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RUSH: Well, the economy’s weak. You’ve seen the job numbers. Get this: ‘For the first time in six months, the federal unemployment report to be released Friday will likely show a net loss of jobs. But hold off on the panic button. It’s true that employers are expected to have cut more than 100,000 jobs in June. But that figure, if accurate, will be deceptive. It will reflect the end of up to 250,000 temporary census jobs. The real focus Friday will be on how many net jobs private employers created.’ They’re saying 13,000. Yesterday it was 13,000 for the month; today 13,000 for the week, whatever, it’s statistically zero. So why wasn’t it deceptive when the jobs were added? Why is it only deceptive when the jobs are now being lopped off?

Reuters: ‘New claims for state unemployment aid unexpectedly rose last week, heightening fears the US economy recovery is stalling.’ CNNMoney.com: ‘A couple of months ago, a recovery in the U.S. labor market seemed to be at hand. That hope has proved as fleeting as a job with the Census Bureau. The surge in hiring of census workers in May was responsible for virtually all the 431,000 jobs created that month.’ Really? We all knew that. ‘Private sector employers, who had added 218,000 jobs in April, added only 41,000 workers in May — and that was mainly from temporary jobs.’ Now they’re cutting all the census people, the numbers look even worse. They won’t actually be worse because all the census did was falsely inflate them, but it’s still going to look worse. And Obama was just out there in Racine, Wisconsin, yesterday talking up the economy, day ten of the Summer of Recovery, and the signs of growing economic weakness isn’t helping. ‘New homes under construction hit a record low in May, as did new home sales. The end of the tax credit for home buyers raised fears of a new downturn in housing.’

So what do we have here? We have the economy is weak; the stimulus bill an utter failure; the Gulf cleanup is not cleaning up. You know, we had a story yesterday about how the Democrats are not letting Republicans go down to the Gulf. Bobby Jindal is why, in a roundabout way. Bobby Jindal goes on the media and starts telling everybody ram, bam, thank you, ma’am, what’s going on down there, what isn’t being done, what is being done, he doesn’t need a teleprompter for it and he is lickety-split, and it is very clear from Bobby Jindal who, by the way, 71% Rasmussen support Bobby Jindal. It’s amazing how leaders end up being supported. Bobby Jindal is making the case that the federal response to this has been so botched and is so bad, and that’s why the Democrats are using whatever mystical power they have, I don’t know what it is, to keep Republicans from going down there, elected Republicans looking at the situation.

So the Gulf is an absolute criminal disaster. Our policy in Iran is a joke. The economy doesn’t exist. The only thing growing is Obama’s ears, his nose, and federal employment. The Gulf cleanup, there is none. And what did he focus on today? What does he come to us today on? Illegal immigration, or voting rights for illegal immigrants in time for the 2012 election scheme. You see, he does have priorities. They’re his and not ours. They’re his and not yours.

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