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RUSH: You gotta hear this. There are a couple audio sound bites. I’m at home yesterday after the program, and I’m eagerly awaiting the arrival of Abbey ’cause I want to see Abbey get along with the new puppy. So I’m at the computer and I get this e-mail that David Furnish, who is Elton John’s partner, has spoken to People magazine. They were in New York on Sunday — or I guess Furnish was — for the Tony Awards, and furnish was asked about Elton John appearing in performance at Kathryn’s and my wedding. And Furnish said (summarized), ‘Ah, it was great. Elton had a wonderful time. He likes building bridges.’ It’s at People.com. So on WABC-TV New York Eyeball 7 the entertainment correspondent, Sandy Kenyon, reported this about the latest development.

KENYON: Elton John’s partner says the performer was a little surprised by an invitation to perform at Rush Limbaugh’s wedding because the conservative host has often opposed gay rights. But Sir Elton accepted because ‘life is about building bridges, not walls,’ to use his words. David Furnish couldn’t attend the ceremony, but he tells People.com his famous partner saw it as a way to go where people wouldn’t expect him to go. The Limbaughs were said to be very gracious. Gay activists very, very upset.

RUSH: And doesn’t that say it all? And who’s ‘opposed gay rights’? I’ve never been ‘opposed to gay rights.’ I just think marriage is a man and a woman, pure and simple, like 2 + 2 = 4. It just so happens President Obama agrees with me on that, as does Elton John. He said, ‘I don’t need marriage; civil unions is what we’re about.’ Anyway, they’re just fit to be tied about this because David Furnish actually said a lot more. He said (summarized), ‘Yeah, they’re gonna come have dinner with us in England when they’re flying through here and Elton had a great time. We’re very appreciative. Rush and Kathryn were just extremely gracious and kind. They had great friends that Elton met and so forth.’ So that justs irritates them all the more.

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