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Rush’s Morning Update: No Biggie
Original Airdate: May 10, 2010

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Did you hear about the controversy – the field trip a bunch of schoolkids from Ann Arbor, Michigan went on recently?

At the Dicken Elementary School, black kids were told to stay at the school, while white children were brought on a field trip. Yup. A “no-blacks-allowed” event.

But there was a reason for selecting whites only, according to the principal. The field trip allowed the white kids to hear from a renowned white rocket scientist. You have to realize, said school administrators, how tough it is for whites to compete these days. The white kids got pumped up by meeting the scientist because it showed them they could achieve great things, too.

Sadly, when the white kids returned, the excluded black kids booed them. And some of their parents were annoyed. So the principal of the school, Mike Madison, had to admit that “in hindsight,” the trip could have been handled a bit better. But, he said, seeing the energy and excitement in those white kids eyes the ones who met the scientist made the segregated school trip worthwhile. He talked to the black kids afterward to let them know no offense meant; he apologized for hurting their feelings.

So that’s…wait a second. What’s that? OH! Correction. It was the black kids who were taken on the field trip – white kids were told they had to stay in school. It was a black rocket scientist. So no biggie. No story; no controversy…never mind!

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