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RUSH: Bob Etheridge. As I said at the top of the program, if a United States soldier had done to a murderous terrorist what Bob Etheridge did to this student he would be facing a court-martial. In fact, if one of us were to grab a young woman, get caught on video in the act, could we just say we’re sorry and that we were being stalked by some evil right-wing website and get off scot-free? The chances that Etheridge will be charged with a crime like the rest of us is zero, or practically zero. Look at how the Democrats circle the wagons around every one of their reprobates. It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter who the reprobates are. They’re all out there circling the wagons around this guy.

‘Democrats Defend Etheridge, Attack Breitbart — Bob Etheridge’s abject apology for roughing up an anonymous conservative videographer is being accompanied by a defense of the congressman from national Democrats. … DNC spokesman Brad Woodhouse: ‘This was a Republican party tracking operation.” Here’s the dirty little secret about Etheridge. And don’t forget, there have been many other guys like Etheridge. Jim Moran, a number of these people. And here’s the dirty little secret. This little incident is very illustrative of how Democrats look at the world. They are above us. They are above all of us. They have more rights than we do. They can force us to observe their rights while abdicating ours. What on God’s green earth — and they’re saying he might have been drinking. So what! They’re denying it, but even if he was, that’s no excuse. What made him think he could lay a hand on anybody and steal his property much less somebody just asking a question? Why would that question make him go bat crazy like this? D you think he knows the voters in his district are not very happy with his liberal voting record? Think he needs to back away from Obama here?

I’ll tell you, the Democrat Party is in a state of flux, and they’re in a state of panic. They can see Obama’s numbers crashing, they can see media approval numbers crashing, and they can see Congress’ approval numbers crashing, and there’s polling data out there today that confirms that what’s happening here is not anti-incumbent, it is anti-liberal, it is anti-Democrat. But take note, folks, this is your average Democrat superiority complex, elitist, above everybody else. We can all see that he thinks he has the right and the might to intimidate an average voter, a citizen. Where does Etheridge get the idea, where does any Democrat get the idea that somebody who asks a question is required to divulge his name? Democrats can spin this all they want, but it’s there to see for everybody. As the conscience of the Democrat Party — don’t forget this, either — as the conscience of the Democrat Party it was Ted Kennedy in 1973 who said, ‘Do we operate under a system of equal justice under law, or is there one system for the average citizen and another for the high and mighty?’

And now we know. There is a system for us average people, and there is a system for the high and mighty. And Bob Etheridge is the high and mighty. And Bob Etheridge is showing us that he knows and thinks he’s the high and mighty and that we are hoi polloi, that we are human scum. Now, to be fair, let’s be fair, we try to be fair on the EIB Network, there are limits to free speech even from aspiring journalism students. We have to admit here, folks, these are tense times, and this journalist should have known the danger he was putting himself in. When a journalist (especially a student journalist) asks a congressman if he supports the Obama agenda, that’s like yelling fire in a crowded theater. I mean, you ask a congressman whether he supports the Obama agenda you are asking a question that is guaranteed to create all kinds of — they don’t want to answer this. ‘Who do you think you are? I don’t have to answer your question.’ Because they don’t support the Obama agenda. They want to say so publicly but they can’t. They’re just as afraid of Obama’s White House as a lot of you are. So it’s a loaded question to go in there and ask somebody if they support Obama’s agenda. That’s like asking, ‘Are you a Satanist?’ Or that’s like asking the most insulting question you can ask somebody, that’s the equivalent of this kind of question these days.

But do notice this, my friends. A congressman can demand to know who is asking them questions on a public street, but an Arizona policeman cannot ask a possibly illegal alien where he’s from when he is questioning him about some other suspected infraction, but a congressman could take a student journalist, ‘Who the hell are you? What gives you the right to ask me any question?’ Let an Arizona cop ask an illegal that, can’t do it. One system for the average, another system for the high and mighty. Now, the Democrat talking points on this — and they’re posted at Politico — the Democrat talking point that this was a Breitbart production is obviously false. Breitbart’s site only posted the clip on June 14th. It was first uploaded to YouTube three days earlier on June 11th. So they’re trying to discredit the whole thing because it comes from Breitbart and BigGovernment.com. The truth of the matter is another liberal Democrat has been exposed for who and what he is. Just that simple. And we’re not allowed to see that, folks.

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