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Rush’s Morning Update: Errors?
July 2, 2010

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A couple ofeducation stories in the news. First,from Springfield, Massachusetts, where in May the school district distributed exams to thousands of 11th and 12th graders that were “rife with spelling, grammatical, and factual errors.” Simple words were misspelled. Among some 100 errors, “sake” in the phrase “for God’s sake,” was spelled S-K-A-E.

The district employs an outside company to help develop the exams,but Superintendent Alan Ingram says the company wasn’t at fault. He blamed the proofreaders in the district for dropping the ball. See, it’s never the geniuses who actually create the error-filled tests, it’s always the proofreaders’ fault. In the future, administrators will do a better job checking the tests.(Students can’t read it anyway — what’s it matter?)

Second item: It might surprise you to learn that two school districts, one in Texas, the other in Tennessee, want to reinstate corporal punishment. In Memphis, the skrool board commissioner (whose name, appropriately enough, is Kenneth Whalum)says, “It’s a war zone.” Teachers are being abused and even hospitalized by middle school students.

Enter the liberals. New York Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy introduced a bill to ban corporal punishment in all private and public schools that take federal funds or services. The ACLU supports McCarthy. Naturally. Corporal punishment is still allowed in 20 states, butwe can tell by the “war zones” masquerading as schoolsthat it’s rarely used.

Of course, back in our parents’ era,it was enforced. Kids behaved, or else. But to liberals, old-school educators were stupid –unlike the smart ones we have now… who produce tests, rife with hundreds of errors for students who can’t even read ’em!

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