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“Obama going to Chicago is a subtle message to Blagojevich. Just think of it as the horse’s head in the bed in The Godfather.”

“The more people have to write their own tax checks, the faster we’ll get some tax reform. No question whatsoever.”

“The Democrats are doing everything they can to avoid the term ‘Obamacare.’ They don’t want that term used.”

“No elected officials accepted the invitation to be with Obama when he lands at the airport and gets off Air Force One. None of them! Just the mayor. Not one. Not even Senator Bob Casey! Zip, zero, nada.”

“Barack Obama is visiting Carnegie Mellon University today and lecturing on the economy. My gosh, folks! I mean, that’s a fate worse than waterboarding. That would be like having to listen to Al Capone lecture on the repeal of prohibition. That is just absurd.”

“What can Obama possibly tell people about the economy, except how to destroy it?”

“That’s all Obama is: A process guy. The ‘process’ is supposed to show action.”

“Why is there a criminal investigation into British Petroleum and this oil well leak, but there’s not a criminal probe yet into the Sestak affair?”

“There are a lot of people graduating who are not getting jobs just because of the general state of the economy. But don’t worry about it because Obama’s out there ‘investing’ in a new economy that will not have any of these bad things ever happen to it again.”

“For only getting 16 hours with me, Zev Chafets did a great job in his book about me.”

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