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Rush’s Morning Update: Pork-Fest
Original Airdate: March 17, 2010

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Folks, I have aBloomberg News story here; just three little paragraphs. It starts this way: “Students who regularly eat school-furnished lunches are more likely to be overweight and have higher levels of cholesterol than those who eat meals brought from home, a study found.”

The University of Michigan study was presented at an Atlanta meeting of heart specialists this past weekend. A bunch of middle school students were the subjects; 39 percent who always or almost always had school cafeteria meals were found to be obese or overweight. That compares to 24 percent who bring their lunch from home.

The study also found kids who mooch on school lunch programs also don’t exercise enough. The sole conclusion in the Bloomberg articleis that “the research adds to evidence that schools, at worst, do too little to fight obesity in American youths.”

Well, my friends, that simply will notdo. There are other conclusions to be drawn from this groundbreaking study… Who sponsors school lunches? That’s right, the federal government does. And the loudest advocates for school lunches are– right again– liberals!

Therefore we have to conclude that big nanny state liberals have screwed up the works again! The government is creating generations of kids with pre-conditions: lazy, fat kids who someday will grow into lazy, obese adults who vote Democrat –clamoring to be first in line for Obamacare. And their obesity precondition is government sponsored!

Government pork lunches, beget government porker kids, who beget more government pork health care.It’s just one big pork-fest here!

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