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RUSH: Here’s Bob in Pelham, Alabama. I’m glad you called, sir. Welcome to the Rush Limbaugh program.

CALLER: Hey, congratulations, Rush. I was surprised to hear about the wedding, but it sounds like a real blowout.

RUSH: Well, it was, and I was surprised. You know, I told all my friends all these years, ‘If I tell you I’m getting married, I want you to put me in a straightjacket and I want to you take me down to the beach at low tide and you put me in a chair so I can watch the tide about to swallow me up.’ And I asked ’em, ‘Why didn’t you do this?’ And they said, ”Cause we like her better than we like you.’

CALLER: Well, it definitely sounds like you married up.

RUSH: I did, finally, I did, yes.

CALLER: The reason I called, I’ve been watching this oil situation in the Gulf and I want to draw a parallel if I could. During the Bush administration after Katrina came through, the liberals had no problem at all trying to come up with this stupid scenario where the Bush administration created Katrina and then directed it right through the middle of New Orleans because it was trying to wipe out the city and trying to replace it with a white city rather than a black city —

RUSH: Exactly right, Bush.

CALLER: — for political reasons.

RUSH: He steered the hurricane there, he purposely delayed help so that people would flee and go to Houston.

CALLER: Right. Well, which is more believable, that scenario or the scenario of the Obama administration purposely destroying that oil well in the Gulf in order to advance their agenda on energy?

RUSH: (laughing)

CALLER: That’s a whole lot more believable than the Katrina thing.

RUSH: Yeah, but nobody is even saying that. Nobody is even saying Obama purposely blew up the well just like they did say Bush created the hurricane and steered it, using secret military techniques, to New Orleans.

CALLER: When I threw this idea at Snerdley he said, ‘Well, you know, that might be a little bit hardball.’ And my comment was, ‘I think it’s about time that we started playing hardball.’ And I do believe that the oil well scenario is much more believable than the Katrina scenario and it’s probably a lot closer to the truth.

RUSH: Let’s throw out that Obama blew up the well, let’s throw that out. Even though they did say Bush blew up the levees. Didn’t Jesse Jackson say that? Didn’t some of the civil rights coalition say Bush blew up the levees? Spike Lee said Bush blue up the levees. Let’s throw out the fact that Obama blew up the well, let’s not even go there. But who can argue that there has been a dithering response. Fifty days went by before the guy acts like he’s anything at all concerned about it, and then his primary objective is to find an ass to kick. So all of these allegations about Bush purposely causing Katrina, the levees to fail because he didn’t like black people. (imitating Kanye West) ‘Bush doesn’t like black people, he didn’t care. In fact, he turned Louisiana into a Republican state and the best way to do that is depopulate New Orleans.’ They were all saying that. As for Republicans playing hardball, may I observe that after last Tuesday’s primaries, there are some Republicans playing hardball, they wear bras and panties, and you talking about kicking ass, it is Republican women who are indeed playing hardball.

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