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RUSH: Michael Barone: ‘Americans Relate to the Founders, Not Progressives.’ This kind of dovetails with my little story a half hour ago. You don’t even have to run into liberals personally. You can just see all over the place they’re miserable. Now, you would think they’d be ecstatic. I mean, they won the election, they got Obama in there, they’re doing everything they want. They got health care, they got their stimulus, they got TARP, they got two stimuli, three. Unemployment benefits have been forever extended. Of course until last week. Yet they are miserable, and I maintain that one of the reasons they’re miserable is that they finally got it and it’s not working. All of these decades of utopian dreams they’ve had, they have believed that all of this has never worked in the past simply because the right people had not yet been in charge and they hadn’t yet spent the requisite amount of money.

Well, now we’re what? We’re $14 trillion in debt, Obama wants to go even more in debt. The rest of the world is saying, ‘Ain’t no way, pal. We’re not doing your way. We’ve done it your way for 50 years and we’re dying out here,’ and health care is a mess. There’s a story today about the administration is going nuts here trying to implement three months into it. They don’t know what they’re doing, where they are. It’s a giant mess. Nothing about it is working. We all know this, but they’ve had these dreams. ‘We are the ones we have been waiting for!’ Well, this is their time, their time is now, and the country is going to hell. It is not turning into this panacea. It’s not turning into a utopia. There is no giant unity. The American people are not happy and finally relieved and happy that finally we’re doing things right, and Michael Barone writes about it.

‘Democrats are reportedly planning to raise $125 million for a campaign to sell Obamacare to the voting public. Apparently, the idea is that what 50-plus presidential speeches and statements and months of congressional debate could not do can be done by spending $125 million on everything from TV ads to community organizers. Maybe. But there seems to be a more fundamental problem here. The Obama Democrats didn’t set out …’ Now, see, this I think gets to the nub of it, and some of you may want to argue. This may be debatable to some of you. ‘The Obama Democrats didn’t set out to produce an unpopular stimulus package…’ ‘The Obama Democrats didn’t set out to produce an unpopular stimulus package, an unpopular health-care bill, and an unpopular cap-and-trade scheme.

‘They thought these initiatives would be popular. In their view, history is a story of progress from small government to big government, and that, as historians of the New Deal wrote, progress is especially welcome in times of economic distress. The massive unpopularity of the Obama Democrats’ programs suggests that view of history is defective.’ Barone says, ‘Let me propose another, starting with the Founding Fathers.’ Now, before we go further: Do you agree with what Barone says here? Do you believe the Obama Democrats did not set out to produce an unpopular stimulus package? Do you agree that they did not intend for health care to be disapproved by over half the people? Do you believe that they intended cap and trade to be welcomed by all? Some people think they know this stuff isn’t gonna work.

Some people think that they know it isn’t gonna work and they don’t want people to be happy, they want people miserable, they want chaos. They want all of this stuff not working because it’s an excuse for even more government. Remember: When government screws up, what’s the fix? More government. When something screws up in the private sector, what’s the fix? A trial, criminal charges. If the government makes a mistake, ‘Oh, no! The intentions were good. We just need more government, a new program to fix the defective program.’ I’m undecided. There’s a garden variety liberals, but I think the average, ordinary, common, everyday liberal who has no power — who is a faceless, acned, zit-faced little kid sitting out there on the website, blogs, and posting all the hate.

I do believe that they think all this stuff will be totally popular, that it will lift them from their irrelevance and make their lives have meaning. ‘Yes, I supported health care, and now every American has it! Affordable health care for all Americans.’ I think there’s a cadre of irrelevant, duped, useful idiot libs who think this stuff would automatically work — make them happy, make them feel relevant because they supported it — and would be popular. Now, the liberals at the top, from Obama on down, you have to assume some things for them if you want to believe that they didn’t set out to produce an unpopular stimulus package. If you believe that Obama set out to produce a popular health care bill and is shocked that it’s not, then you have to believe he’s a little naive and idealistic and wearing rose-colored glasses. If, on the other hand, you believe that these people, from Obama on down, are not idiots, but they know it doesn’t work, but they’re going to do it anyway because it’s gonna give them more power.

Where I think I tend to fall is, see, there are certain things to me that are common sense — and I know liberalism is devoid of a lot of common sense. But it’s been clear from the get-go that nobody wanted the stimulus bill and nobody — nobody wanted health care, and yet they did it. The idea that these things were unpopular was well known before they happened, especially the health care bill, and yet they still did it. So the notion that they expected it to be popular, I’m having trouble getting my arms around that. (interruption) Well, they might think everybody would come around, and they still might think everybody will come around once it gets implemented, but the fact of the matter is, Snerdley, all you have to do is look anywhere in the world where it’s been tried. It doesn’t work, and the patients are not happy. The doctors are not happy.

The unemployed are not happy after stimulus bill. Nobody’s happy, and the liberals aren’t happy — and I’m talking about the zit-faced little irrelevant liberals out there on the blogs filled with hate, wanting their lives to have meaning. (interruption) Well, I know there’s a portion of them, ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. The only reason this stuff hasn’t worked is the wrong people were implementing it and finally we’re the right people. But maybe my problem is I could very well be cursed — at least in the context of this example — with too much common sense. Therefore I assume, because it’s so easy for me to see as a student of history, it doesn’t work. Socialism, communism doesn’t work; it does not create happiness anywhere. We’ve only got how many thousands of years of history, and for this arrogant bunch to come along and think the only reason it hasn’t worked is because they haven’t done it?

Well, maybe… (interruption) I know they’re true believers. The mistake I’m making is assuming that everybody is as smart as I am, that everybody has the same degree of common sense that I have. Well, let’s go with Barone’s theory because it’s his piece and let’s just keep going and examine this, ’cause he says, ‘The Obama Democrats did not set out to produce an unpopular stimulus package.’ See, I think Obama did. I think Obama knows exactly what he’s doing. I think Obama is the architect of chaos. Look at what he said over the weekend. He wants more spending in the world. Why? Because he wants more world government power. He’s all for single currency, probably agrees with Medvedev on that and Putin. He also said that one no nation should have an advantage over another. Now, folks, can I tell you a very…? Before we go to the break, can I translate that for you?

When ‘Barack Hussein Obama! Mmm, mmm, mmm!’ says ‘No nation should have an advantage over another,’ what he means is: It’s time to cut the United States down to size. The United States has had an unfair advantage. We haven’t earned it, we have stolen it. We have taken what the rest of the world has. We have not compensated them for it. We have used it to enrich a precious few in this country, excluding minorities and women and the usual minority panache. To say that we had an advantage? Nobody gave us an advantage. We became the engine of the economy for the free world because of our Constitution, because of freedom, the human spirit, entrepreneurialism, all of that — and that’s what’s gotta be cut down to size. That’s criminal to people like Obama. So I think he wants people unhappy. Anybody that puts a stimulus package like his together and a year and a half later sees the result is three to four million lost jobs, and wants to keep doing the same thing, don’t tell me that they expect people to be happy when they implement this rotgut!


RUSH: From TheHill.com: ‘Obama Pollster: U.S. Will Like Healthcare Bill, Despite Poll Numbers — President Barack Obama’s pollster said the healthcare bill will win over public support once it becomes law despite polls showing Americans against the plan. The argument by Joel Benenson, Obama’s lead pollster –‘ This guy, by the way, one of these young guys I’m talking about sitting out there, these idealists thinking it’s gonna all work out. ‘The argument by Joel Benenson, Obama’s lead pollster, rests on a chunk of Americans who now oppose the bill supporting it after it’s passed. Benenson said that group — which is anywhere from a tenth to a third of Americans, according surveys by CNN and Ipsos — is skeptical of the bill because it doesn’t go far enough,’ which is a crock.

But nevertheless, Barone’s contention here: ‘The massive unpopularity of the Obama Democrats’ programs suggests that view of history is defective,’ and he proposes starting with the Founding Fathers. ‘The Founders believed there was a tension between representative government and the right to life, liberty and property. So they wrote the Fifth Amendment to insure that no citizen was deprived of those rights without due process of law. In Britain, that tension had been limited by allowing only property owners to vote. That way, those without property could not elect representatives who would steal from the rich and give to the poor.’ But in conclusion, Barone says, ‘But we still live in an America like the America of the Founders, and unlike the America of the Progressives and the New Dealers, in which a majority of citizens are or have every prospect of becoming property owners. And a nation of property owners is less willing to plunder the property of others in search of some promised gain than a nation where most people don’t and will never own significant property.’

So he’s got a good point, that the Democrats are under the illusion, the liberals are, that everybody’s going to love their policies. I’m going to exempt Obama from it. I don’t think he cares. I know he doesn’t care whether people are happy or not. I think it’s just the opposite. What we have going on down in the Gulf of Mexico is an absolute case of criminal neglect. We’re day 70 down there now? This is simply outrageous and unacceptable. All of these skimmers all over the country and Obama will not release them to be used in the Gulf because, quote, unquote, they might be needed where they are for some unimaginable, unforeseen disaster which has not yet occurred. The refusal of aid from foreign countries early on. A crisis should never go to waste. It is criminally negligent what’s going on down there. ‘What do you mean, Limbaugh? You’re for big government?’ No, no, no, no, don’t throw that one at me. I’m for responsible government that’s willing to work in partnership with people in the private sector when things like this happen. Instead we got an adversarial relationship going. Government suing the State of Arizona, we got the government all over British Petroleum, or BP. We don’t have anybody working together.

Where is all this promised unity? Where is all this promised utopia? Where is all this we’re the ones we’ve been waiting for? Where are the falling sea levels? Where’s the end of global warming and all of this stuff? All of it was just nothing but lies, pure lies. Now, the rank-and-file Democrats, and believe me, folks, there are tons of them. You go to the these Democrat websites, I don’t care where you go, you read all the hate, the comments, the filth and the anger, you really have a bunch of self-loathing people who know they’re irrelevant, who are miserably unhappy, probably can’t even stand to look at themselves in the mirror, and they blame everybody else for it, and so they’d love big government to come in and punish all the people they think are responsible for their misery, and that’s how they define happiness, everybody else is miserable along with them. By the way, the official word from the principal media organ, the New York Times: ‘Stymied by political opposition and focused on competing priorities, the Obama administration has sidelined efforts to close the Guantanamo prison, making it unlikely that President Obama will fulfill his promise to close it before his term ends in 2013.’

I told you they weren’t ever going to close it. They’re not going to close it. They never were. That was just another little stone thrown to this dumb, radical, extreme fringe base, this 20% minority that seems to think they run the country. I remember Obama kept talking about, (paraphrasing) ‘What if we have another 9/11? I want to talk about the first responders, first responders, that’s where we gotta focus our attention.’ What about the first responders with the Gulf oil spill? He always harped on the need for first responders. That’s all he wanted from Homeland Security after 9/11, ‘We need to ramp up the first responders.’ Well, in the Gulf Obama doesn’t care about the first responders. He’s done everything he can to frustrate the first responders in the Gulf. First responders are how Obama wanted to fight terrorism, not oil spills. Remember that. Don’t forget it.

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