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RUSH: So this morning Barack Obama wakes up, heads into the bathroom and starts shaving. The door opens, the little daughter comes in, ‘Daddy, daddy, did you shake down BP yet, daddy? Are you gonna make ’em pay, daddy? Are you gonna make BP pay yet? Did you plug the hole yet, daddy? Daddy, did you plug the hole? Daddy, who’s in charge of the Gulf oil spill? Daddy, daddy, what’s your golf handicap today, daddy, how’s your golf game?’ Man, oh, man, oh, man. I thought I was watching the final episode of Lost last night, and I was just as confused by that speech as I was by the final episode of Lost. I couldn’t figure that out. I’m watching a child last night. I’m sitting there, I’m watching this thing with Kathryn, we’re watching this and I got bored after ten minutes. I knew where it was going. I knew what it was going to say. He looked small. The biggest thing on my screen last night was the ears. And I’m saying, ‘My gosh, we’ve got a boy, we’ve got a child here playing president.’

We have got an academic playing president of the United States in a serious, serious time, during a serious, serious emergency. We have somebody totally incompetent and unqualified to deal with any aspect of the presidency, period. This is serious stuff. You know, folks, it is very obvious to me that the president of the United States got sort of a mini-vacation when I was gone. I’ve been checking up. I checked up to see what the hell went on when I was gone. I bet he wishes I’d go on vacation and get married every month; take a honeymoon every month.

Greetings, folks, Rush Limbaugh here, the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, great to have you with us.

Yeah, I remember back to Central High School, my drama speech teacher was Irene Wright. We called her Gypsy ’cause she looked like a gypsy, but she was fabulous. She was excellent. And I’m telling you, she woulda given this speech last night a C, and she would have been interrupting it at every point to tell him what he could do better and what he was doing wrong. There was no heart in this. Look, I’ve got story after story after story, New York Times, PMSNBC, almost everywhere you look in the left-wing media, they are disgruntled, they are mesmerized, unhappy, they can’t believe how incompetent it was, how aimless it was, how lacking in substance it was, and how that 30% of it was political.

You take a natural disaster like this, an emergency, a genuine emergency and you turn it to your political benefit. Now, this is something you people have known since the day Obama showed up on the scene. But a lot of people are just now — well, it’s sort of a cumulative thing, but a lot of people are just now starting to figure it out. There’s a poll out, Cybercast News Service, the only group of people that still has a positive approval of Obama are people who make less than $2,000 a month. The middle class is abandoning. So theoretically here, I mean we’re speaking in broad terms, the poor still give the guy good marks. The middle class is abandoning him in droves, independents are abandoning him in droves, and he is just going through the motions.


RUSH: Back to the point here, folks. I’m reviewing some of the things that happened while I was away, and I concluded Obama really got sort of a mini-vacation when I was gone. And so that vacation’s over now. This is a disaster. Our country is in the midst of a disaster, the president is his own disaster; his administration is a disaster; his cronies in Congress are a disaster. At times it looks like Obama is just going through the motions. It is clear he has no idea what to do substantively about any of the problems that we face. And it’s also clear by now that he doesn’t really care. I saw Sarah Palin with Ted Baxter last night on Fox News Channel, and she made the point that I made yesterday that it just doesn’t appear that Obama really cares about this. And Ted Baxter couldn’t believe she really meant it and so she came back and said, ‘Well, he doesn’t sound like he –‘ well, let me go all the way and say he doesn’t care. This is an opportunity for him. This is another crisis they don’t want to let go to waste.

How do you come out and make a pitch for more taxes last night? That’s not what the people who are being ruined by this want to hear. They don’t want to hear taxes are going up and they don’t want to hear we’re getting rid of oil. Oil is the lifeblood of that region. In addition to the jobs lost because of the spill, how about the jobs lost because of Obama and his administration shutting down oil drilling? He has no idea what to do. The government has no ability to act under his ideology. But he wants to create the impression he cares, folks, that he’s a leader, that he’s in charge. So he took a photo-op tour the last couple days, he has his hacks in Congress holding hearings, making preposterous proposals on cap and trade. You got this Republican congressman down there from Louisiana, Joseph Cao, suggesting the BP guy ought to commit hara-kiri, did you hear about that? Joseph Cao said he ought to do like the Japanese do, you know, an honor suicide to get rid of yourself because of the dishonor and disaster you brought here running the country. And this guy’s on television this morning praising the president for what he’s doing, which is nothing! Not one thing to help, folks, zip, zero. I hate saying this. (interruption) He’s making them have an escrow account, BP and escrow, 20 billion. That’s one year’s profit, by the way. And thank God for windfall profits or they wouldn’t have the money to put in escrow.

Now, I’m telling you something, folks, how much money has the government made off BP and all these other oil companies in taxes on these windfall profits? Where’s Obama contributing to this, to the escrow account for the people in the Gulf? What people in the Gulf want, what people in the country want is somebody, an assemblage of people who know what to do to make the best efforts to stop this. Obama’s put together a bunch of physicists and academics, not one person from the oil industry, on a third commission to study this. Folks, it’s obscene. He’s making preposterous proposals on cap and trade, last night in the midst of all this he’s promoting a world where there’s no oil and no gas, if only we would just trust him and just raise our taxes. This is the same man and the same government who got us where we are and in the midst of the disaster that they have caused, they want more power, and they want more money. This man is obviously a puppet for somebody behind the scenes. I don’t know who the Wizard of Oz is. A lot of people want to say it’s George Soros. I frankly don’t care.

What we have here is a little boy playing president, with the image that he’s so smart and so powerful that all these little incidental things are just beneath him, that he’s thinking about the truly big things, the global initiatives that we must do and he’s troubled by the inconvenience of the war in Afghanistan and this oil spill. His policies, I don’t care where you look, from automobiles to banking to Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, to whatever you want to look, his policies are a joke. They are damaging our country, and the sooner we rid ourselves of the Democrat Party in Congress this November and in the next presidential election, the sooner our country can return to what has made her so wonderful. But we don’t stand a chance of returning to that greatness with this regime and with this bunch of people in Congress, we need to take our country back from these people. Last night’s speech underscored that. November is the first step to doing it.

You know what I think? I think this administration, which wants to blame everybody else and charge this guy with doing that, this administration should be charged with negligence, malfeasance, obstruction, and all the rest. This administration is standing in the way of progress. This administration blames progress for our problems. Would somebody explain to me what in the world global warming has to do with this oil spill? Zilch, zero, nada. Why was it even talked about last night? Because it advanced another hoax, cap and trade. So being back, no more taxes, Mr. President, no more bureaucrats, no more commissions, blue ribbon or otherwise. No more spending, Mr. President. We don’t have the money. It’s time to man up. It is time to embrace your fellow countrymen rather than undermine and harass your fellow countrymen. It is time to actually be president rather than act like one, and the act isn’t even any good anymore. Even the left, from Maureen Dowd to everybody at PMSNBC to Doris Kearns Goodwin, they can’t believe it. They all trashed the speech last night. They’re stunned. They’re so let down.

They had such high hopes. And why? ‘Cause he can talk. Pure and simple, because he can speak. Oh, and because he was African-American and so that allows us to assuage some of our guilt, plus he’s smart, oh, it was orgasmic, it was such a wonderful thing but now we’ve got an empty suit, we’ve got a theoretician who has been taught a bunch of drivel by people like Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky and people who do not and never have liked this country, and he’s now the agent of change for people like that. His policies, no matter where we look have already failed. There’s not one that’s working. There’s not one they can point to and say, ‘Look what we did, look how we’re helping.’ Not jobs, not the economy, not homes, not foreclosures, not Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, not the mortgage problem, not one. Not automobiles.

Wherever you look, folks, Obama’s policies have already failed. His administration, his regime has done severe harm to our country, continues to do so. He doesn’t trust the American people. We’re a bunch of schlubs. He doesn’t particularly like most of the American people, bunch of schlubs, racist, sexist, bigots, whatever. He’s surrounded by a bunch of incompetent theoretician academic yes-men, and that’s because he insists on imposing a hostile regime on this country. This is a regime governing against the will of the American people. You’ve heard it here, you’ve heard it many places. People are beginning to ask all over, ‘On whose side is Barack Obama, whose side is he really on? Is he really on the side of the people in the Gulf?’


RUSH: Quick question here, folks. Housing, jobs, economy, when’s the last time you saw the president act like he cares or has any empathy whatsoever for what, quote, unquote, ‘folks’ are going through?

(playing of Obama parody song: Oil on the Water)

RUSH: One of the all-time favorites, Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water, revised by ‘white comedian’ Paul Shanklin as Obama and Oil on the Water. Seriously, folks, smart people — and I mean not IQ smart. I’m talking about common sense smart. Those kinds of people learn from their mistake. They take stock of themselves, they reassess, they are circumspect, but he does none of these things. And the reason is that when it comes to actual governing and the stewardship of this country, Obama is not serious about it. He doesn’t look at that as his role. His role is to reform, remake, transform, whatever this country into some image that in his mind makes it more just and more fair than it has been. But he loves the trappings of power, doesn’t he? The trappings of power, Air Force One, parties, $100-per-pound Kobe beef, seems to feed his already massive ego. And remember what he told Harry Reid. ‘Harry, I just have a gift. I just have a gift, Harry.’ Sorry, you do not have a gift, Mr. President. You are turnoff. Last night you turned off your own side. You’re not cool, you’re cold. And you’re not all-knowing. And last night the mask and the camouflage was stripped bare. And even all those who want desperately for Obama to be what he was in the campaign were made to see clearly, there is no such person.

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