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RUSH: By the way, Snerdley, I forgot to tell you, folks: I read the book about me. I read it. I read it. I downloaded it. I got it out at the iBook store for the iPad. I had the hardcover copy of course but I read it on my iPad. I read the whole thing in one sitting. I had forgotten so much of the stuff that happened to me! (interruption) Well, it’s just so much, Snerdley. There is so much. This guy starts back in junior high school and goes forward. Well, even before that. It’s not a… (interruption) Well, I… (interruption) Now he’s asking me what I forgot. I don’t know. (interruption) Yeah, I forgot it again. That’s why there’s a memory division here at the EIB Network. But seriously it’s weird reading about yourself and liking it. There’s no malice in the book at all. And for only getting 16 hours with me, Zev Chafets did a great job.

I mean, the only person that can really write a thorough biography of me is me, but this is not really just a biography. It’s being categorized as a biography, it’s got some biographical stuff in it, but it’s more about… Well, you read it. But it’s actually good. I even got a note from Diana Schneider, the editrix at the Limbaugh Letter. ‘No malice makes Chafets unique. Clearly eager to get it right as best he could. As such, one could say it’s an aspirational work.’ She was very complimentary about most of it. I mean, there’s some things I wish weren’t there. Nobody’s proud of everything they’ve done, but it is what it is. (interruption) Oh, come on. Noooo, Snerdley. The first spin the bottle, that’s one thing I’d forgotten about.

My first time playing spin the bottle I was stood up when I won. So Zev speculates, ‘Who was the woman? Who was the girl?’ and he gets it wrong. I know who the girl was. But he didn’t even ask me about this. I never told him about this episode. So he obviously was trolling around Cape Girardeau and he came across the story (laughing), so apparently people still remember this. (interruption) What, you’re surprised I’m admitting it? (interruption) I didn’t tell him but he found out about it. (interruption) Well, Cape’s a small town and there’s not a whole lot memorable there that goes on and this may have been one of those memorable things. Now what’s going to happen is since I’ve announced it publicly, is that every girl I ever knew back then is going to say she’s the one.

So it’s going to start a big trend here. It’s the way these things happen to work. He also goes through my Second 35 Undeniable Truths of Life, the revision to the original. He goes through those and then he offers his analysis or comment to each one, and there’s one that he doesn’t get that I think is brilliantly prescient from 1994. It’s number 31 from the Second 35 Undeniable Truths of Life, and it’s this: ‘The culture war is between the winners and those who think they’re losers who want to become winners. The losers think the only way they can become winners is by banding together all the losers and then empowering a leader of the losers to make things right for them.’ Chafets’ comment is… (interruption) Even I’m not sure what I mean by this? I know exactly what I mean by this! It’s exactly what Barack Obama is. This is 1994 when I wrote this.

But what I was doing was accurately describing what would ultimately be Obama’s agenda: Returning the nation’s wealth to its, quote, unquote, ‘rightful owners.’ The culture war is between the winners and those who think they’re losers who want to become winners, at the same time want to punish the winners. But, anyway, it’s called Rush Limbaugh: An Army of One. I don’t know how many of you have had books written about you. It’s one thing to read totally erroneous newspaper stories and website stories or TV news reports about yourself. But it’s another thing to read a book about yourself and keep turning the pages. I actually was somewhat fascinated by it. Anyway, that’s that. (interruption) I think it was four and a half hours. It was 200 and some odd pages, 200 and something pages. You know, you can set the font size on this iPad. It’s really cool. You just zip through the pages. I think it actually improves my reading speed and comprehension.

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