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RUSH: Here’s Dave in Heron Lake, New Mexico. Great to have you on the EIB Network. Welcome.

CALLER: Good day, Rush. I’ll get to my point. Do you know a place called Maywood, California, right outside of Los Angeles?

RUSH: Yeah, south of Los Angeles. I know it well.

CALLER: Well, they’re closing up shop. They went bankrupt because they’re a sanctuary city handing out welfare and, frankly, breaking the law all the time. I lived in California for 35 years, and this city, I drove in and out of it because I worked the transit service there. These people are — I’m Hispanic, let’s get that straight to begin with. Their government is all Hispanic and the sad thing is, our people, you can’t even trust them. They break the law and such. Well, this is just a blueprint for cities that — I live in New Mexico now — this is a blueprint for what’s coming to your city, my home cities back in New York in Suffolk County —

RUSH: Yeah.

CALLER: — Patchogue, Babylon, and all of those have the same situation. It’s coming to them. This is a problem that we have. They’re going bankrupt because of what Obama has been putting out. Now, like the other guy said, a sidebar, you said that fifth graders were being handed out condoms. It’s not fifth graders. It’s five years old and preschoolers. And another thing about this person that’s being nominated for the Supreme Court. They should ask her one question: ‘If you were nominated to the Supreme Court, would you resign if you did not follow constitutional law?’

RUSH: Well, she would of course say no, I would follow constitutional law, as I interpret it, is what she would say. Here’s the deal on Maywood. We had this in the stack last week. I didn’t quite get to it, but it’s going to happen this Thursday. There’s ‘a working-class enclave of Maywood, south of downtown Los Angeles, will lay off all its employees, eliminate its police force and contract a neighboring city to run municipal operations. More than 100 city workers — the people who keep Maywood’s streets paved and parks clean, school crossing guards and police veterans — will get pink slips. The action is without precedent in the state of California. The police department, which had enjoyed a love-hate relationship with the mostly immigrant city of about 50,000, will account for 70 of those jobs, including 47 sworn officers. ‘We’ve become the extreme example in that the city is now contracting all of its municipal services, absolutely everything, to another city that will now generate revenues off that,’ Maywood Police Chief Frank Hauptmann told ABCNews.com. ‘Some ask the question, ‘Why even have a city anymore?” From California to Pennsylvania, cities and towns are being pushed to the brink by the lingering economic downturn and mounting debt.

How’s that stimulus working for people? ‘The obligations of state and local governments have doubled to $2.4 trillion in the past decade, according to a recent report by the Federal Reserve. ‘It may be a real possibility for a few places and we may actually see a few cases of municipal bankruptcy that we haven’t seen in previous years,’ Chris Hoene, director of research for the National League of Cities.’ So Maywood, California, RIP. Rest in peace.

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