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RUSH: I’m minding my own business, folks, and trying to serve humanity and be America’s Real Anchorman, but last night on the Fox News Channel, on the record with Greta Van Susteren.

SUSTEREN: Rush Limbaugh is very rich, very famous, and very powerful. So he must be able to get anything he wants, right? Apparently not.

RUSH ARCHIVE: People are getting their iPhone 4s today. Yes, the official launch date’s not ’til Thursday, but some people are getting their iPhone 4s today. It’s random customers. They’re getting them today, and a lot of people are reporting that their FedEx tracking information shows delivery tomorrow. And here I sit — a powerful, influential member of the media — and my hands are empty. No iPhone 4! I’m not going to get mine tomorrow. I couldn’t get in. Remember, I spent all day here during the program trying. At home, I have three other people or four other people trying to get through to make an order to the website. No, didn’t happen.

RUSH: Yet I got here this morning, and FedEx shows up around — what time was it, Snerdley, 9:30? Snerdley opens the box and for those of you watching on the Dittocam, look what I got? A day early. Yeah. Fascinating? Yeah. Right. Right there it is. I’m holding it in my formerly nicotine-stained fingers of my left hand. You can see it right there if you’re watching on the Dittocam. It is just good to be me, folks. What can I say?

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