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“If Obama walks into your company, it’s the kiss of death.”

“Obama usually makes his speeches around 12 noon to coincide with the start of our program, run up against our big show.”

“There were people seriously upset that the Martin Luther King statue was white. I think that we should judge the statue by the content of its carving, not the color of its surface, but that’s just me.”

“I remember hearing in the mainstream media how Bush steered Hurricane Katrina to New Orleans, and I just think it’s only fair to ask if Obama steered Hurricane Irene and the aftermath of the flooding to the state of Vermont.”

“So under Obama and Pelosi, the rich are getting poorer, and so are the poor. As the rich get poorer, notice that nobody’s out celebrating the poor getting rich, are they?”

“Obama’s got time for what, 80 rounds of golf? But now the only day and time he can speak to the nation is the exact day and time of the Reagan Library Republican debate.”

“According to Democrats, the only reason that rich people exist is ’cause they steal money from the poor. I’ve never understood the math on that, but that’s what they say.”

“I’m not afraid to admit this. I did not know that Stephanopoulos, all of a sudden, fell in love with Mitt Romney, but it doesn’t surprise me. It makes total sense. It’s totally understandable, given who they’re really afraid of out there.”

“I don’t want to get lost on this lynch business ’cause, you know, Scarborough already has taken something way out of context that I said a year ago. I don’t know if his memory is failing him or he did it on purpose.”

“Why should the Republicans grant the president a joint session of Congress to make a political campaign speech, on any date? Why should the Republicans handcuff themselves that way?”

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“The Wall Street Journal says that the United States still makes the best paper clips. (laughing) I am not making it up.”

“If you’re a green business, solar business, or wind business and Obama touts you, you are finished.”

“The last thing on Obama’s mind is creating jobs. The only thing on his mind is reelection.”

“So the federal government’s investment in this solar company, Solyndra, has turned out to be a $600 million mistake. That’s a lot of green.”

“You know, I’m not a solar or wind expert, but when your primary source is still up there, and there’s not a damn thing anybody can do to it, and you still can’t make money? We’re not there yet, is what tells me.”

“It kind of frosts me when Snerdley asks me if I know something. I mean, who am I? You know, I’m not a potted plant here.”

“There is no solar energy business out there. There is no wind energy business. This is all being done to simply prop up an incompetent, man-child president.”

“I never get tired of being right.”

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