Obama. Then the next day Obama says, ‘You’re gonna get our response very shortly.’ And the next day on Friday we learned that Clinton was the one that passed the offer on the Sestak, and Sestak said, yep, that’s exactly what happened. No accident to pick Clinton to do this. (interruption) You think Obama is angering who, now? Jewish people? No way. No way. No way. I haven’t seen any erosion in polling support among Jewish voters for Obama. There may be a trickle of it, but expecting Jewish voters to defect from Obama is the same thing as expecting the black voters to defect. It ain’t going to happen, they’re liberals first. Liberals, I don’t care what else they are, are liberals first. Snerdley, whatever Obama says or whatever he does to some of these far-left Jewish people pales in comparison to what they think Republicans are all about. So anyway, it is what it is.

Obama’s at Carnegie-Mellon University this afternoon, the second phase of his economic program speech, first phase, April of 2009, shortly after he’d signed a Porkulus bill. Now, this guy showing up to make a speech on the economy and how to grow it and how to fix it is like having Colonel Sanders show up and tell you how to extend the lives of chickens. You know, just doesn’t fit. Here’s one of the things he said.

OBAMA: We have to build a new and stronger foundation for growth and prosperity, and that exactly what we’ve been doing for the last 16 months.

RUSH: How can you say that?

OBAMA: It’s a foundation based on investments in our people and their future.

RUSH: Where?

OBAMA: Investments in the skills and education we need to compete.

RUSH: Where?

OBAMA: Investments that twenty-first century infrastructure for America.

RUSH: Where.

OBAMA: From high-speed railroads to high-speed international —

RUSH: Where?

OBAMA: — investments in research and technology like clean energy that can lead to new jobs and new exports and new industries.

RUSH: Where?

OBAMA: This new foundation is also based on reforms that will make our economy stronger and our businesses more competitive.

RUSH: Where?

OBAMA: Reforms that will make health care cheaper —

RUSH: What?

OBAMA: — our financial system more secure and our government less burdened with debt.

RUSH: This is boilerplate. This speech hasn’t been revised since the campaign. This is a campaign speech. He doesn’t even know what’s going on out there, or he chooses to ignore it. He thinks Bush is still president. We’re gonna plug the holes in the economy. This is absurd! Health care cheaper? Why, the Heritage Foundation, in their Morning Bell today, ‘Obama’s True Costs Coming to Light.’ We had the story earlier that some of the deadlines have already been missed. Nobody knows what the hell’s going on. Obamacare has become the law of the land. The CBO now singing a slightly different tune. ‘Last Friday CBO Director Doug Elmendorf wrote on his blog: ‘The central challenge is straightforward and stark: The rising costs of health care will put tremendous pressure on the federal budget during the next few decades and beyond.” Yet Obama told us all during the Obamacare debate the only way to bring the budget deficit down was to pass his stupid plan, and now after it’s already become temporary law, the CBO tells us the truth, and yet he’s out there in Pittsburgh… I mean, this is pure boilerplate. This is a speech he gave when the unemployment rate was hovering around six, not ten. What is this ‘we must’? You’ve been in office almost two years here, pal. ‘We must build a new, stronger…’ Where? When are you gonna start? ‘We must invest in our people and their future’? When are you gonna start doing that? Here’s one more bite we have of this.

OBAMA: We have been building this foundation without much help from our friends in the other party.

RUSH: Aw, come on.

OBAMA: They said no to tax cuts for small businesses; no to tax credits for college tuition.

RUSH: They did not.

OBAMA. No to investments in clean energy. They said no to protecting patients from insurance companies and consumers from big banks.

RUSH: What is this?

OBAMA: Before I was even inaugurated the congressional leaders of the other party got together and made a calculation that if I failed, they’d win.

RUSH: Oh-ho-ho.

OBAMA: Before we even had a health care bill, a Republican senator actually said, ‘If we’re able to stop Obama on this, it will be his Waterloo. It will break him.’ So those weren’t very helpful signs.

RUSH: Hey, bud, it wasn’t anybody in the Congress that hoped you failed. It was me. Those guys were all appalled when I said it. They about had cows out there. ‘Oh, no! Limbaugh said what? I hope he fails? Oh, gee, we do, too, but we can’t say it.’ Well, I already had. No to tax cuts for small business? There aren’t any tax cuts for small business. Tax credits for college tuition? There’s none of that. I don’t know. We got a problem here, folks. But nevertheless I gotta tell you, through his sheer incompetence Obama has brought liberals and conservatives together. What he couldn’t accomplish with claims to lower the seas he has achieved by failing to keep them clean. His Bay of Rigs continues to resonate and resonate. When Obama’s failure in his response to the Gulf oil spill, the Bay of Rigs, causes the likes of Maureen ‘Mo Do’ Dowd, David Gergen, Chris Matthews, and James Carville to agree with me that Obama is incompetent, that at long last we have bipartisanship in America, we have consensus, and note here that this consensus has come to me. I have not abandoned any principle or position. They are now agreeing with me.

Obama is failing. He is incompetent. Obama said he would be a post-partisan president — and in his own unique way, he was right. By the force of his incomparable incompetence, my friends, Barack Obama has brought the right and the left together, at least in the media here. Obama’s failures are the glue that hold the political center together. I like that line, don’t you? Obama’s failures are the glue that hold the political center together. It is now safe for moderates to say Obama is incompetent and a failure, and the guy who paved the way for this was James Carville, not me. Carville: (paraphrasing) ‘You gotta get down here! We’re all dying down here. I don’t know what he’s doing up there, you gotta come down. You gotta take charge of this thing.’ That told everybody else, ‘Okay, the coast is clear. You can pile on.’ All the left is waiting for somebody. After Carville did that, look what we got. We got Matthews, we got ‘Mo Do’ Dowd, we got Gergen, we got a whole bunch of people writing, ‘We expected competence.’

I said there’s no good news out there. There actually is. (laughing) Christian Science Monitor: ‘In response to the controversial Arizona immigration law, Mexico extended a repatriation program to help ease the transition of illegal migrants back home. The government says the Arizona law could lead to a flood of returnees when it goes into effect, but most Mexicans are skeptical.’ This is in response to the controversial new Arizona law, Mexico extending this program, meaning they’re going to give ’em more money to help citizens living illegally in the US to return home. It is working even before it is implemented. Look at it this way, folks. Amnesty is the single largest Democrat get-out-the-vote drive in the history of the country. That’s what it is, that’s how you have to see it, and now with this, the Democrats see all these potential voters returning home. They don’t dig it.

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