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RUSH: Athens, New York. David, glad you called. Nice to have you on the EIB Network.

CALLER: Hey, mega dittos, Rush. I know Bo said get to the point real quick, but I want to digress. Last time we spoke was four years ago come November, and I was on food stamps feeding four people on a budget for two. You offered me an AB PAC, and I couldn’t accept it because my freezer was full. You also told me to follow my passions for a job, which is Alpine skiing, and within two weeks for the past four winters I’ve been co-managing a ski shop. Just thought you’d like to know.

RUSH: Congratulations, sir.

CALLER: Anyway, I got a degree in environmental science, and this oil spill could have been stopped probably 30 plus days ago by simply drilling another well into the bedrock below the sea floor not that far, a low yield nuclear weapon would have closed that off within an instant. In fact, it is a little known fact that in the former Soviet Union in the late sixties, they did just exactly that with a gas well that went amuck. And, in fact, there’s even a YouTube video showing this. It’s just amazing and I got a feeling the only reason they haven’t done this is because of the three to four hundred million that they would probably lose for the existing well, but in the meantime, they’re having the possibility of even polluting the eastern seaboard. It’s just is amazing that the Obama administration —

RUSH: I hadn’t heard that, the Soviets nuked a gas well?

CALLER: Yeah, back in the late sixties, with an underground explosion. And there are many scientists, if you Google this, that would say this would work, and I would concur having a degree in environmental science.

RUSH: Well, there’s another reason, and look, I don’t say this lightly. Now, I’m not saying this to try to be humorous, but I think there’s a reason why the Obama administration is not doing anything more. Look at what they are doing. What are they doing? They are talking, they’re having meetings and they’re threatening British Petroleum. Look at BP’s stock. There is now a legitimate question whether this company will survive. Now, I don’t know what your thoughts on that are, I mean some of you might think BP needs to go out of business, but this administration’s bringing it about by announcing criminal investigations at this stage of the game? Did you see what happened to the stock market when Holder made this announcement yesterday? It plunged over a hundred points in a matter of minutes and BP went down to the cellar. This is frankly absurd. Now, why? Well, if you know, maybe — I don’t know this, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some internal polls in the White House and the DNC that show the spill is helping Obama. The conventional wisdom is he’s looking inept and incompetent here. But maybe, I hope this isn’t true, but maybe they’ve got some polling data that shows it’s still helping him and that’s why he hasn’t made an effort to plug the hole.

Look, it’s a wild guess but I don’t doubt for a second that the reason they’re delaying Bobby Jindal is because he’s a Republican and they don’t want a Republican doing anything that looks like it succeeds or is working. Folks, this is the most partisan punch of people. Let me just put it to you this way, if you think they think America first, where have you been the last year and a half? They think Obama first. They think regime first. They think advancing their agenda first. The national security strategy paper I talked about, and Mike Gerson writes about in the Washington Post, the national security strategy is nothing more than an indictment of the US domestic policy under previous regimes, previous administrations and how the Obama regime’s gotta fix it because that’s making us vulnerable to threats to national security. Now, this claim about the Russians using nukes is from a recent article in Pravda, a new version of Pravda. They said that they used nukes five times to stop gas and oil leaks. Interesting. I’m going to find this out. We’d have to destroy the well. I mean that would be the end of the well if you did that, but it woulda stopped the leak, too, there’s no question.


RUSH: You know, folks, I’m not altogether convinced on this nuke business. The Ruskies, they can’t even drill an oil well without our help. And if they set off five nukes, even low yield nukes, seismologists would pick that stuff up, and we are constantly monitoring — well, we did before Obama, anyway — we’re constantly monitoring for any kind of seismic activity, nuclear testing anywhere. We certainly woulda noticed that.


RUSH: Let me ask you a question. Why is there a criminal probe, a criminal investigation into British Petroleum and this oil well leak, but there’s not a criminal probe yet into the Sestak affair? And in the case of criminality — I’m not a lawyer, my dad was a lawyer so that qualifies me to ask law questions and seen answer ’em — who benefits from whatever crime has been committed here? Who benefits from this? Who benefits from the oil spill? Somebody tell me. The only beneficiary, in a perverted sort of way is Obama, because he got to announce all offshore drilling ceased. He’s going to kill an industry! I don’t know, folks. Weird things.

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