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RUSH: You want to hear how the regime operates? Let’s go to the audio sound bites, Henry Waxman doing all the talking. The Democrats, they couldn’t wait to slice and dice. They couldn’t wait to question Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP. Here are three sound bites, Henry ‘Nostrilitis’ Waxman.

WAXMAN: It’s clear to me that you don’t want to answer our questions because isn’t it true that you’ve served your life in the — in — in BP, you’ve only recently become the CEO, but haven’t you been in this business most of your professional life?

HAYWARD: I’ve been in this business 28 years.

WAXMAN: Twenty-eight years. So you should have some knowledge about these issues. And I sent you a letter in advance asking you, you’re going to be asked these questions, and to be prepared to answer it. How can you explain this decision where you ignore — not you yourself, but people that work for you who should have known that it was your directive to be a laser on safety, how could they have ignored these warnings from people right within your company?

RUSH: All right. Now, we’ve got two more sound bites here. But I’d like to know who gets to investigate Henry Waxman. I’d like to know who gets to investigate the executive branch. Now, you know, there is a procedure for that. You remember Watergate? That was all done by the legislative branch. Remember good old Sam Ervin, Senator Sam and all those committees in Congress John Dean was testifying, too? The problem here is we got one-party rule. The Democrats are not going to investigate the administration. This is another reason why these elections in November are so crucial. Then, even after the Republicans win, they’re going to have to have the gumption and the courage to go ahead and start investigating some of these things and they’re going to have to be fearless about it. Here’s our second sound bite of Waxman lecturing Hayward.

HAYWARD: I’m not prepared to draw conclusions about this accident until such time as the investigation is concluded.

WAXMAN: Well, this is an investigation. That’s what this committee is doing, is investigatory committee, and we expect you to cooperate with us. Are you failing to cooperate with other investigators as well? Because they’re going to have hard time reaching conclusions if you stonewall them, which is what we seem to be getting today.

HAYWARD: I’m not stonewalling. I simply was not involved in the decision-making process. I’ve looked at the documents, and until the investigations are complete, both yours and others —

WAXMAN: No, no, but that’s somebody else’s conclusion. What’s your conclusion?

HAYWARD: I haven’t drawn a conclusion, Mr. Chairman.

RUSH: This is about what happened, what went wrong. They don’t know what caused it. There’s no way he can have drawn a conclusion yet. They’re still trying to find out. You’d probably have to show Waxman a picture of an oil rig to have him understand what one is, and yet here he is trying to act like the expert in all of these. Waxman then got the last word on this.

WAXMAN: My time is expired and I’m just amazed at this testimony, Mr. Hayward. You’re not taking responsibility. You’re kicking the can down the road and acting as if you have nothing to do with this company and nothing to do with the decisions. I find that irresponsible.

RUSH: I don’t understand. I haven’t heard all the hearings, but somebody help me out here. Is BP actually running around these execs saying, ‘We didn’t do it, it’s not our problem’? They’re paying $20 billion into a slush fund. They’ve set up a hundred-million-dollar foundation to pay benefits for out of work oil well and oil rig workers because of Obama’s moratorium. They’ve apologized. Have I missed something, are they running around saying that they don’t really have any responsibility or culpability here? You know, Democrats are using leaked BP e-mails and launching these witch hunts. The same ideas ignored in ClimateGate. There’s a whole bunch of e-mails here that they have leaked that they say point to some grand conspiracy with BP and there are just laser-like focused on it. But the global warming, the Hadley unit, those e-mails which pointed out that giant hoax, nobody cared, nobody wanted to look at those, but now they’re leaking BP e-mails to try to prove there’s some sort of cover-up conspiracy or what have you, dismissed those global warming e-mails, unimportant. What’s really important is who leaked them, that’s what we gotta find out, who’s the culprit here. They don’t care who leaked these. They care about the substance of these leaked BP e-mails.


RUSH: Now, this business — we played this Waxman sound bites — understand, Waxman doesn’t care what he gets here. Waxman doesn’t care about any information. He’s asking questions for which there are no answers right now. What Waxman and these other Democrats want is for Hayward and any other BP exec to say things under oath that they can’t possibly know one way or the other. This is a show trial. If we were back in the era of Stalin, this is what happened in Stalinist Russia. It’s exactly how show trials work. If you translated this into Russian, folks, this is exactly what would be going on in the old Russia, the old pre-Soviet Union days. Now, Waxman and these Democrats, they don’t care what the answers are. This is about humiliation. This is about trying to save their own bacon come Election Day in November. That’s why this is a show trial. This is not about finding out what happened and preventing it from happening again. This is not about one bit of substance. It’s purely and simply a fraud.


RUSH: Jeremy in Redding, Pennsylvania. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. Great to have you here.

CALLER: Yes, mega dittos, Rush. Hey, I just wanted to make a quick connection. I always hear everybody talking about George Orwell’s 1984, but another book he wrote that nobody makes the connection to is Animal Farm.

RUSH: Yes.

CALLER: Where the animals take over the farm and write their own rules but slowly the pigs start changing the rules. And the connection is the Democrats are like the pigs who slowly start changing the rules, case in point with the whole Senator Kennedy election, how when he got appointed, they changed the rules from the governor can appoint somebody to a special election, but then when he died, they didn’t want a special election, they wanted the governor to be able to appoint somebody. And that even goes into the whole oil spill and everything because during Katrina it took Bush like nine days or so to react, and that wasn’t quick enough, but it’s taken them some two months to really react. But it’s okay for them.

RUSH: Yeah. Excellent point. Excellent, excellent point. Snerdley, you found some great callers out there for Open Line Friday on Thursday. Jeremy, thanks, thanks very much.


RUSH: So a congressman, I don’t know who it was, Hayward is being asked, this BP CEO, Tony Hayward is being asked by a congressman if he thought that he was shaken down by the White House yesterday for the $20 billion. He answered twice and never said no. He did not say no. He didn’t come out and say, ‘Yeah, they really shook us down in there,’ but he didn’t deny it.

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