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Rush’s Morning Update: New Lies
June 3, 2010

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You know, folks, the left has done everything humanly possible to diminish the legacy of America’s Founding Fathers. Over the years, they developed a bigoted and false construct of them as a bunch of wealthy, slave-holding, sexist, homophobic, genocidal gang of dead white males –and now the Boston Globe’sgone a step further.

A recent editorial states: “George Washington’s parents no doubt took pride in his childhood honesty, but therein may lie the reason he was among the least intellectual of the Founding Fathers.”

The Globe cites a Canadian study that suggests kids who lie are “actually showing their mental acuity and creativity.” So, parents ought not be concerned if their children lie;their lies might “portend greater intellectual achievements.”

According to the Globe, one intellectual president was Thomas Jefferson, whose “genius sometimes led him down a twisty path around the truth.” Another was the “mentally agile” William Jefferson Clinton. As for George Washington, the Globe says,”perhaps there’s a new explanation” why he confessed to chopping down the cherry tree:”Maybe young George couldn’t up with a good enough cover story.”

So here’s the new liberal narrative: Being honest proves you’re intellectually inferior. George Washington was honest, therefore stupid.We can only assume that poor ol’ “Honest Abe”, the Republican, was the biggest dunce of all. Liars like Clinton are intellectually gifted. As we all know, liberals consider the current occupant of the Oval Office a genius –so your lying Democrat sack of a kidmight someday be president.It’s a beautiful thing!

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