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RUSH: Look at the Blago trial. Obama was right in the middle of selling his own Senate seat. Right in the middle of it. There is testimony in a trial. Obama and Rahm Emanuel, they were in the middle of it. We’ve got Blagojevich saying that Obama’s more ‘Tony’d up’ than he, Blagojevich, is, meaning Rezko, meaning ‘this guy is in deeper with Rezko than I ever could be.’ This is trial testimony, this is under oath, and everybody is yawning about it. Here we have a career lawyer, well spoken by the sound the sounds of him. I’ve seen the guy. I’ve seen J. Christian Adams. He’s very clean, he’s very articulate, and he’s sitting there and he’s saying (paraphrased), ‘We were told to drop the case because we’re not going to pursue voter intimidation cases against black defendants. We have black attorney general, we have a black president, and (yawning).’ Yawn.

It’s just the natural course of events each and every day. We have the Supreme Court hearings for Elena Kagan. This is another outrage. We have a woman who yesterday, or the day before, was asked, ‘Did you write this?’ ‘Well, Senator, let me explain.’ ‘Did you write it? I just asked: Did you write the memo?’ ‘Senator, let me explain to you.’ ‘Look, I just want to know: Did you write the memo?’ ‘Senator, the question here is…’ ‘No, no, no. Would you please answer? It’s a yes or no: Did you write the memo?’ ‘Well, it is in my handwriting.’ Duh? Nothing? Today this nominee says, ‘I don’t know about inalienable rights. I don’t know about that. Eh, I don’t care about that. I only care about what’s in the Constitution. Natural law? No, no, no. I don’t think you would want me to judge cases on the basis of natural law. No.’

Arlen Specter said, ‘We’re not learning anything here.’ Coburn: ‘Did you think it would be okay for the government to tell people they had to eat three vegetables and two fruit servings every day?’ ‘Well, just because a law is silly doesn’t mean it’s unconstitutional.’ What? We got somebody being nominated who wants to join the notion that the government can tell us what to eat daily? Now we have this whistle-blower. And there’s a yawn, there’s no public outcry — and I know why. Because the media is not making a big deal of it. It’s not on television. It’s on Fox, the Department of Justice thing is. The Kagan hearings are so boring that they’re not even being covered on TV anymore. We’re watching the dissolution of the fabric that has kept the country together for years, and it’s a big yawn.

We’ve got the economy tanking. There were only 13,000 jobs created last month, 260 created per state. The largest segment of activity in the housing market is foreclosures. Not sales, but foreclosures. The president today makes a speech in which he says that being American is a matter of faith, which is the establishment of a religion, which is unconstitutional. What is the ‘religion’ that being an American is a matter of faith of? It has to be natural law. Nobody is saying anything. I mean, we are, don’t misunderstand, but there’s no shock or outrage. You can’t get a more open-and-shut case than what J. Christian Adams had said here: The attorney general shut us down because we’re not going to pursue black defendants on voting rights cases.

I’ve been asking myself this for many days, many months. We had a stimulus, it didn’t work. We’ve got Biden. This is from September 24th of 2009: ‘Vice President [Bite Me] delivered a rousing review of the government’s economic stimulus plan in a conversation with the nation’s governors. ‘In my wildest dreams I never thought it would work this well. Thank you. Thank you.” That’s last September, almost a year ago. ‘In my wildest dreams I never thought it would work this well. If it fails,’ he said, ‘I’m deadly.’ Vice President Bite Me said, ‘If it fails, I’m dead.’ It failed! It is in the midst of continuous failure. In the New Republic, a liberal journal of opinion: ‘Four Reasons Why the Economy Is About to Roar Back to Life.’

This is what the liberals are telling each other. ‘First, the upturn in private investment. Declines in investment during recessions are much larger than any other component of the economy. From start of recession through June, 2009, real private investment spending was down 31 percent; since then it is up 16 percent. Secondly, the rise in inventories. Inventories are very responsive to the business downturns. In 2008 and 2009, inventories fell by nearly $150 billion. In 2010, inventories are rising,’ but they’re replacement inventory. They’re not representative of new consumer activities. Consumer confidence is way down. There is no consumer activity. ‘Third, business confidence. The latest poll of business owners shows more companies planning to invest now than at any time since the onset of the recession.’

What, 2% of them? Two percent’s better than zero, and the reason they’re… (interruption) That’s exactly right, Snerdley. The reason people are reporting profits is to avoid paying the new tax on profits next year! Everybody’s accelerating economic activity as much as they can into this year at the lower tax rates, as Art Laffer has written in the Wall Street Journal. Buckle up next year, folks. Buckle up. There isn’t going to be any investment, nobody’s going to be reporting any income, nobody’s going to want to report any income. Not on Obama’s new tax rates. And the new state tax rates. And in some cases the new city tax rates. There is no business confidence, but this is the liberals are lying to themselves about. Number four, ‘And fourth, finally, by most accounts, consumer confidence is rising.’ They published this one day after the Conference Board reports the lowest consumer confidence in 20 years at 52%.

And in good times the Conference Board’s number is around 109, 110. Now it’s 52. ‘[B]y most accounts, consumer confidence is rising. A survey of the affluent (in households with incomes greater than $90,000) shows a rising number planning on increasing their investments and consumption.’ No. No. You have a lot of people are going to convert IRAs to Roth IRAs. You have a lot of people are going to sell stocks to take capital gains at this year’s rate, as opposed to Obama’s next year. These liberals are telling themselves all this economic activity is because it means we’re on the verge of a roaring comeback. It doesn’t mean that at all. Meanwhile, Vice President Bite Me? ‘I never thought the stimulus would work this well. I never thought it would work this well. If it fails, I’m dead,’ he said. So we’ve got all of this destruction. It’s all around us. All of this contempt being expressed at the highest levels of the regime for the rule of law, the traditions and institutions that have made this country great, and it’s met with a yawn.

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