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Rush’s Morning Update: Recently
Original Airdate: March 8, 2010

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Recently, my friends, an Iranian appeals court gave its blessing to a death sentence to be carried out against a 20-year-old student. During the riots following the sham election of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the young man threw stones at security forces. For that, he was found guilty of waging war against God. Other students are awaiting the same fate.

Recently, a North Korea factory worker was publicly executed by firing squad. His offense: speaking with a friend in South Korea on an illegal mobile phone. He divulged the price of rice in North Korea. The only comfort is that he has been released from hell on earth.

Recently, we learned that a former enemy combatant who was released from Club Gitmo has taken over as senior commander of the Taliban. He is now fighting our troops in Afghanistan. The terrorist had begged to go home in order to “help his family.” We released him despite warnings that he would continue his jihad. He’s home now trying to kill as many Americans as possible.

Not so recently liberals in Europe and America were outraged that George W.Bush called North Korea and Iran members of the “axis of evil.” Liberals were outraged that we held terrorists in Guantanamo. Twenty percent of the former detainees are now back on the battlefield. Liberals are outraged no more.

They are very quiet while the evil they aligned themselves with spreads like a cancer on humanity.

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