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“McChrystal has gotta go, Joe Barton has to go, Joe Wilson has to go, but all the architects of the destruction of this country? No, they get to stay! Obama, Pelosi, Reid? They all have to stay.”

“It is clear that the rule of law and the Constitution, which is what keeps this country together and separates it from the rest of the world, is under assault by this administration because it gets in their way.”

“Somebody asked me if I could remember a general or a high-ranking military officer ripping into President Bush like McChrystal has ripped into Barack Obama. I can’t remember a general doing it on active duty, but I can remember a whole bunch of them when they left, either resigned or retired, piling on George W. Bush, and I remember the media making heroes out of these guys.”

“In the normal ebb and flow in the chain of command, civilian versus military, what McChrystal has done here is not defensible, but the fact that he has done it is interesting.”

“These generals fall into two camps. You have the corporate generals and the warrior generals. The corporate generals act like Fortune 500 CEOs, and they will often remind you of someone running for office.”

“The warrior general cares too much about the men and women under his command to sit silently while amateurs and incompetence in Washington undercut the effectiveness of his fighting force.”

“Wesley Clark is a great example of a corporate general. Wesley Clark isAshley Wilkes from the great movie Gone with the Wind.”

“If you put a country, a group of people, or an individual ahead of what you have to do and what’s right, then you’re going to be miserable, and you’re going to be confused, and you’re going to be a loser.”

“We have a regime that believes the bad guys were really good guys at one time but because of our oppressive worldwide policies and our siding with Israel, we’ve turned good guys into bad guys. So we gotta be politically correct with them.”

“President Obama was part of the Democrat Party cabal hoping for defeat in Iraq. President Obama was part of the Democrat Party cabal that was doing everything it could to demoralize the US military in Iraq, all for political advantage over George W. Bush.”

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